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DOCUMENTARY: The Greatest Lie Ever Told - The Holocaust

This documentary exposes the hatred of the Jews against the freedom and life of the goyim, and how since they crucified Christ they have made their goal and only obsession to destroy Christianity. Jews needed the ‘Holohoax’ to get people’s sympathy and that opened the doors wide open for them […]

Leaked Documents - Soros Group Spent $600K To Mainstream Pro-Refugee Attitudes

George Soros is one of the primary Zionist-Jewish backers of The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Jordi Vaquer, The Open Society Foundation’s (OSF) regional director for Europe, approved a $600,000.00 proposal entitled, “Countering the anti-migrant rhetoric and toxic narratives surrounding migration in Europe.” “Leaked Documents: Soros Group Spent $600K To Mainstream Pro-Refugee Attitudes,” Source: dailycaller.com Leaked […]

VIDEO: Former Jew Supports Open Debate on the Holocaust

Henry Herskovitz, born into the Jewish community, explains why he supports open debate on “The Holocaust.” “If I say the Great War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say the Civil War never happened, I don’t go to prison. If I say passenger jets did not bring […]

MONEY: Deutsche Bank Refuses Clients’ Demand for Physical Gold

It’s debatable how much gold Western banks really possess. It is a tragedy for nations who use their fiat currency as they are at the mercy of their Zionist Jewish private ‘banksters’. According to a myriad of analysts, it would appear that private banksters have been helping themselves and stashing […]

VIDEO: “The United Kingdom Is Never Going to be White Again”

“The United Kingdom is never going to be white again”  — Deeyah Khan pushes Cultural Marxism An important question to ask is this: When you don’t even know who you are, your history, or what your society stands for — how and why would you ever defend it? You wouldn’t, […]

eBOOK: The Secret Contacts - Zionism And Nazi Germany

This book is a MUST READ. It exposes the connections between Zionism and Nazi Germany and how the Transfer Agreement came about and helped Zionism. It also exposes the crimes committed by Zionists against Jews, which were later blamed on Hitler when he was backstabbed by the Zionist elite. This is what the […]

COMMENTARY: MUST READ! - The Economic Boycott Of 1933

This is an excellent article that exposes not only the real causes and Jewish provocation for a war with Germany, but also how Hitler actually favored Zionism, something that not too many Jews will ever admit. The sentiment towards Jews in Europe has never been good, their immorality, usury and […]

VIDEO: Terror Under The Jewish Bolshevik Forced Famine in Russia - 1921-1923

The horror of Lenin’s ‘Red Terror’ cumulating in Russia’s forced Famine (1921-23) and Ukraine’s 1st Holodomor (1921-22) served as a template for a second and third culling of Europe’s population. The 2nd Holodomor took place in 1932-1933, while the 3rd coincided with the murder of innocent European soldiers in 1946-1947. […]

VIDEO: Three Holocaust Revisionists

This video is another proof of the power that Judaism has in the world. Why can’t anyone question the Holocaust? Why are people jailed and their lives made miserable just for exposing things that scientifically could have never happened and did not happen? If the Holocaust was indeed how the […]

DOCUMENTARY: Communism By The Backdoor

This is a MUST WATCH Documentary! We suggest you watch it all!! Anyone who really wants to know what is happening to the world must watch this and share it. You will learn many events in history that have been hidden from us. We highly recommend you take the time […]

Austria to Consider State of Emergency Decree Over Refugee Crisis

France is in an extended state of emergency. Hungary is as well. Several other European Union countries ebb and flow with their state of ermegencies (Belgium, Italy and Greece). And now the government of Austria is considering extending it on a perpertual basis. What he see here is the mass […]

VIDEO: “From The Olive Grove” - Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe, the only one that speaks out and does not hold anything back. Why can’t people see things how they are and defend their values and countries like that? We can ALL do something to change this. Let’s please assume our responsibility for humanity, like real human beings who […]

International Jewish Committee For Interreligious Consultations

This is not only truly REVOLTING but total blasphemy based on the Scofield’s Bible and for the purpose of uniting all religions for the New World Order. Second Vatican Council was the actual proof of Evil infiltration in the Catholic Church, that has become the See of Satan. Before the […]

INTERVIEW: Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry

Promoting their Holocaust as a monopoly on suffering was used in part to hide greater Jewish war crimes. Massacres and genocides carried out by Jews (mostly against Christians) during the last century makes an extensive list. The one million+ Armenian Christian Genocide of 1916 was carried out by the Jewish […]