VIDEO: Jews & Muslim Celebrate Iftar In NYC Synagogue

Refugees and migrants are always welcome for the “Chosen People”! After all, multi-culturalism is quite good for them (yes, they do admit this and openly advocate for it):

VIDEO: Israel Deports 16k+ African Migrants to the West

More double standards by supremacist Israel — after all let the Goyim deal with them! Under this agreement, more than 16,000 African migrants will be sent to those Western countries “willing to take them in.”

VIDEO: What Is The “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)”?

Their description to this video: “What happens to an aid organization when you’ve outgrown your original purpose? Well, that’s been the case for one notable Jewish organization, with a storied history assisting people ranging from Henry Kissinger to Mila Kunis.” …

Jacques Attali

INTERVIEW: “Every Country Should Think of Itself as a Hotel & its People as Hoteliers”

Jacques Attali is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser, senior civil servant, along with the personification of International Jewry. In this interview, with 24 Heures (a Swiss publication), his true Cultural Marxist colors show. What does he care after all? He …

Starbucks to hire thousands of refugees to serve Europeans coffee

Starbucks to Hire 2,500+ Refugees to Serve Europeans Coffee

Overall, the EU youth-unemployment rate is about 20%. However, the countries with the highest rates — Greece, Spain, Croatia, and Italy — are all in the stunningly high 40% to 50% zone. These numbers are among the highest in the …

VIDEO: Merkel’s New Years Message

More Cultural Marxist and Communist propaganda from Mama Merkel. All of these problems she created in Germany. She is fully aware of the problem of mass unchecked migration, yet offers no solution — just cheap talk. Why? This is the …


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