INTERVIEW: RT Interview - David Duke & Thom Hartmann

In case anyone was still confused on where RT stands; you must watch this interview. Thom Hartmann, an extreme leftist & Jew, goes on the attack. Dr. Duke holds his ground despite the constant smear tactics by telling the simple facts — something Mr. Hartmann wasn’t interested at all in […]

HISTORY: Who Financed Hitler? Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP

Who financed Hitler? There is a tremendous amount of disinformation and false propaganda regarding this subject. Propagandists love to spread the myth that Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler,” however in the article, The Demystification of the birth and funding of the NSDAP, one learns that, “No Warburgs, No Rothschilds, and No […]

WIKILEAKS: Clinton Insiders Want “An Unaware & Compliant Citizenry”

Imagine if people were aware of all the lies they have been told throughout history. The world would be a great place to live in and we wouldn’t have to waste our time trying to get people to understand that our entire planet has been taken over by evil people […]

WIKILEAKS: Podesta And Left-Wing Activist Plot ‘Catholic Spring’

The destruction of Christian values is the Talmud’s goal and they will do anything it takes to destroy Christianity. Their hatred against Christ is eternal, they are the Synagogue of Satan. The Jewish tribe created Communism, which is atheism. Communism only cares about the self and, the destruction of any and all […]

Swedish, French Far Right In Damage Control Mode After Comments on Jews

Far-right parties in France and Sweden faced criticism for statements deemed ‘hostile to Jews.’ But, who exactly decided this and why? Also, mind you, this article is from the Times of Israel so it is reported with extreme bias.  In France, the leader of a regional branch of the National […]

“So Lashy!” Meet James Charles, CoverGirl’s First Ever ‘CoverBoy’

Cultural Marxism is moving ahead at full-speed. This story is unprecedented as James Charles is the first male model to be a ‘CoverGirl.’  Katy Perry, the current face of CoverGirl, undoubtedly influenced by her Hollywood owners, has announced this propaganda via Instagram — brainwashing millions of teenagers in the process. […]

Jews Demand Suppression of Europe’s Patriotic Parties

“Every time Europeans try to organise politically to prevent their own destruction, the Jews mobilise against the parties they create.”  How true and evident this is in present-day Europe. Nationalism has been so watered down by ‘Cultural Marxism’ that the majority of Europeans don’t care or dare not say anything […]

DOCUMENTARY: The History of Political Correctness [Cultural Marxism]

The origins of “political correctness” or “Cultural Marxism” can be found in the early parts of the 20th century from the Frankfurt School, which was the headquarters for the Communists scheming in Germany. Max Horkheimer, T.W. Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Leo Lowenthal, and Erich Fromm were all there.

VIDEO: Dr. Oz Promotes The Mark Of The Beast

For those who believe in the Word, this is what we are up for.  Revelation 13:16 - 13:18 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might […]

VIDEO: The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About

Here is more proof of the ‘authoritarian’ ways in which the corrupt communist elite manipulate the sheeple. All mainstream media and some alternative media are total puppets of their masters. The objective is to enslave us all. The Goyim must serve their Masters. It is very important to keep in […]

MONEY: New Company Uses Capitalism to Bolster Zionism

“Homrun says the company aims to create $150-200 million a year for Israeli businesses in the next two-to-four years – a lofty goal, Gradus admits, but not impossible. “If we have 200 people playing ‘Jewish geography,’ I believe we can open every door in North America.” The good news, however, is […]

VIDEO: Alex Jones Disinformation Exposed on 9-11

Is Alex Jones a disinformation agent? This video highlights several excerpts of him speaking on September 11th throughout the years. It will make any discerning person pose the question. And, what happened with Alex Jones? As you can see in the beginning of the video (in Part 1), it is […]

INTERVIEW: Planned Global Economics Collapse Has Started

INTERVIEW: Planned Global Economics Collapse Has Started

It is important to prepare, just in case, for when the economic collapse finally comes. We suggest you watch this discussion that will give you some ideas that might help you if they do shut down banks or there is a lack of food supply. Let’s hope nothing happens.

COMMENTARY: Victims Of Communist Regime Blast Bulgarian Candidate To Lead UN

While the world is busy with US Presidential Elections, the war with Russia, Syria and other issues, Communism continues to advance and making gigantic steps towards world dominion. The International Communist Jewry has his agents working non-stop everywhere and the key place right now is the UN. The UN will […]

Israeli Settlement Activity Quadrupled Over Past Year

The plans to construct 2,168 new Zionist settler housing units have moved forward since September 2015, according to Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project. This week hard-line Israeli politician, Naftali Bennett, says Israelis must “give their lives” to ensure the annexation of the occupied West Bank. While the world bickers about Syria, […]

VIDEO: ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein & His Lies

This is an excerpt of a Larry Silverstein interview on Charlie Rose. Below, in this video, is an analysis of the blatant signs of his lying. Charlie Rose: “Where were you on September 11th?” Larry: “Um.. you know… uh.. I was…home.. uhh.. and… I…”

Cult of Israel

COMMENTARY: “Why I Left The Cult”

This article is an open letter to Israeli Jews — from whom many would call a ‘Self-Hating Jew’ in Israel. She does a courageous job at calling out Zionism for what it is — “settler-colonialism.” Although she ignores some things she shouldn’t (or is ignorant of about the Holocaust, etc.), […]

Vladimir Putin Awarded Peace Prize

Putin and Obama already received a Nobel Prize. Now the Nobel Prize goes to Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia for negotiating with the Devil alias FARC! Who is backing global economy with drug trade. What kind of world are we living in? Have people lost their power of discernment? […]