VIDEO: The Forces Behind The Christmas Berlin Terror Attack

Half truths, plain truths, and plain lies all mixed in together in mainstream and alternative media. It is getting harder to find good sources of information. This means that we MUST read history, educate ourselves that will give us the knowledge to reach our own conclusions. When people trust everything that mainstream […]

INTERVIEW: US Completely Aligned With Israel

12/22/2016. The United States has protected Israel from UN action and international criticism for decades, despite Tel Aviv’s violation of a broad range of international laws, and President-elect Donald Trump will maintain that cynical policy, an American political analyst in Virginia says. “The United States has always been unremittingly aligned […]

VIDEO: Alex Jones — An Angry Zionist?

Alex Jones has his listeners continuously chase the ‘globalists.’ But, when Jones is confronted with proof that Zionists have the power, he lashes out as this video demonstrates.

VIDEO: NYC Public Library - Drag Queen Reads to Children

This is Cultural Marxism, directly targeted at children, in New York City public libraries. Would you want a drag queen reading to your children?   The president of the NYC Public Library system is (((Anthony Marx))) — that explains everything. 

VIDEO: They’re Here!

As you can see, we have avoided posting the real name of the video, not because we are scared, but because we have been banned seven times already and we want to be able to continue exposing the truth. Banning a site for referring to Jews as enemies or exposing […]

VIDEO: Germany - Cultural Marxist Christmas

Today, December 19th 2016, we saw a terrible tragedy in Berlin. This tragedy is a direct result of Angela Merkel’s Cultural Marxist policies — all to foment civil unrest and subsequently take freedoms away from the people. Merkel, and her Zionist colleagues in Brussels and Tel Aviv, know full well […]

VIDEO: Israeli Hypocrisy on Migration

So, it is a threat to democracy if the ‘majority is replaced’ for Israel, but it is the opposite for Europe and United States. What we have here is yet another example of ‘do as I say, but not as I do’ mentality.

VIDEO: How Russia Stole The Western Truth Movement

This reporter exposes basic truths hard to find in today’s ‘alt-media’, which is now more dangerous than mainstream media and demands our constant screening. Thanks to the internet, hidden information began to surface, so the ‘chosen evil ones’ had to find a way to counter it, and so they did, […]

VIDEO: UK - New Anti-Semitism Definition

The United Kingdom, led by Theresa May and the Israel Lobby, has a new definition regarding how “Anti-Semitism” should be defined. And, no real criticism of Israel will be allowed — freedom of speech is being eroded left and right.

VIDEO: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks - “Anti-Zionism Is The New Anti-Semitism”

Strange that he complains when other members of his tribe are actively encouraging mass migration to Europe. “If Europe allows anti-Semitism to flourish, that will be the beginning of the end of Europe.” Rabbi Sacks, in this video, discusses the increase in ‘anti-Semitism’ in Europe at the EU Parliament - 2016.

VIDEO: Israeli Ambassador to Canada - Lies & Marxist Propaganda

“It is a pleasure to serve in a country that like Israel is striving to create a melting pot based on immigrant communities coming from all parts of the world trying to build one society… I hope we will be able to do that together.” This is a lovely piece […]

VIDEO: The Evil That Is Putin’s Russia

The problem with Americans has always been the ignorance of its people when it comes to foreign policy. America has been and continues to be easy to infiltrate because its people are too gullible and have never experienced real Communism. Our only objective here is to help you see the truth […]

VIDEO: Pro-Palestine Ad = “Anti-Semitic”

“That [the ad] paints jews as aggressors, as imperialists and people that  are stealing or taken land from others…” Well, that is because Israel is doing exactly that! There is nothing more these people hate than the truth. Hats off to this man, Henry Clifford, for spending his own money […]

INTERVIEW: Trump Fills The Swamp With Steven Mnuchin

So, who is Steven Mnuchin and why has Trump named him as his Treasury Secretary? Does this man really care about the people of America — or are his pocket and tribe priority? Can Trump be that ignorant? Or, what is his plan really? Mnuchin has important Goldman Sachs and Soros […]

VIDEO: The ADL - Created Because of a Crime

This video briefly describes how the ADL was born. It was created to cover-up a crime. Nothing has changed since then as it is a now a powerful lobby covering the dirty tracks of criminals worldwide.

VIDEO: Alex Jones — Controlled Opposition?

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition? Or, is he just ignorant? Much evidence, however, points to him being controlled opposition. This video is an exposé of supporting this statement.

INTERVIEW: Marxist Propaganda on The Migrant Crisis & Russia

“Chancellor Merkel doesn’t have a plan … she had no idea how to integrate them into our society [the Migrants]. …This refugee policy was carried out without a plan. “ — Sahra Wagenknecht This communist has no shame lying straight to your face. How anyone can believe this shows how brainwashed […]

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton - “We Will Totally Obliterate Iran”

While this interview is dated, the takeaway is the same now as it was then. Donald Trump is selecting advisors with pro-war stances against Iran. Will there be a war with Iran during the Trump presidency? And, will General Wesley Clark’s prediction ring true?  After all, Syria has almost fallen…