VIDEO: September 11th Hypothetical

VIDEO: September 11th Hypothetical

Are you, or one of your friends or family, still on the fence if September 11th was an inside job or not? Play the 9/11 hypothetical game and you can work out in less than three minutes.

INTERVIEW: Ex-Mossad Chief Admits Israel In Alliance With Al-Qaeda

It is so astonishing to have to sit and listen to the lies being told by this psychopath that one has no other choice but to laugh. Sadly these lies have killed many American soldiers and taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians. But that is OK, Israel doesn’t care about […]

VIDEO: Alex Jones False Flag Disinformation

This video highlights how Alex Jones keeps you chasing the “globalists” and “them,” while not exposing the real enemy. Look at the list he presents and, more importantly, what information he leaves out. The attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the First WTC Attack, and who was REALLY […]

Oberlin Fires Anti-Semitic Professor Who Said Jews and Israel Were Behind ISIS and 9/11

If you dare to speak the truth on Israel, on a university campus, be prepared to lose your job and never find another one in academia again. No longer are universities grounds for thought and real debate. They are now centers of indoctrination, brainwashing, social engineering, and cultural marxism. “Oberlin Fires Anti-Semitic Professor Who […]

VIDEO: After The Election

Trump promises to do a lot of things but he is starting off on the wrong foot. Why is he surrounding himself with the same evil? We shall soon see if he will or not keep his promises.  :

VIDEO: The Red Terror In Russia

The Red Terror was a campaign of mass killings and gruesome atrocities carried out by the Bolsheviks. No other people have been as persecuted as Talmudic Jews, because everywhere they go, they bring destruction with them. Jewish Author Maurice Samuels says on page 155 of his book ‘You Gentiles’, “We Jews, […]

VIDEO: Alex Jones Disinformation Exposed on 9-11

Is Alex Jones a disinformation agent? This video highlights several excerpts of him speaking on September 11th throughout the years. It will make any discerning person pose the question. And, what happened with Alex Jones? As you can see in the beginning of the video (in Part 1), it is […]

VIDEO: ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein & His Lies

This is an excerpt of a Larry Silverstein interview on Charlie Rose. Below, in this video, is an analysis of the blatant signs of his lying. Charlie Rose: “Where were you on September 11th?” Larry: “Um.. you know… uh.. I was…home.. uhh.. and… I…”

DOCUMENTARY: Putin’s Long Shadow

A MUST WATCH documentary exposing who is the law in Russia and who Putin really is. This documentary is perfect for those who have been brainwashed by communist propaganda by the east and west media, and believe that Putin is some sort of ‘world savior’. Please share this documentary with […]

VIDEO: Donald Trump Believed 9-11 Was An Inside Job

On September 11th (2001), Donald Trump is on record saying bombs must have been used on the World Trade Center. Now, we ask, what has changed since then? Of course, Trump knows and it is not politically prudent to speak about this topic. Will he do so if he becomes […]

VIDEO: Why The Hell Are We Still In Afganistan?

Why are the United States and NATO still in Afganistan? The answer is simple: Heroin. This is how the international economy is sustained, and all world leaders are benefiting from it. 

Obama Vetoes 9-11 Bill Targeting Saudis

Obama had to use his veto power, if not the whole 9-11 mafia would have come up to the surface and that would mean the end of the West, and of course the end of Israel who is the main player in the crime.  Until the world points directly at […]

INTERVIEW: US killed Bin Laden to ‘Hide 9-11 Truth’

There has never been a single photo or shred of evidence that our government captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. All we have ever had is their word they did so. And, we all know what our government’s word on anything is worth. 9-11 was planned and carried out by […]

9-11 Pilot’s Mother Believes He Is Alive In Guantanamo

Blaming ‘Arabs’ has been the game since the beginning, the perfect excuse to destroy the Middle East and take its natural resources. The ‘war on terror’ is nothing more than a war on people’s minds and fearmongering. The real enemies are those who are leading the world.  “9/11 Pilot’s mother believes […]

VIDEO: George W. Bush & 9-11 - Lying Exposed?

This ‘evidence’ is indeed in the ‘eye of the beholder.’ Is this another instance of Zionist puppet, George W. Bush, flat out lying to the media and to the American people on National Geographic? It is surely strange he would mention what he did prior to being briefed.  

VIDEO: 9/11 Suspects - Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9-11 crime scene. And, he is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers.  It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so […]

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - The Dancing Israelis

The lies of September 11th must be exposed, until then we will continue going from war to war until humanity is so weak financially, morally and spiritually that it will surrender to the New World Order, and from there is no turning back.

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - Philip Zelikow

The Jews were clearly behind 9-11 — and we have been fed all lies. It is truly revolting to see how these people have infiltrated like a bad virus the entire structure of the world. Until they are exposed and receive justice this will never end. We must stop giving […]

INTERVIEW: Explaining Operation Gladio ‘B’

The only way to understand where most terrorist attacks we are seeing come from is by understanding the different types of ‘operations’ that the CIA/MOSSAD/M16, etc. have in place for their own objective. After the Soviet Union fell ‘financially,’ Communism morphed into different organizations who carry out the same plan: World […]

VIDEO: Dr. John Coleman - Illuminati Committee of 300

During this speech, John Coleman excels not only at exposing The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, and how it had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain, but those who are behind which is the Committee […]

Ex-Congresswoman Claims Israel Behind European Massacres

Were latest terror attacks in France and Germany false flags? United States ex-Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, claims this to be the case. This article is from the Times of Israel, and it is an attempt to discredit Cynthia McKinney with a blanket statement on the “Dancing Israelis.” However, anyone who researches […]

INTERVIEW: ISIS, Iran, CIA & Israel Black Ops Connections

A very interesting uncensored interview with Wayne Madsen exposing ISIS, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the connections between the CIA and Israel with the so-called enemies of America. Wayne Madsen is a former NSA worker, who turned into a whistleblower. During this interview, he discusses the conspiracy that includes the Saudis, […]

COMMENTARY: Turkey - PKK Is A Mossad Alliance

The so-called ‘War on Terror’, the recent Coup in Turkey (head of NATO) and ISIS are all part of a greater plan that Israel controls by using blackmailing and bribes so the international mafia elite can financially benefit while they take over the world.  Here is some information that might help […]