“Back Door to War -The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941,” by Charles Callan Tansill (1952)

Jews Want to Fight - WW2

If you can make it through this encyclopedia, you will be rewarded with the truth about this false flag and provocation of war. This book goes into great detail which is necessary to prove what most of us shudder to hear (and much less accept) — namely that FDR planned the attack on Pearl Harbor.

What is even more shockng is that these service men were sacrificed so that the United States could enter a war with Japan as a back door to entering a war with Germany — which was engaged with the USSR on its eastern front.

Since the USSR was the great experiment (of international socialism), FDR wanted to save it from possible extinction (under the behest of international Jewry). The strategy succeeded, and Tansill maintains that Roosevelt therefore welcomed Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Tansill demonstrates quite convincingly his central theme: that FDR sought to include the United States in the Second World War on the side of the Soviet Union from the very beginning, and duped the Japanese into firing the first shot. Tansill proves his premise by the usage of extensive primary material from US State Department files, current periodicals, and sound reasoning.

Read this book if you have the courage to challenge the history lessons you were probably taught in school.


Below is an realted except, from Benjamin Freedman’s book, “The Hidden Tyranny.” In this book, Mr. Freedman explains, in detail, the debt he owed International Jewry and that Pearl Harbor was the price that had to be paid.

Conspirators Provoke Pearl Harbor Incident

President Roosevelt knowingly provoked Japan to attack the United States. President Roosevelt advised Japan they could purchase no more steel scrap or oil from the United States. Japan was in the midst of a war against China. Without scrap steel and without oil Japan would be unable to continue that war. Japan was totally dependent upon the United States for both steel scrap and oil.

Professor Charles Callan Tansill, professor of diplomatic history at Georgetown University in Washington, wrote a classic work he called Back Door to War, published by Henry Regnery of Chicago in 1952. Professor Tansill spent five years after the war in the confidential files of the State Department doing research there on World War II. Professor Tansill’s book has 652 pages all filled with alarming authenticated facts little known to the public during the war. In a scholarly detailed manner easily understood, Professor Tansill supplies facts which are incontrovertible proof showing how President Roosevelt railroaded the United States into World War II in Europe. President Roosevelt’s desire to please Talmudists among his friends, influenced his better judgment. He overlooked that he was president of all the people of the United States. President Roosevelt realized if he expected political support by Talmudists in the United States to continue he must find some way to railroad the United States into the war then in progress in Europe against Germany.


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Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1993 - 1941

COMPLETELY RESET AND REFORMATTED. Charles Callan Tansill, one of the foremost American diplomatic historians of the twentieth century, convincingly argues that Franklin Roosevelt wished to involve the United States in the European War that began in September 1939. Whenhis efforts appeared to come to naught, Roosevelt determined to provoke Japan […]

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