VIDEO: The Alt-Right & Migration

VIDEO: The Alt-Right & Migration

The Goyim of the Alt-Right have made the choice to accept money from the Chosen People to hide their role in mass migration, and only fuel the fire so that The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan could continue. This is the bribe that BNP President Nick Griffin refused.

VIDEO: Cultural Marxism Pushed by Huffington Post

VIDEO: Cultural Marxism Pushed by Huffington Post

This video shows the agenda of the liberal media and how they push Cultural Marxism under the pretext of innocent “cosplay” in this instance. If you are skeptical, ask yourself this simple question: “Would you ever see anything like this pushed by the media 10-15 years ago?” You now have […]

INTERVIEW: Daryl Bradford Smith on Pizzagate

In this interview, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Daryl Bradford Smith talk through his research on the international pedophilia ring that has surfaced recently in the “Pizzagate” scandal — evidence of which has been discovered amongst Hillary Clinton’s numerous e-mails. Daryl was a leading light in exposing the elites’ predilection for sexually […]


It is them and it has always been them. Nothing has changed since Christ. Things are worse today because they have the technology to play with, and it makes them even more destructive than before. We are at a point where we cannot even name them if we don’t want […]

VIDEO: James Corbett Says It Like It is! - What Side Are You On?

The alternative media needs YOUR help, we depend on you and your support. We are fighting for Freedom. We are not doing this ‘just for us’, we don’t make money, we don’t get fame, we just work to spread the word, and we have been banned over seven times by […]

COMMENTARY: FL State Sen. Dwight Bullard Opposed an Anti-BDS Measure & Lost his Job

Tectonic shifts in public opinion have occurred over the last year on the BDS issue. People are starting to realize that anti-BDS laws are anti-free speech and anti-American. They will result in radicalization, as these laws inevitably do. It is irrelevant whether Palestinians are activists in this cause, even if […]

Pope’s Possible Deal With China Would ‘Betray Christ’, Says Hong Kong Cardinal

This Cardinal is right on what he is saying about ‘negotiating’ with Communists, but his unfortunate example of comparing Hitler with Stalin proves his stupidity or his ignorance. Hitler never condemned religion, quite the opposite, who condemns religion is Communism, but some people still have a hard time seeing the […]

VIDEO: Pizzagate

This is so revolting that if Trump does not put pressure to get these people indicted then is is guiltier than them. Who can we blame for all this degradation? without a doubt the Jewish Talmud and their obsession of destroying Christianity. This country has been invaded by people who […]

Israel, Palestinians Prepare For Trump Era

If Trump does leave the Palestinian issue to the EU, this will be without a doubt the beginning of WWIII and the fulfillment of the Illuminati plan  - the war between Zionism and Islam. The question is, can Trump be that ignorant? or is his intention to push the world […]

Heatmap Shows Russia’s Friends In Europe After MEPs’ Vote

Kremlin’s has not been ‘that discreet’ when it comes to spreading their communist propaganda. Could this mean that there are actually some leaders that do indeed condemn Soviet propaganda? or is this another dirty game they play to push their agenda even further, by playing the victim card? What […]

VIDEO: September 11th Hypothetical

VIDEO: September 11th Hypothetical

Are you, or one of your friends or family, still on the fence if September 11th was an inside job or not? Play the 9/11 hypothetical game and you can work out in less than three minutes.

INTERVIEW: Chief Rabbi of Europe on Migrants & Free Speech

“They [Muslims] are our natural allies.” “There is a clash of civilizations and we, the Jews, are in the middle of this clash.” — Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, Chief Rabbi of Europe February 2015 — Europe’s economic difficulties in recent years have led to a rise in radicalism and anti-immigrant sentiment, […]

World Leaders Respond To Fidel Castro’s Death

One of the world’s biggest devils is in hell already and we thank God for that. Many have long waited for this, many have suffered this horrible evil most of their lives, and can finally celebrate their freedom. But is Cuba really going to be free someday? The reactions of […]

COMMENTARY: Viktor Suvorov - Russia To Face Unanticipated Break-Up Within A Year

Former Soviet Intelligence officer and Russian defector, Viktor Suvorov claims that there will be a break-up within in Russia very soon, stating that Vladimir Putin is a threat to the world. Suvorov has written several books, one of them titled “Icebreaker” where he claims that the Soviet Union started WWII […]

Fidel Castro Believed the Mossad Created ISIS - With Help From John McCain

Castro described McCain as “Israel’s most unconditional ally” and a staunch supporter of the Mossad, saying that the senator “participated together with that service in the creation of the Islamic State.” Castro was right about this and, like all Jewish publications (the following article being from Haaretz), you will only […]

Jill Stein Raises $4.5 Million for Vote Recount in Swing States

Put simply, there are only three reasonable explanations as to why this is taking place: 1.) The money itself. If she raises $7 million and doesn’t spend all of it trying to get a ‘recount,’ she is obviously left with lots of change. 2.) A deal was made between her […]

VIDEO: Ivanka Trump on her Conversion to the Tribe

Ivanka Trump explains how she did not make her decision to convert lightly, and she put in a lot of thought to it — and her father supported her all along the way. We therefore conclude that this was indeed a “calculated conversion” to join the Tribe.

Doing Business the Communist Chinese Way — Facebook Develops A Censorship Tool

This development is literally a “red flag” in every respect. Recent developments in the West have been focused on “fake news” and ways to tackle it. And now, Facebook develops a censorship tool to enter the Chinese market? Perhaps a trial run for what’s coming next outside of China? You’d […]