INTERVIEW: RT Interview - David Duke & Thom Hartmann

In case anyone was still confused on where RT stands; you must watch this interview. Thom Hartmann, an extreme leftist & Jew, goes on the attack. Dr. Duke holds his ground despite the constant smear tactics by telling the simple facts — something Mr. Hartmann wasn’t interested at all in […]

INTERVIEW: US May Start Wars With Russia, China Under Clinton

The United States is likely to start more wars if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House. Bruce Gagnon, an American political analyst, cites the former secretary of state’s track record of being involved in many conflicts around the world and being beholden to the Israel […]

INTERVIEW: Life and Death in Palestine

RT’s Afshin Rattansi interviews journalist and author, Ben Ehrenreich, about how little peace talks mean in the occupied territories. Plus, they cover the Israel lobby and what will a Hillary Clinton or Trump presidency mean for the Palestinian people. 

INTERVIEW: Julian Assange On NBC’s “Meet The Press”

The hypocrisy of US Media is OUTRAGEOUS. This with no doubt is a game to create sides Russia vs. US for the final war. With what authority does this NBC reporter confront Assange asking him if he received information from a foreign government and if that were the case, he claims […]

INTERVIEW: Explaining Operation Gladio ‘B’

The only way to understand where most terrorist attacks we are seeing come from is by understanding the different types of ‘operations’ that the CIA/MOSSAD/M16, etc. have in place for their own objective. After the Soviet Union fell ‘financially,’ Communism morphed into different organizations who carry out the same plan: World […]

INTERVIEW: George Galloway With An Angry Jewish Caller

Listen how George Galloway responds to someone who is full of hate against the people who own the land where they are living. We wonder who do the Jews pray to? Sad to say, but maybe after the kill people they go and pray. These people are obviously chronic liars.

VIDEO: Putin Worship In Alt-Media

During this interview, Brandon Martinez explains why this new ‘Putin worship wave’ in alternative media is nothing but ignorance or part of a bigger plan. Putin is far from being anyone’s saviour, he simply has much more ‘experience’ when it comes to lies, corruption and brainwashing. 

INTERVIEW: Our Country Is Run By Sicko Murderers

Wayne Madsen was interviewed by InfoWars on the scandals, murders, and thievery that the current US government is heading up. From Benghazi to Snowden and criminality in between. This is a great interview, but when you read Madsen’s articles he clearly exposes the truth calling the ENEMY by its first […]

INTERVIEW: Israel Pressured FBI To Clear Hillary

This is perfect PROOF how the US is absolutely controlled by Israel and Jewish interests. How much will it take for people to know who is behind all world mayhem?   “Isreal Pressured FBI To Clear Hillary”, Source: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a “get out of jail free” […]

INTERVIEW: Darkmoon Upon America

Very interesting interview. Lasha Darkmoon is right when she says that the jews took over America and transformed it into a colony. It is impossible to disagree with her, we all know that America is under total Jewish control and they are the ones who are indeed leading this country. […]

INTERVIEW: Science, Technocracy, And Social Control

Jerry Day was interviewed recently by James Corbett. Watch this interesting interview on how our world is being manipulated by science being used as a weapon of social control and social engineering. 

INTERVIEW: Bilderberg Criminal Hypocrisy

In this interview Alex Jones exalts Charlie Skelton when he is a traitor who works for the Birtish rag “The Guardian” (truly a mouthpiece of the “globalists” and their agenda).  He ‘appears’ to report from the secret Bilderberg meetings, and what he is actually doing is ‘brainwashing’ people by saying that […]

INTERVIEW: FBI Inflaming Muslim-Jewish Relations?

Journalists Aviva Stahl and Max Blumenthal are interviewed on RT’s “Watching the Hawks.”  They discuss the impact Jewish and Muslim communities face when law enforcement gets into the business of manufacturing terror just to make high-profile arrests.

INTERVIEW: Israel Did 9-11 - By Mark Dankof

Great interview between Mark Dankof & Dr. Robert Sungenis where they discuss the ‘Crime of the 20th century’ - 9/11; which was 100% an Israeli Mossad Operation from Start to Finish… Listen to this interview if you dare, get informed and those of you who will inevitably suffer with issues […]

INTERVIEW: The Zionist Scofield Bible

A must watch interview by Daryl Bradford to Rev. Ted Pike about the Scofield reference Bible which is a Zionist interpretation of Bible Scripture footnoted in modern English. Written in 1909 by convicted felon Cyrus Scofield, financed by Jewish backers, with bribes, the Bible was forced into Bible Colleges, by pulpits […]