VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe – CrossTalk USS Liberty Attack Episode – 14/7/2017

For the 50th Anniversary of the USS Liberty attack by Israel, RT decided to go on the attack. On this episode, in order to do so, they naturally invited Ken O’Keefe to tell it like it is.

However, this is all very curious. Just the other day, we posted a video of RT promoting Holocaust propaganda. So, where does the Kremlin stand? Or, is its stance exactly this – misinformation and disinformation.

By attacking Israel (which many consider it to be part of the West), RT is actually enabling the NWO and communism by fomenting anti-Western sentiments and policies towards Israel.
After all, Israel will be destroyed — as it is all “prophecy.” Even Kissinger recently said Israel won’t be around in 10 years too.

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