VIDEO: Idi Amin On Israeli Control of Uganda, America & The World

Idi Amin, in this video, talks about the influence of the Jewish lobby both from Israel and America, and how they went against him when he didn’t obey their demands. This is a perspective you rarely hear in the mainstream media — his side of the story to a massive […]

Swedish, French Far Right In Damage Control Mode After Comments on Jews

Far-right parties in France and Sweden faced criticism for statements deemed ‘hostile to Jews.’ But, who exactly decided this and why? Also, mind you, this article is from the Times of Israel so it is reported with extreme bias.  In France, the leader of a regional branch of the National […]

Duterte Says Sorry to Jews About The Holocaust & Hitler

This didn’t take long at all. Not only did the Israel Lobby, led by the World Jewish Congress, make Philipino President Rodrigo Duterte apologize, but this time he was sure to say the ‘required’ number of ‘six million’ — as opposed to the ‘three million’ figure he mentioned last. “Duterte […]

COMMENTARY: If It’s Not The Jews …

A very interesting summary of points regarding ‘International Jewry’ and society. Or, are they just ‘mere coincidences’?   “If It’s Not The Jews …,” Source: renegadetribune.com … then who are the instigators of this NWO? Could you please explain to us …. 1) Why JEWS make up two-tenths of one percent of […]

Jewish Leaders React to Rodrigo Duterte Holocaust Remarks

“Hitler actually massacred six million Jews, as well as other minorities, during the Holocaust…” The BBC, in the article below, shamelessly goes to the propaganda narrative of ‘6 million’ even though this figure has been officially revised down by historians — several times within in the last decades. What is […]

Christianity To Blame for ‘Deeply Entrenched Anti-Semitism,’ Says Archbishop

Did you get your bag of silver for betraying Christ, Archbishop? These remarks from, Archbishop Justin Welby in the article below, demonstrate the pitiful, sad state of corruption in the Church of England — and Christianity in general. “Christianity To Blame for ‘Deeply Entrenched Anti-Semitism,’ Says Archbishop,” Source: rt.com Archbishop Justin […]

COMMENTARY: Israeli-Canadian Thought Police Take Aim … At Me

This article demonstrates how the Internet trolls, at B’nai Brith, have shown themselves to be unrelenting in planting lies and innuendo with the aim of silencing criticism of Israel. Freedom of Speech is being attacked on all fronts by the Israel Lobby — and, the concerning thing is that it […]

VIDEO: The Holocaust Exposed

It is interesting how this ‘6 million figure’ came about well before WWII. And, despite this ‘6 million’ figure being officially lowered in respect to Holocaust deaths, it still remains the same in mainstream media, movies, and books. Why? These are the lies that have changed the world and brought […]

VIDEO: Russian Director’s New Holocaust Film Lands Top Award At Venice Film Fest

Another day, another dollar that goes to the Holohoax industry. There is nothing better for Jews for than to perpetuate their lies, after all, that is what keeps them alive. The moment any light is shed on their fantastic stories they gather to make more ‘brainwashing movies’ or write more ‘brainwashing books’ […]

DOCUMENTARY: The Greatest Lie Ever Told - The Holocaust

This documentary exposes the hatred of the Jews against the freedom and life of the goyim, and how since they crucified Christ they have made their goal and only obsession to destroy Christianity. Jews needed the ‘Holohoax’ to get people’s sympathy and that opened the doors wide open for them […]

VIDEO: Former Jew Supports Open Debate on the Holocaust

Henry Herskovitz, born into the Jewish community, explains why he supports open debate on “The Holocaust.” “If I say the Great War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say the Civil War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say passenger jets did not bring […]

COMMENTARY: MUST READ! - The Economic Boycott Of 1933

This is an excellent article that exposes not only the real causes and Jewish provocation for a war with Germany, but also how Hitler actually favored Zionism, something that not too many Jews will ever admit. The sentiment towards Jews in Europe has never been good, their immorality, usury and […]

VIDEO: Three Holocaust Revisionists

This video is another proof of the power that Judaism has in the world. Why can’t anyone question the Holocaust? Why are people jailed and their lives made miserable just for exposing things that scientifically could have never happened and did not happen? If the Holocaust was indeed how the […]

DOCUMENTARY: Communism By The Backdoor

This is a MUST WATCH Documentary! We suggest you watch it all!! Anyone who really wants to know what is happening to the world must watch this and share it. You will learn many events in history that have been hidden from us. We highly recommend you take the time […]

COMMENTARY: In Defense of Anti-Semitism

This is a good article and it is very true that if people knew who and what the Jews really are and how they have managed to destroy humanity, there would not even be one Jew left. “In Defense of Anti-Semitism,” Source: darkmoon.me Is Arch Stanton guilty of anti-Semitic “hate speech”? […]

INTERVIEW: Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry

Promoting their Holocaust as a monopoly on suffering was used in part to hide greater Jewish war crimes. Massacres and genocides carried out by Jews (mostly against Christians) during the last century makes an extensive list. The one million+ Armenian Christian Genocide of 1916 was carried out by the Jewish […]

Rabbi Was Behind Meeting Between Pope & Polish Rescuers During Auschwitz Visit

How fitting and expected! On Pope Francis’s recent trip to Auschwitz, a New York City rabbi was behind a public relations campaign to garner sympathy and money from the Christian Goyim. For what purpose? Simple really! To up the donations to a NY City based charity — Jewish Foundation for the […]

VIDEO: What The Jews Did To The Germans

These two short videos clearly expose the truth about the lies of the Holocaust‬ and the deplorable financial and moral state in which ‪Germany was in before ‪WW2 — thanks to ‪Jewish and ‪Communist infiltration, that had already expanded throughout ‪Europe, and in particular, Germany. No one ever talks about the massacres carried out by Jews during the French Revolution, the ‪Bolshevik […]

Spain - Government Launches Raid on Famous “Holocaust Denier’s” Bookshop

The Jewish lobby is at work, in Spain, curtailing free speech that goes against the government approved narrative. “Spain: Government launches raid on Pedro Varela’s bookshop,” Source: diversitymachtfrei.blogspot.com Pedro Varela is a well known European nationalist and “holocaust denier”. He runs a bookshop the “Librería Europa” and printing press in Barcelona […]

INTERVIEW: Darkmoon Upon America

Very interesting interview. Lasha Darkmoon is right when she says that the jews took over America and transformed it into a colony. It is impossible to disagree with her, we all know that America is under total Jewish control and they are the ones who are indeed leading this country. […]