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Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade

Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade

Hats off to these women who are defying the Zionist machine and its occupation of Palestine! While these events seemingly end in ‘failure’ they are a net positive as they bring awareness to the issue. “Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade,” Source: mintpressnews.com Israel’s navy […]

VIDEO: The Ones Who Truly Fight Zionism

VIDEO: The Ones Who Truly Fight Zionism

There are few people who stand up to the Zionist machine. It is mainly the oppressed Palestinians as they have no choice. This video highlights their ‘everyday’ struggle against the Occupation.

VIDEO: Israeli Settlements Explained

VIDEO: Israeli Settlements Explained

Israel has over 200 settlements. Does it have any intention of ever stopping or really slowing down? Don’t count on it. This is a very informative video on Israel’s settlements and the blatant disregard for international law and the people of Palestine.

COMMENTARY: Toxic Skunk Juice

For the Jewish tribe, any evil idea is good when it comes to exterminating non-jews. One of the ‘weapons’ they use is ‘skunk juice’, have you heard of this in the news? They spray it on Palestinians as if they were spraying it on rats. After all, the Talmud considers […]

VIDEO: The USA is Owned by Israel

America will be sending $38,000,000,000 dollars over the next 10 years to their masters in Tel Aviv — making this the biggest Military aid package in US history. People have blind support for Israel because they are completely brainwashed by the mainstream media propaganda. Most Americans have no idea how […]

Amid Blowback, University California Reinstates Course on Palestinian History

Amid pressure from AIPAC, and branches of the Israeli Lobby, students were able to reinstate the suspended course on Palestinian History. Fantastic job UC! Freedom of Speech is not reserved only for the ‘Chosen People’! “Amid blowback, UC reinstates course on Palestinian history,” Source: marinij.com Facing a backlash over academic freedom, […]

VIDEO: “Where Do You Want To Be Shot?,” IDF Soldier

More evidence of war crimes and ‘Jewish Supremacism’ in the Israeli regime. From top to the very bottom, this behavior is a immoral insult to the human race. It is said, “For evil to succeed, all that is needed is for good men to do (or say) nothing.” At least […]

COMMENTARY: Aid to Zionism

This is why it is so laughable when the US pretends it can act as an honest broker for peace in the Middle East. As long as it is the wallet dishing out dollars to the state terrorism of Israel, any ‘peace’ it tries to impose will be down the […]

Israeli Settlements Expanded During Obama Presidency

What can any world leader do about Israel’s plans? The answer: nothing. When a country controls the money supply/central banks, the media, and when they can implement false flags throughout the world to provoke fear and control, Israel can do anything it wants. The only thing the world leaders can do […]

Dozens of Spanish Cities Declare Themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’

¡Viva España! It is indeed a great time to holiday in Spain. The Spanish are making fantastic progress with advancing the cause of BDS. But, will the Israeli lobby respond with more ‘drastic’ measures in the future?  “Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid,’” Source: mondoweiss.com An unprecedented […]

Australian Expert Leads Charge Online Against Anti-Zionism

This article is a clear example on how Zionist groups are attempting to curtail free speech on the Internet. Anything that goes against their approved narrative is deemed ‘hate speech.’ Groups like these pose a serious threat to websites like ours because ‘hate speech’ becomes a matter of gross subjectivity. […]

VIDEO: Dutch MP Snubs Netanyahu, Refuses to Shake Israeli PM’s Hand

You can be confident in making a bet that’s it’s the end of Tunahan Kuzu’s career. Or, perhaps, an ISIS attack in Holland next? The Dutch are well overdue for one anyway. Bibi, and the pro-Genocide Zionist machine, does not take this sort of thing lightly. Regardless of your opinion […]

VIDEO: Trudeau - “We Have Isreal’s Back”

It doesn’t matter for Canadians if they vote Conservative or Liberal. The Israeli lobby has its power over them. And, Zionist shill Trudeau is doing the bidding of Israel just like his Conservative predecessor.

COMMENTARY: Why Christian Zionism Is Vanishing in the American Church

While the author of this article is very pro-Israel and delusional, he makes an important point — American ‘Millennials’ (both Christian Zionists and not) are indeed waking-up, en masse, to Israel’s crimes. And, this is not because, as this author claims, they are ‘uneducated.’ Quite the contrary — these ‘Millennials’ are […]

Twitter - Israel

COMMENTARY: Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets

Not content to control traditional forms of domestic media, Israel is now reaching into cyberspace — and outside of its jurisdiction — to censor content. And like Facebook, Twitter is bowing to Zionist pressure. “Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets,” Source: mintpressnews.com SEATTLE — Though Israel’s reputation as a true […]

In Overwhelming Vote, Leading Lutheran Branch Calls on US to Cut Off Aid to Israel

The ‘goyim’ are waking up slowly to Israel’s crimes! Bit by bit, the supporters are adding up. Yet, the Zionist politicians play a doubtful game in ignoring an ever increasing number of solid community groups and individuals. And, it is a dangerous game in seeking to have politicians outlaw freedom […]

Israel Plans to Build 2,500 Settler Units in the West Bank

What you see here is the Greater Israel Plan in motion. The Zionist long-term plan of steadily expanding their state, while bleeding America to death, is all for the purpose of their NWO aspirations. Israel is building thousands of settlements — all at the cost of United States taxpayer. “Israel […]

COMMENTARY: Jewish Organizations’ Response to Black Lives Matter Platform Demonstrates Community’s Inability to Engage With Reality in Israel

It’s unclear why critics of The Movement for Black Lives’ platform, including multiple city-wide chapters of the Jewish Communal Relations Council (JCRC), think that the systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians does not fit the only internationally recognized definition of genocide. Beginning before the Nakba and continuing today is a decades-long […]

VIDEO: Hasbara & Israeli Cover-ups

Although this report is from 2010, it gives important insight on how the Hasbara functions in Israel. Nine activists are killed as a result of the Israeli attack on an aid flotilla heading to Gaza. Israel claims that the activists were armed. But, thousands of outraged demonstrators pour into the […]

VIDEO: Sam Harris EXPOSED Zionist Posting As Athiest

Using Palestinians and mainly children as human shields is, WITHOUT DOUBT, EVIL. The Satanic atrocities that Israel is carrying out in the Middle East cannot continue to be ignored by the masses, American politicians have sold themselves to the devil in exchange for money and power. According to the Talmud, ‘the […]