Greater Israel Plan

Israeli Settlement Activity Quadrupled Over Past Year

The plans to construct 2,168 new Zionist settler housing units have moved forward since September 2015, according to Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project. This week hard-line Israeli politician, Naftali Bennett, says Israelis must “give their lives” to ensure the annexation of the occupied West Bank. While the world bickers about Syria, […]

Hard-line Israeli politician Naftali Bennett

Israeli Minister Urges Israelis to ‘Give Their Lives’ for Annexation of West Bank

“We have to mark the dream, and the dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part [of Israel] …”  — Zionist Israeli Politician, Naftali Bennett While the world is fixated on Syria, the ‘Migrant Crisis,’ and US Presidential elections, Israel is moving full-speed ahead with settlements — with no intention […]

COMMENTARY: Toxic Skunk Juice

For the Jewish tribe, any evil idea is good when it comes to exterminating non-jews. One of the ‘weapons’ they use is ‘skunk juice’, have you heard of this in the news? They spray it on Palestinians as if they were spraying it on rats. After all, the Talmud considers […]

Obama Vetoes 9-11 Bill Targeting Saudis

Obama had to use his veto power, if not the whole 9-11 mafia would have come up to the surface and that would mean the end of the West, and of course the end of Israel who is the main player in the crime.  Until the world points directly at […]

COMMENTARY: Why Are We Sending $38 Billion To Rich And Powerful Israel?

It is funny to see how certain things cannot be ignored anymore, but on the other hand, those who expose them, continue spreading lies. Even though this article was posted by Alex Jones it was written by Ron Paul, who doesn’t seem to know or admit that the US is […]

VIDEO: What Is The Point Of Further Palestine-Israel Talks?

These ‘talks’ will not get anywhere because the goal is ethnic cleansing of the GOYIM and there is no true leadership in Palestine either. Now Israel is pulling the strings and has the world on its hands, but in time, Russia will backstab Israel. The devil has no friends, its […]

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Beg Israel For Help As Tensions Escalate In Occupied Golan Heights

Asked [the FSA] by the reporter to directly address the Israeli government, the field commander says (according to the video subtitles): “They should support revolution here. May they help us in everything, brother. Weapons, products, help, brother.” He continues: “You have to attack the Syrian army and help us against […]

Israeli Settlements Expanded During Obama Presidency

What can any world leader do about Israel’s plans? The answer: nothing. When a country controls the money supply/central banks, the media, and when they can implement false flags throughout the world to provoke fear and control, Israel can do anything it wants. The only thing the world leaders can do […]

Colin Powell Admits Existence Of Israeli Nukes, But State Dept. Stays Silent

The fact that Russian State-owned television is publishing this fact about Israel clearly shows how their ‘propaganda machine’ works. There is no doubt that Israel has nuclear weapons, this has been public knowledge for a while now, and exposed by whistleblowers years ago, so why now? Communists are working to get […]

VIDEO: The ISIS Conspiracy Part 1 And 2

Brandon Martinez exposes the conspiracy of ISIS, which was clearly created and funded by the west with Israel at the head of the conspiracy. The objective has always been to destroy the Middle East for the purpose of expanding Israel in according to the Oded Yinon Plan or Greater Israel […]

COMMENTARY: Michael Flynn, Trump And Russia - What Is Really Going On?

We have been saying this for a while now and Brandon Martinez hits the nail on the head with this article. There is no doubt that there are synchronized efforts by both parties (Dems and Reps) to protect Zionists and continue putting the blame of Islam to be able to […]

Shocking Images Of Starved Kid Show Horrors Of Yemen’s Civil War

The United Nations Children’s Fund is part of the EVIL world agenda. It is a front for destroying humanity, claiming to represent children’s needs throughout the world.  Its own public records show that it promotes abortion, abortifacient drugs, population control technology, without limits. They work with an inter-agency partnership which […]

9-11 Pilot’s Mother Believes He Is Alive In Guantanamo

Blaming ‘Arabs’ has been the game since the beginning, the perfect excuse to destroy the Middle East and take its natural resources. The ‘war on terror’ is nothing more than a war on people’s minds and fearmongering. The real enemies are those who are leading the world.  “9/11 Pilot’s mother believes […]

COMMENTARY: Russia, Israel And Syria - An Inconvenient Truth

This article deserves close attention to, we need to watch the move Israel is making while the world focuses on “ISIS”, these moves will show us what is really happening. Communism is very much alive and expanding its tentacles right in front of the world to see.  “Russia, Israel and Syria: An […]

VIDEO: Outrageous Hypocrisy

Ethnic cleansing is what Israel has been doing for decades now. The level of hypocrisy that this man has is indeed outrageous. Israel is cozying up with Russia when Putin, is supposed to be backing Iran. We wonder what the real game is here. Let’s take a look at some […]

VIDEO: Netanyahu - EXPOSED

“Who poses the biggest threat?” — Charlie Rose. He asks this question to Benjamin Netanyahu in 1998. Bibi responds with the nuclear and biological weapons claim that lead the United States into war in this instance and many others in the future — all on behalf of Israel’s interests and […]

Israel Speeding Up Settlement Activities

This is a matter of time and soon, Palestine will be gone, out of the map, erased, there is no doubt about that. The world is not doing much to help them either so, here is the result. The problem is not only Palestine but the fact that there is NO […]