Jacques Attali

INTERVIEW: “Every Country Should Think of Itself as a Hotel & its People as Hoteliers”

Jacques Attali is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser, senior civil servant, along with the personification of International Jewry. In this interview, with 24 Heures (a Swiss publication), his true Cultural Marxist colors show. What does he care after all? He …


INTERVIEW: Putin’s Reign Of Terror

This is ONE OF THE BEST interviews we have ever posted when it comes to explaining who Putin is and what the end goal is all about. It is a shame that there are still people out there who allow Communist brainwashing …

INTERVIEW: Controlled Opposition – MILO on Censorship in Silicon Valley

(((MILO))) is the literally the “queen” of the controlled opposition in the “Alt-Right”. He points out many of the problems of censorship in Silicon Valley, but only goes so far — the very essence of a gatekeeper.


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