Former Soviet Intelligence officer and Russian defector, Viktor Suvorov claims that there will be a break-up within in Russia very soon, stating that Vladimir Putin is a threat to the world. Suvorov has written several books, one of them titled “Icebreaker” where he claims that the Soviet Union started WWII with the intention of weakening the west to lay the grounds for an expansion of communism throughout Europe. This sounds like an accurate statement, but with these so-called ‘Russian defectors’ one has to be careful because one never knows which side they are really on. 

“Viktor Suvorov: Russia to face unanticipated break-up within a year,” Source:

And it can start any moment.

This statement has been made by a writer and former officer of Soviet intelligence Viktor Suvorov in an interview to “Polska i Świat” TV program of the Polish TV channel TVN24 (translation by

In his latest book, “Suvorov’s Alphabet”, he writes about the most prominent Russian and Soviet leaders, who have made a huge impact on the fate of Europe and the world. The writer gives a very critical estimate of Vladimir Putin, who is a threat to the world, according to the writer.

Viktor Suvorov has totally disagreed with the evaluation of Russia’s president as “a brilliant strategist”.

- Where are signs of a genius here? Where are achievements? There is oil, gas, gold, uranium, aluminium here. Everything is present here, and the country is dying. Yes, he is really a genius, — the Russian writer says ironically

However, Viktor Suvorov has some more serious terms of reproach against Vladimir Putin. I the conversation he recalls blasts of residential buildings in Russia, which 15 years ago were a pretext for incursion into Chechnya, as well as demolition of Malaysian plane in Ukraine.

- Putin has blood on his hands. He is immersed in blood completely. These were awful crimes, which cannot be forgiven, — the writer says.

Viktor Suvorov does not believe that Vladimir Putin will be able to restore the empire. On the contrary, the writer is convinced that Russia faces disintegration, and its president – removal from power. A continuing economic and social degradation confirm that.

- A speedy decline of Russia is going on. A surprising coup or its unanticipated break-up into parts could happen any moment. It won’t outstay longer than a year, — Viktor Suvorov adds.

According to the former Soviet military intelligence officer, despite the painful losses, Kyiv is going to overcome the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and fight through every hardship.

- Ukraine has already won strategically, as the nation has awakened, — Suvorov summed up.

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