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VIDEO: The Red Terror In Russia

The Red Terror was a campaign of mass killings and gruesome atrocities carried out by the Bolsheviks. No other people have been as persecuted as Talmudic Jews, because everywhere they go, they bring destruction with them. Jewish Author Maurice Samuels says on page 155 of his book ‘You Gentiles’, “We Jews, […]

VIDEO: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” - Hollywood Lies & Propaganda

This clip, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sums up everything that is detestable about Hollywood — the propaganda, brainwashing, flagrant lies of WW2, Cultural Marxism, etc. is almost too much to bear. One can be sure Larry David, and his ilk, just laugh at the goyim for being so stupid to […]

HISTORY: Who Financed Hitler? Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP

Who financed Hitler? There is a tremendous amount of disinformation and false propaganda regarding this subject. Propagandists love to spread the myth that Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler,” however in the article, The Demystification of the birth and funding of the NSDAP, one learns that, “No Warburgs, No Rothschilds, and No […]

DOCUMENTARY: People Who Control America?

This documentary will help you learn the reasons behind all wars. Who sunk ‘The Maine’ in 1898 and why? Why was the British ocean liner, Lusitania, torpedoed in 1915? Why did Pearl Harbor occur? And, why do we continue accepting lies after lies. Until humanity decides TO LEARN what the truth is behind […]

VIDEO: Russian Director’s New Holocaust Film Lands Top Award At Venice Film Fest

Another day, another dollar that goes to the Holohoax industry. There is nothing better for Jews for than to perpetuate their lies, after all, that is what keeps them alive. The moment any light is shed on their fantastic stories they gather to make more ‘brainwashing movies’ or write more ‘brainwashing books’ […]

DOCUMENTARY: The Greatest Lie Ever Told - The Holocaust

This documentary exposes the hatred of the Jews against the freedom and life of the goyim, and how since they crucified Christ they have made their goal and only obsession to destroy Christianity. Jews needed the ‘Holohoax’ to get people’s sympathy and that opened the doors wide open for them […]

VIDEO: Former Jew Supports Open Debate on the Holocaust

Henry Herskovitz, born into the Jewish community, explains why he supports open debate on “The Holocaust.” “If I say the Great War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say the Civil War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say passenger jets did not bring […]

COMMENTARY: Words As Weapons

Jews needed to have a place in society, so they started promoting multiculturalism to have an ethnic ‘tool’ as self-defense. They use all these words that create differences in people and races, while their main objective is power and control. “Words as Weapons,” Source: heretical.com Racist scum. That’s us. Neo-nazis […]

eBOOK: The Secret Contacts - Zionism And Nazi Germany

This book is a MUST READ. It exposes the connections between Zionism and Nazi Germany and how the Transfer Agreement came about and helped Zionism. It also exposes the crimes committed by Zionists against Jews, which were later blamed on Hitler when he was backstabbed by the Zionist elite. This is what the […]

COMMENTARY: MUST READ! - The Economic Boycott Of 1933

This is an excellent article that exposes not only the real causes and Jewish provocation for a war with Germany, but also how Hitler actually favored Zionism, something that not too many Jews will ever admit. The sentiment towards Jews in Europe has never been good, their immorality, usury and […]

DOCUMENTARY: Communism By The Backdoor

This is a MUST WATCH Documentary! We suggest you watch it all!! Anyone who really wants to know what is happening to the world must watch this and share it. You will learn many events in history that have been hidden from us. We highly recommend you take the time […]

DOCUMENTARY: Operation Keehaul A Disgraceful Chapter In American History

Another part of history that has been hidden from humanity. The level of evil that comes from communism is without a single doubt NOT human. This documentary must be watched and shared. Prisoners of war were lied to by leaders of so-called Christian countries like ‘Britain’ and sent back to Russia […]

VIDEO: “From The Olive Grove” - Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe, the only one that speaks out and does not hold anything back. Why can’t people see things how they are and defend their values and countries like that? We can ALL do something to change this. Let’s please assume our responsibility for humanity, like real human beings who […]

INTERVIEW: Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry

Promoting their Holocaust as a monopoly on suffering was used in part to hide greater Jewish war crimes. Massacres and genocides carried out by Jews (mostly against Christians) during the last century makes an extensive list. The one million+ Armenian Christian Genocide of 1916 was carried out by the Jewish […]

VIDEO: Dr. John Coleman - Illuminati Committee of 300

During this speech, John Coleman excels not only at exposing The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, and how it had a profound effect on the moral, spiritual, cultural, political and economic policies of the United States of America and Great Britain, but those who are behind which is the Committee […]

COMMENTARY: An Open Letter To The Jew

This article contains truths that many don’t dare to speak and the pain of someone who has really gotten to know what this race is all about. Jewish Cultural Marxism has been the weapon created and used by the Jews to make bad look good, and good look bad as […]

VIDEO: What The Jews Did To The Germans

These two short videos clearly expose the truth about the lies of the Holocaust‬ and the deplorable financial and moral state in which ‪Germany was in before ‪WW2 — thanks to ‪Jewish and ‪Communist infiltration, that had already expanded throughout ‪Europe, and in particular, Germany. No one ever talks about the massacres carried out by Jews during the French Revolution, the ‪Bolshevik […]

eBOOK: Back Door to War - The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941

“Back Door to War -The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941,” by Charles Callan Tansill (1952) If you can make it through this encyclopedia, you will be rewarded with the truth about this false flag and provocation of war. This book goes into great detail which is necessary to prove what most of […]

COMMENTARY: General Patton vs. The Jews

It is so sad to see an entire human race suffering because of a tribe who not only lies but bribes traitors, and perpetuates their fabricated version of history, leading the ignorant masses to believe they are the world’s ‘victim.’ When, in reality, the victims are those who suffer under their […]

HISTORY: Zionist Jew Agenda - Benjamin H. Freedman

Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most interesting people of the 20th Century. Born a Jew in 1890. In his adult life he became a very successful New York businessman, also acquiring principle ownership of the Woodbury Soap Company. After the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, Benjamin Freedman decided to […]

eBOOK: The Hidden Tyranny

“The Hidden Tyranny,” By Benjamin H. Freedman Benjamin H. Freedman ‘The Hidden Tyranny’ is a great exposé of how the Zionist branch of the new world order has manipulated America and its foreign policy for the past century. In its pages are revealed the manipulation of seven U.S. presidents involving […]

INTERVIEW: Darkmoon Upon America

Very interesting interview. Lasha Darkmoon is right when she says that the jews took over America and transformed it into a colony. It is impossible to disagree with her, we all know that America is under total Jewish control and they are the ones who are indeed leading this country. […]