VIDEO: Horst Mahler – Last Public Appearance Before Returning To Prison

Who is going to save the world? The answer is the people, once they finally decide to stick together and fight back! We CANNOT continue letting our rights be taken away right in front of our eyes. The imprisonment of those who dare to speak the truth and the lack of support by the people is leading all of us to end up having to kneel down to a totalitarian regime. They will succeed if we let them. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD we need to fight back. 


  • boudicca neubstein

    I heard he escaped Germany at 3 am on April 19th. Is this true?? Looking all over for confirmation

    • I truly hope this is the case.

      Horst Mahler is a true German patriot and an inspiration to all nationalists worldwide.

      May God protect him and all those seeking to defend ourselves from Jewish-instigated Communism, censorship and anti-free speech legislation, regulations and codes under the guise of their usual “trick” of hurling around allegations of “anti-Semitism.”

      • boudicca neubstein

      • Once the z@onist shtick comes to an end, Germany will be a free Nation!