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INTERVIEW: Israel Has Declared War On Humanity

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes who announced things that have already happened and predicts others that we know will take place soon. Please listen to this interview and spread the information as much as you can.  

COMMENTARY: We Were Warned In 1963 - Has Communist Ideology Overtaken America?

We were warned way before 1963! Christ warned us in the Bible. The Bolshevik Revolution should have been enough warning to the world. But Cultural Marxism infiltrated and began degenerating the core structure of society. Now it’s completely rotten, it’s weak enough to be broken, that is why we are […]

Project Veritas - O’Keefe Blocked From Twitter

This is EXACTLY what Facebook did to us three times already for posting the word Jew or Jewish. The last time they blocked our account they gave us the ‘opportunity’ as a last chance to erase comments that might ‘incite violence’. So, saying the word Jew is considered inciting violence. Or […]

COMMENTARY: New UN Chief - Globalist, Socialist, Extremist

America MUST exit the UN now! Republican Congressman Mike Rogers introduced a bill to restore U.S. sovereignty and withdraw from the United Nations. But with so many traitors in the U.S. Government, it won’t be easy to get the billed passed. “Why should the American taxpayer bankroll an international organization […]

VIDEO: The Red Terror In Russia

The Red Terror was a campaign of mass killings and gruesome atrocities carried out by the Bolsheviks. No other people have been as persecuted as Talmudic Jews, because everywhere they go, they bring destruction with them. Jewish Author Maurice Samuels says on page 155 of his book ‘You Gentiles’, “We Jews, […]

“Jews Control Swedish Media,” MP Quits

“The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden.” To clarify, this Swedish MP didn’t resign on her […]

VIDEO: The Wikileaks Bombshell You Never Heard About

Here is more proof of the ‘authoritarian’ ways in which the corrupt communist elite manipulate the sheeple. All mainstream media and some alternative media are total puppets of their masters. The objective is to enslave us all. The Goyim must serve their Masters. It is very important to keep in […]

DOCUMENTARY: Putin’s Long Shadow

DOCUMENTARY: Putin’s Long Shadow

A MUST WATCH documentary exposing who is the law in Russia and who Putin really is. This documentary is perfect for those who have been brainwashed by communist propaganda by the east and west media, and believe that Putin is some sort of ‘world savior’. Please share this documentary with […]

VIDEO: Emergency! Opposition Media Shutting Down

This is an important video to watch regardless of what we think of Infowars. Censorship will get worse and we must stick together if we want to survive this war. Zionist Report is small, but we have already been censored for 24 hours twice. One of the main reasons why […]

Obama Vetoes 9-11 Bill Targeting Saudis

Obama had to use his veto power, if not the whole 9-11 mafia would have come up to the surface and that would mean the end of the West, and of course the end of Israel who is the main player in the crime.  Until the world points directly at […]

VIDEO: YouTube Heroes - Or Traitors?

One cannot understand the present if one doesn’t know the past. The Stasi (Ministry for State Security - East German Communist Government) kept files on millions of people and regularly used phone taps, bugging devices, and video cameras to spy on their fellow citizens and even on the Stasi itself. […]

Amid Blowback, University California Reinstates Course on Palestinian History

Amid pressure from AIPAC, and branches of the Israeli Lobby, students were able to reinstate the suspended course on Palestinian History. Fantastic job UC! Freedom of Speech is not reserved only for the ‘Chosen People’! “Amid blowback, UC reinstates course on Palestinian history,” Source: marinij.com Facing a backlash over academic freedom, […]

Israel Linked To Suspension Of Palestine Course At UC Berkeley

Jewish censorship of historical truth has been going on for centuries. It is about time people stand up to tyranny. In 1789, John Robison (French 33-degree Mason) warned all Masonic leaders in America, that the Illuminati had infiltrated their lodges. On July 19, 1789, David Papen, President of Harvard University, […]

COMMENTARY: Facebook Removed 95% Of Terror Incitement Requested By Israel

Freedom of Speech leads to “terror incitement”???. The ONLY terrorists here are the Zionist Jews, but their ‘terror’ and ‘atrocities’ are ok because their Talmud says so. Here is more proof of the control that these so-called ‘humans’ have over the world. The way they twist words requires skills, it […]

Australian Expert Leads Charge Online Against Anti-Zionism

This article is a clear example on how Zionist groups are attempting to curtail free speech on the Internet. Anything that goes against their approved narrative is deemed ‘hate speech.’ Groups like these pose a serious threat to websites like ours because ‘hate speech’ becomes a matter of gross subjectivity. […]

Twitter - Israel

COMMENTARY: Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets

Not content to control traditional forms of domestic media, Israel is now reaching into cyberspace — and outside of its jurisdiction — to censor content. And like Facebook, Twitter is bowing to Zionist pressure. “Twitter Bows To Israeli Government Pressure To Censor Tweets,” Source: mintpressnews.com SEATTLE — Though Israel’s reputation as a true […]