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COMMENTARY: The Jewish Lie

There is only one Truth and what is stated here cannot be questioned. However, we do not agree with the comments about David Duke, but again, we could be wrong and he could be part of the game. With the Devil you never know, his specialty is confusion. The article […]

VIDEO: Will Julian Assange Be Assassinated?

What is the difference between the KGB and the Clintons? = none. The same strategy is used by both, assassinate to silence those who reveal the truth. Until America understands that it is living under a Communist regime disguised as “Democracy” that it is working together with the seat of […]

INTERVIEW: Julian Assange On NBC’s “Meet The Press”

The hypocrisy of US Media is OUTRAGEOUS. This with no doubt is a game to create sides Russia vs. US for the final war. With what authority does this NBC reporter confront Assange asking him if he received information from a foreign government and if that were the case, he claims […]

COMMENTARY: Communist Party Unites Behind Hillary

America has been infiltrated by Communist Jews ever since Jacob Schiff arrived in NYC in 1865, after a comparatively brief training period in the Rothschild’s London Bank, Jacob left for America with instructions to buy into a banking house which was to be the springboard to acquiring control of the […]

International Jewish Committee For Interreligious Consultations

This is not only truly REVOLTING but total blasphemy based on the Scofield’s Bible and for the purpose of uniting all religions for the New World Order. Second Vatican Council was the actual proof of Evil infiltration in the Catholic Church, that has become the See of Satan. Before the […]

COMMENTARY: In Defense of Anti-Semitism

This is a good article and it is very true that if people knew who and what the Jews really are and how they have managed to destroy humanity, there would not even be one Jew left. “In Defense of Anti-Semitism,” Source: darkmoon.me Is Arch Stanton guilty of anti-Semitic “hate speech”? […]

COMMENTARY: EuroBabel - Shocking Occult Symbolism Of The EU

There are NO coincidences here, the plan for The New World Order has been carefully designed to the last detail and it is happening right in front of our eyes. If the truth were to be let out, humanity would rise up and fight against this evil. Until the demons […]

Head of UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Resigns

This is quite disturbing, for someone to resign without giving a reason, means that these people get to a point in their investigations that they cannot go any further. The justice system is totally corrupt. The British Monarchy, as well as top officials, are pedophiles and Satanists so how can justice […]

Jewish Groups Outraged After Black Lives Matter Accuses Israel of Genocide

We all know by now that “Black Lives Matter” is a Soros creation (divide and conquer strategy). The fact that Black Lives Matter is standing up against Israel, even though we absolutely agree with what they say, is proof that there is indeed a campaign against Israel, which is funded […]

VIDEO: The Strategy Of Tension - Psychopaths Rule The World

Communist have used ‘so-called popular music’ to brainwash the masses for decades. We think this might be a good way of undoing some of that by giving the masses some truth to think about if, they are capable of focusing and paying attention to the lyrics.   

COMMENTARY: Priest Training Program Opens For Would-Be Third Jewish Temple

The Temple Mount Society is collecting funding for the construction of the ‘third temple’. The Bible clearly states that the Third Temple will be built during the Tribulation and it also says in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 “3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except […]

DEBATE: Israeli-Saudi Ties

Good debate between Moussavi and Millet, it’s great to see Millet get his lies smashed, and how he mumbles and cannot find words to defend what is impossible to defend. Israel is NOT looking for peace, but to expand their land and to make the world theirs. No matter how […]

DOCUMENTARY: “The Eternal Jew”

This famous documentary highly criticized and called anti-Semite by “jews” and useful idiots exposes TANGIBLE TRUTHS about this tribe of gangsters. The movie was released in 1940 and shows who these people really are and not what they have ‘sold’ to the ignorant masses. We are at the end of their […]

INTERVIEW: Holy Serpent of The Khazarian Mafia

There is no doubt that a tribe that calls themselves a religion, and can’t even tell you who their god is, has something to hide. Rabbinical Judaism is based on the Talmud, which is the law of men, the law of the prince of this earth — Satan. “Holy Serpent […]