DEBATE: Israel Apartheid Report

It is amazing how the tribe goes to any extreme to excuse their crimes. The truth here is that the United Nations was created to become the seat of the New World Order that means the seat of Communism. As time goes by we will Read More …

DEBATE: Will Israeli Settlements Expand With Trump?

Will Israeli Settlements Expand With Trump? Israeli settlements are illegal under International Law, but will this matter or make a difference? Frankly, it doesn’t and under President Trump we will see expansion at an unprecedented rate. 

DEBATE: Israeli-Saudi Ties

Good debate between Moussavi and Millet, it’s great to see Millet get his lies smashed, and how he mumbles and cannot find words to defend what is impossible to defend. Israel is NOT looking for peace, but to expand their land and to make the Read More …

DEBATE: Ken O’Keefe on Iran

Ex-Marine Ken O’Keefe speaks the truth about Iran and US-Israeli plans for the Middle East.

DEBATE: Former CIA Officer, Israel Controls US Government and Media

DEBATE: “New Anti-Semitism” (ft. Norman Finkelstein)

CrossTalk debate what some call the “New Anti-Semitism.” Is anti-Semitism on the rise? If this is indeed happening, what explains this? Is this because of Israel’s domestic and foreign policy? Is it because of the rise of some forms of highly politicized and radicalized Islam? Read More …