VIDEO: Pope Francis – “Never Forget The Shoah”

In a recent message to Christian followers, Pope Francis, according to the World Jewish Congress, “turned to lessons from the Holocaust to remind us about the need for humility and humanity. These are some of his words of wisdom…” The …

VIDEO: Anti-Pope Francis ‘Dances’ to Hasidic Music

The Anti-Pope Francis is enjoying being serenaded by a troupe of Hasidic Jews, at the Vatican, with guitars and a chant in Hebrew of “Long years shall satiate him.” We are indeed living in end times.

VIDEO: Anti-Pope Francis Prays In Mosque

Not only does Pope Francis pray in Synagogues, along with welcoming members of the Tribe in the Vatican, he also is praying in mosques! For Catholics, what more proof do you need he is indeed an Anti-Pope?!  


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