Ex-Congresswoman Claims Israel Behind European Massacres


Were latest terror attacks in France and Germany false flags? United States ex-Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, claims this to be the case.

This article is from the Times of Israel, and it is an attempt to discredit Cynthia McKinney with a blanket statement on the “Dancing Israelis.” However, anyone who researches that topic in-depth, can deduce they were Zionist agents.  

Besides from this, there are a lot of unanswered questions on this topic. Who is Richard Gutjahr really? And, was it really just a coincidence he was in both Nice and Munich during these attacks?

Cynthia McKinney
Cynthia McKinney

“Ex-Congresswoman Claims Israel behind European Massacres,” Source: timesofisrael.com

A former US congresswoman claimed on Twitter that an Israeli photographer had been on hand for massacres in Nice and Munich, proving that Israel had a hand in both attacks.

Cynthia McKinney, a Democrat and former member of the US House of Representatives from Georgia, posted a video on Twitter with the message: “Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?…”

The video claimed that Richard Gutjahr, a German journalist married to former Israeli Knesset member Einat Wilf, had been present for both a rampage by a truck driver in Nice, France, earlier this month that left 84 dead, and a shooting at a mall in Munich in which nine teenagers were killed.

Gutjahr’s Twitter profile shows he posted pictures from Nice but not from Munich. He is not known to have taken Israeli citizenship.

Former Independence Party MK Einat Wilf (Courtesy)

“Dancing Israelis” refers to a widely discredited conspiracy theory that five Israeli men were arrested in New Jersey on September 11, 2001, after being seen celebrating the terror attack.

In an earlier tweet, McKinney had asked “why were they dancing in the park as Americans were dying? Why were they in the park in the first place?”

McKinney, who served Georgia in the US House of Representatives from 1992 to 2002, was known during her term for making incendiary remarks and has been accused of anti-Semitism in the past. In 2002, she lost the Democratic primary, a day after her father appeared on TV saying “Jews have bought everybody … J-E-W-S.”

In her original post, McKinney linked to a video headlined “Richard Gutjahr the German Photographer at Both Nice and Munich – Israeli Connections” posted by a YouTube channel which seems to specialize in conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic sentiments.

In the video, whose opening sequence is a symbol of the Illuminati, the narrator seems to question how “they” could be “so sloppy” as to have had Gutjahr at both attacks.

“The fact that this guy happened to be at both, there’s no way it’s a coincidence,” the man alleges, adding that it’s “100% clear that Israel’s fingerprints are all over these events.”

Cynthia McKinney speaking to the press, 2006. (Wikimedia)

This conclusion is based on a gleeful check of Wilf’s Wikipedia page which confirms that she is Israeli and served in a top intelligence unit in the IDF.

“Nice is a false flag and Munich is either a false flag or a hoax,” says the man, who does not appear in the video.