Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Davidson, a professor of West Chester University from Philadelphia, to discuss Israel’s “extrajudicial execution” killings in the Palestinian occupied territories.


The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How do you feel about this event now that all this time has passed and we have Netanyahu even coming out now seemingly in support of this soldier?

Davidson: Right. I think that he’s turned into something of a national hero amongst at least the settler population and most of the other Israelis on both sides of the green line purport to understand this fellow’s actions. It’s interesting that this soldier was a medic. He’s a medical person who was supposed to help people not to shoot them down. In any case, his big mistake seems to have been being captured on video and we can be pretty sure that if he was never captured on video, he would never had gone public, nothing would have happened to him at all and the only reason that he has been detained is because of public opinion outside of Israel largely, now because of public opinion within Israel largely supporting this guy. Chances are that he will get a very face-saving kind of inquiry and his actions would be justified and he would be let go.

Press TV: What is to say that professor Davidson about those chances that we hear about the most moral army in the world and the only democracy in Middle East? How do you feel about that?

Davidson: Well I think it is debunked. Though the Israelis tend to push this idea and I think you have to understand that Israel is a country more and more caught up in its own ideological delusions. For instance, the reason why these things are happening to the Israelis while people are spontaneously coming out and trying to stab other Israelis is largely because of the occupation and of their treatment of non-Jewish citizens within the green line as well as the Palestinians in the occupied territories. You cannot have a racist regime without generating racism against you or violence against you. So, racism begets racism, violence begets violence but the Israelis just have this sort of delusional block. They cannot understand their own role in this thing and therefore it’s somebody else’s fault and the world is against them.

Press TV: What is to say about Israeli society as you said obviously they are becoming increasingly right-wing. How dangerous is that?

Davidson: Well, it’s a sick society. My a lot of Israeli acquaintances don’t like the medical term, but in essence this is a society that has turned inward to the point where it cannot understand its own behavior. One of the recent polls showed that a large plurality of Israelis essentially want to take the Palestinians and just kick them out. We got I think that was something like 47 percent of the polls [show they say] let not them [Palestinians] have a country. When you reach that kind of stage where you can justify that in your mind this is not normal this is not something normal. The government is essentially an old fascist government. I mean there are many Israelis want to understand that … not the majority but certainly there is a minority that understands where their government is going. So, it’s not a normal place, it’s not a normal society.