VIDEO: Prince William Arrives in Israel

The Duke of Cambridge steps off the Royal Air Force jet and arrives in Israel as he continues his five-day visit to the Middle East. Prince William’s arrival in Tel Aviv marked the first time a senior member of the …

VIDEO: “Global Attitude on Jews – An Intellectual Discourse”

Oy Vey! Here is some (((academic))) discourse on why the Jews have been such victims throughout the decades. It is quite amazing that these intellectuals cannot figure out why this “Anti-Semitism” comes about in the first place. You’ll never hear …

VIDEO: Myths of WW2 Explained!!

Mark Weber, from the Institute of Historical Review (, explains on a high level some profound myths of WWII. To understand ZOG in the United States, and across the world, it is critical to comprehend the lies of WW2 and …

VIDEO: International Jewry Personified

He has no allegiance to any of these countries he has citizenship from. What they don’t say in this video is that he likely has Israeli citizenship as well, and if he doesn’t, he can easily claim it.


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