COMMENTARY: Non-Aligned Media Will Be Closing

It is very sad to see how ungrateful and stupid people are! Brandon Martinez is a very intelligent and well-educated person and has been posting excellent articles and videos. But like most of us, he has reached a point where he realizes that no matter what he does, people seem to continue to look the other way and don’t really care. We are not yet as disappointed as Brandon is, but very close. Unfortunately, it is those who don’t care and don’t value and support sites like ours who will lose at the end and who will continue allowing mainstream media or controlled opposition to brainwash them. We all have free will and at the end of the day will have to assume the responsibility that comes with the choices we made. Ignorance brought us to this point in time, and ignorance will bring us to the worse war the world has ever seen. 


“Non-Aligned Media Will Be Closing – Non-Aligned Media,” Source: nonalignedmedia.com

This website will go down in July of this year. The reason I’m closing it is simply because I don’t see myself posting very often in the near future, so it makes little sense to pay $300 a year to keep online a website I’m not even using.

To be frank, I’ve become disillusioned with almost everything related to “alternative” media these days, as the whole “industry” (if you can call it that) has devolved into a dysfunctional circus of cultism (Putin/Trump/Assad worship), insanity & asinine doomsday predictions (“we’re on the brink of World War 3!”). Any enthusiasm I once had for it has steadily evaporated over time & converted into disdain. The only types of people who can continue with the “alt-media” circus for years on end are those who are making a decent living off of it (& thus have monetary incentives to keep at it) or egomaniacs who can’t go a day without uploading some putrid YouTube rant on the most recent controversies & having groupies tell them how smart & brilliant they are.

I don’t really see myself participating in the usual circle jerk of “alt-media” punditry where various conspiracy gurus & snake-oil salesmen give their meaningless “two cents” on current events with the usual leftist or rightist spin. Giving repetitive “interviews” about the same subjects also makes one feel like a robot, which is why I stopped doing them some time ago.

News junkieism is a fruitless & ultimately wasteful endeavour. Endlessly analyzing “current events” seems pointless to me now, as these “events” will never stop occurring nor will they significantly change for the better simply by writing about them. “Truth telling” (aka conspiracy theorizing) online has become just another monetized industry where hacks, opportunists & ideologues feed us a word-salad featuring their latest confirmation bias.

I feel that it’s far more worthwhile to write historical books than just blog about inane crap going on in the world that none of us can change. If I do continue to write it will be in either book or long-essay form somewhere online. Perhaps I’ll give some thoughts at my old wordpress spot if I feel up to it, or on YouTube, if I ever feel in the mood.

If you would like to mirror this website feel free to do so. You will have until July to do that. Or if you want to copy/paste individual posts that you like to your own blog or website, feel free to do that too.

Many thanks to all who have supported the site & myself over the years.

– Brandon Martinez


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