The Jewish lobby is at work, in Spain, curtailing free speech that goes against the government approved narrative.

Pedro Varela with David Irving

“Spain: Government launches raid on Pedro Varela’s bookshop,” Source:

Pedro Varela is a well known European nationalist and “holocaust denier”. He runs a bookshop the “Librería Europa” and printing press in Barcelona and both speaks at and organises conferences on themes related to the cause of European survival. He has been the victim of thought crime prosecutions in the past and it looks like another of these dramas has begun.

The Librería Europa has again be closed down by judicial order. Barcelona Court of First Instance No. 9 yesterday authorised an operation of the Mossos d’Esquadra [police] against an association that owned the Ojeda publishing house and this bookshop to presumably produce, elaborate, distribute and sell material that promotes hatred and discrimination. The Mossos searched the bookshop, located in the district of Gracia, for more than six hours, as well as the head office of the publishing house and the home of the owner of the premises, Pedro Varela, in a district of Vallès. Varela is not among those arrested, according to various sources, although a search and capture order has been issued against him after he failed to appear at a police station voluntarily. On this basis, the Mossos arrested four people in positions of responsibility at the head of this organisation which has a commercial structure for distributing material that is presumed to promote hatred and discrimination. According to police, the four suspects, two of Spanish nationality and two Romanians, had “well defined roles” in the association, as well as in the publishing house and bookshop and those arrested include its director who “participated actively in the distribution of books via the publishing house he managed.”

… The Office for the Prosecution of Crimes of Hatred and Discrimination coordinated the operation together with the Mossos in various parts of the metropolitan area and this culminated in the arrest of four people accused of crimes of illicit association and against the fundamental rights for inciting hatred and discrimination against groups by reason of their ideology, religion or beliefs. According to the Mossos, the members of the organisation’s management board used its commercial structure to edit and distribute books “with clearly criminal content” and for spreading “ideas” in conflict with Fundamental Rights and Public Liberties. They also held conferences in the Librería Europa in which books and magazines were sold “with clearly antisemitic content that exalts and justifies the genocide committed by the national socialist regime of Adolf Hitler, denies the existence of the Jewish Holocaust and foments discrimination, hatred and violence against other ethnic groups, races, groups and associations with xenophobic and racist comments”.