This is a very dirty game that the psychopaths are playing. Their objective is without doubt to bring the world into World War III. The way the will do it will be just like how they got us into World War I and II, with lies and distortion of truths. Russia is with EU leaders, they are all communists and work for the same purpose, that is to destroy all European nations. Turkey is working with Russia and Israel to destroy Syria and take over more land and oil. The United States is also working with Russia and the EU behind the scenes to destroy the United States and have no opposition when it comes to having a New World Order. In the meantime, brainwashed and not so brainwashed Americans are supporting Putin, instead of seeing him as number one threat together with the rest of world leaders. 


“Russia And Turkey Tensions Surface After Attack On Turkish Troops,” Source:

Tensions between Turkey and Russia may have been renewed following an attack on Turkish troops in Syria. The two leaders of the nations came together for an intense talk, though some claim clarity has been reached. Will Turkey and Russia escalate things to world war-like tensions again?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met after the attack on Turkish troops. The two leaders reportedly discussed about the progress in war-torn Syria. The two officials are also aiming to find a solution to the conflict in Syria.

Russia And Turkey Tensions Surface

According to Hurriyet Daily News, Erdoğan and Putin spoke over the phone last November 25. The two officials talked about the regional issues surrounding Syria. The fatal attack on Turkish troops became part of the conversation as well. Ankara military spoke with their Russian counterpart to probe into the matter.

The tense moment comes following the war of words and strained relations between Russia and Turkey last year. The two countries were in a heated exchange after Turkey shot down one of Russia’s planes. Nonetheless, Russia denied taking part in the incident.

Russia Denies Incident

“Russia has confirmed directly, by Mr. [President Vladimir] Putin, that the jets which conducted that attack did not belong to them.” Turkey’s deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said.

Kurtumulus added that they would analyze the situation. Nonetheless, he emphasized what needs to be prioritized.

“The most significant thing is to clear the 5,000-square kilometer area of Daesh.”

The second priority is to manage the advancement of the PKK/PYD terrorist organization in Afrin and Manbij west of the Euphrates River. Turkish authorities said before that the PYD should leave the west bank of the Euphrates. They also issued a warning to allies about the goals of the group in the region.

British Warships Now in Israel For War? Putin Divides Europe  

A warship from the United Kingdom reportedly docked in Israel’s port of Haifa this week. This is despite ongoing tensions in the Mediterranean, with Vladimir Putin continuing to divide Europe. Will tensions rise, enough to blow up to an all-out war?

The warship docked in the port after a joint military exercise with Israel’s military. The incident happened in the middle of tensions in the eastern Mediterranean over Syria’s war. This is the first UK ship to dock in Haifa since 2009.

British Warships Now In Israel For War?

“The eastern Mediterranean is a pretty dangerous place right now, but that’s what we are paid to do,” the Associated Press quoted Capt. James Parkin, HMS Bulwark’s commander.

“Of course we are in a very high level of preparedness.”

The two countries referred to the visit as “routine” and “reflective of their close bilateral ties.” However, there are still concerns about the matter. The decision came a few weeks following Russia’s decision to deploy the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the region. The carrier served as a base for Russia’s airstrikes in Syria.

Charles Heyman, a former British military officer who edits The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom handbook, said that the visit could be considered a “political signal.”

“There are many shared challenges that the UK and Israel face, and unfortunately many of them come from the region,” said UK ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey.

Putin Divides Europe

Apart from this, the European Union reportedly remains divided on how to deal with Russia’s threat.

According to the Express, there is growing division among European parties on how to deal with Putin. Experts have shone the light on international disputes that EU needs to fix. If the region cannot reconcile differences, the tension could boil into a more problematic diplomatic crisis.

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