VIDEO: Viktor Orban — Owned

If Viktor Orban was really woke, and Budapest not a ZOG, he would not be kowtowing to Netanyahu and visiting Yad Vashem. Or, is he just “playing 4d chess” like Trump? From the AP: “(19 Jul 2018) Hungarian Prime Minister …

VIDEO: Kushner, Greenblatt, & Netanyahu Meet

According to the US Embassy in Jerusalem, this meeting took place on June 22nd, 2018. And, for what purpose? “Building on previous discussions, they discussed the United States’ leadership role in the region, the humanitarian situation, regional security, and the …

VIDEO: US Presidents — Owned Zionists

Oy Vey! It doesn’t matter what political party is in the White House. History has proven that, time and time again, they are nothing more than puppets serving their true masters in Israel. When will the American goyim ever wake-up?


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