VIDEO: International Jewry Personified – Part II

The US Presidential Delegation, for the Jerusalem Embassy dedication ceremony, departs from Ben Gurion Airport.   Part I:


INTERVIEW: Putin’s Reign Of Terror

This is ONE OF THE BEST interviews we have ever posted when it comes to explaining who Putin is and what the end goal is all about. It is a shame that there are still people out there who allow Communist brainwashing …

VIDEO: (((Watch for the Detail))) – Ivanka Trump Participates at G20

Ivanka Trump has recently claimed, on FOX News, that she tries to stay out of politics. Hmmm, maybe she changed her mind? Another question to ask is this: Should she really be representing an entrepreneurship forum for women? Without her …

Trump & Ivanka

Ivanka’s ‘Heartbroken’ Response Prompted Trump to Order Syria Attack

Was Ivanka also “heartbroken” when the United States launched an air strike killed approximately 300 civilians last week in Iraq? And, how “heartbroken” were she and her Ashkenazi-Israeli husband/”white house advisor” Kushner each time the Saudis and “Israelis” drop bombs …

VIDEO: Ivanka Trump Now Officially Works in the White House

A parasite doesn’t let a good opportunity go to waste. Nepotism laws? Ethics? Sensibility? None of that matters for this Tribe member. It is clear Ivanka Trump is making a concerted effort to position herself into the United States government …

VIDEO: Ivanka Trump on her Conversion to the Tribe

Ivanka Trump explains how she did not make her decision to convert lightly, and she put in a lot of thought to it — and her father supported her all along the way. We therefore conclude that this was indeed …

VIDEO: Trump & The Jews

“Make America Great Again”? It won’t happen when Trump’s agenda puts Israel first. Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump is 100% for Israel and the Jewish people. And, the American people are just goyim.


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