MONEY: Goldman Sachs Didn’t Trick Libyan Fund, Judge Says

“[The] Libyan Investment Authority … wealth fund argued that it had been steered into a series of complicated derivatives transactions by Goldman — when it simply wanted to invest in the stocks of Western companies — and lost $1.2 billion after the crisis hit, while Goldman pocketed more than $200 […]

INTERVIEW: Planned Global Economics Collapse Has Started

INTERVIEW: Planned Global Economics Collapse Has Started

It is important to prepare, just in case, for when the economic collapse finally comes. We suggest you watch this discussion that will give you some ideas that might help you if they do shut down banks or there is a lack of food supply. Let’s hope nothing happens.

COMMENTARY: Deutsche Bank - Europe’s Ticking Time Bomb

There is little doubt that the next ‘financial crisis’ will be way worse than what happened in 2008. The consequences of the failing of large banks like Deutsche Bank expand to the entire world. How do we stop all this non-sense? By thinking of ways on how to get out of […]

COMMENTARY: Soros To Make A Killing With European ‘Forced Migration’

The icon of International Jewry, George Soros, wants more ‘Refugee$’ in Europe. Why? In order to ‘make a killing’ for himself. This op-ed dissects how Soros plans to financially exploit the European Migrant Crisis to the bitter end  — all, in the words of this article, ‘cultural and ethnic cleansing […]

VIDEO: The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

Everything International Jewry has done to change the course of humanity has been ‘behind closed doors’ or during times when the world was ‘busy’ following other events. James Corbett has taken the time and effort to put this together and we thank him. He informs us that the yuan was […]

INTERVIEW: Lessons From The Japanese Economic Meltdown

Every day we see more people reacting and realizing that the world is going against itself. Humanity is on the path of auto-destruction. The video is mainly focused on how the Bank of Japan is nationalizing the Japanese economy. But the same thing is happening all over the world, so […]

VIDEO: How Central Banks Create Money Out of Nothing

This video is important to understand as it gets to the core of the scam perpetrated by central banks around the world. The man, in this video, is referring to ‘Fractional Reserve Banking.’ This is a Ponzi-scheme banking system in which only a fraction of bank deposits are backed by actual […]

VIDEO: How To Question Zionist Jewish Bankers

It is crystal clear that if the Federal Reserve was thoroughly audited, obliged to pay back all the money they stole, and later eliminated completely, the world would begin to function like it should. The United States and the entire world have been robbed. It all started with the Federal […]

COMMENTARY: The Jew Scam List

Our entire monetary system is based on a scam. If we applied the law, it would mean the end of the Federal Reserve Bank, the world central banks and all major banks and financial institutions, and the beginning of our freedom from these international tribe of thieves.  “The Jew Scam List,” […]

COMMENTARY: Taxation Is Theft - EU Edition

In the Middle Ages usury or charging interest was prohibited. The Church treated it as a grave sin and the civil powers imposed harsh penalties for those who broke the law. The regulation of usury was to prevent the separation of money from reality. Money is a measure. Usury is […]

Israel Doubles Sale of Goods & Services to UN Institutions

This article demonstrates yet another way the Zionists aquire foreign aid, in an indirect manner, from the Goyim. The United States contributed approximately 22% of the UN budget, and Israel billed the UN $91.8 million in 2015. This equates to millions of extra foreign aid for Israel all at the expense […]

Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Pushes for More Israeli Military Funding

$3,000,000,000 USD for Israel annually in foreign aid — according to offical figures. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, is pushing for another $320,000,000 for Israeli “missle defense” along with other US Congressmen. Rest assured if Hillary becomes president, Israel will get this extra money. And, on a final point, […]

COMMENTARY: US - Land Of False Prophets, Jew-Lovers, Christ Mockers, Liars And War Mongers

Good article exposing how Christian Zionist traitor puppets make real fortunes by brainwashing millions of Christians to fall in the Jewish Zionist trap and help Israel with its evil objective which is World Dominion.    “‘USA’ - land of False Prophets, Jew-lovers, Christ Mockers, Liars and War Mongers,” Source: I […]

BOMBSHELL: Classified Belgian Police Report On Nebula Receives Another Look

The only way to understanding today’s events is by twisting your brain and try to think like these evil psychopaths do. The world has been absolutely controlled for centuries and the ignorance of the masses with the help of controlled media and Cultural Marxism has allowed them to advance. Russia […]

COMMENTARY: Brennan’s Financial Ties To Rothschilds Exposed

Another traitor! Here is proof of John Owen Brennan’s ‘ties’ with Israel. It is pretty obvious by now that there are no real patriots leading America, just a bunch of liars, traitors and criminals.  “Brennan’s Financial Ties To Rothschilds Exposed,”  Source: Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan, whose […]