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COMMENTARY: All Aid To Israel Is Illegal

The United States Government was hijacked by these people a long long time ago. The power they have over the world is unreal. They are the reason for all wars in the Middle East and riots around the world. Israel is a Soviet satellite and has been able to take […]

COMMENTARY: Is Theresa May Britain’s Most pro-Israel Prime Minister?

“Without its Jews; Britain would not be Britain” — Theresa May United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May, used her first day in office to eat an all Kosher dinner at the Chief Rabbi of Britain’s house — Ephraim Mirvis. In addition, she has a proven track record of turning MI6’s connection […]

COMMENTARY: Aleppo, Or Gaza What’s The Difference

COMMENTARY: Aleppo, Or Gaza What’s The Difference

There is no difference between Aleppo and Gaza when it comes to destroying the Middle East. Russia and Israel are after oil. The next country they will attack will be Iran. These traitors don’t want peace in the Middle East, if they did, these dirty wars would have never taken place.  […]

MONEY: Goldman Sachs Didn’t Trick Libyan Fund, Judge Says

“[The] Libyan Investment Authority … wealth fund argued that it had been steered into a series of complicated derivatives transactions by Goldman — when it simply wanted to invest in the stocks of Western companies — and lost $1.2 billion after the crisis hit, while Goldman pocketed more than $200 […]

VIDEO: Pentagon Paid For Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

This raises the following question, why is this man who received money for doing this still alive? Maybe they wanted him to come out and say this and instructed the media to air it. Why would they do this? So Russia can have more ‘apparent reasons’ to go to war […]

Christianity To Blame for ‘Deeply Entrenched Anti-Semitism,’ Says Archbishop

Did you get your bag of silver for betraying Christ, Archbishop? These remarks from, Archbishop Justin Welby in the article below, demonstrate the pitiful, sad state of corruption in the Church of England — and Christianity in general. “Christianity To Blame for ‘Deeply Entrenched Anti-Semitism,’ Says Archbishop,” Source: rt.com Archbishop Justin […]

MI6 Chief Warns ISIL Terror Threat Will Last A Lifetime, Hires 1,000 More Spies

MI6 needs another 1,000 spies, who will monitor the Internet, in order to “fight ISIS” which they created — fact is indeed stranger than fiction at times. This article, by the Telegraph, is making it clear to the public the political elite don’t plan on things calming down in the […]

VIDEO: How Central Banks Create Money Out of Nothing

This video is important to understand as it gets to the core of the scam perpetrated by central banks around the world. The man, in this video, is referring to ‘Fractional Reserve Banking.’ This is a Ponzi-scheme banking system in which only a fraction of bank deposits are backed by actual […]

VIDEO: An Interview With MI5 Whistleblower David Shayler

Lies, usury, greed all of these things are what corrupted the world and continue to do so and we see the results of this evil today. Until men decide to follow God’s Law and not Talmudic or Men’s law, there is no way out of this. Men’s law must be eradicated […]

VIDEO: Nigel Farage Rallies Planet Against Tyrannical World Government

We are not keen on Trump and his relationship with the Jews, for this reason we have not been supporting him, but the TRUTH is that we have no other option. Trump could be lying like Obama did, but one thing is for sure Hillary is certainly lying. If Trump […]

VIDEO: “The United Kingdom Is Never Going to be White Again”

“The United Kingdom is never going to be white again”  — Deeyah Khan pushes Cultural Marxism An important question to ask is this: When you don’t even know who you are, your history, or what your society stands for — how and why would you ever defend it? You wouldn’t, […]

VIDEO: Ken O’Keefe On World War III

You need to really understand the truth here. All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets. They don’t serve the people, there is no real democracy — they really serve the rich and powerful who run the world. And, that would be the bankers who control the money […]

eBOOK: Dissipation Of The Darkness - History Of The Origin Of Freemasonry

This is a fascinating book that describes the content of an original Hebrew manuscript owned by Mr. Lawrence that was translated into Arabic. Mr. Lawrence was the last heir of one of the nine founders of the association (The Mysterious Force) where Moab (Pharisee) counselor of Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod […]

DOCUMENTARY: Communism By The Backdoor

This is a MUST WATCH Documentary! We suggest you watch it all!! Anyone who really wants to know what is happening to the world must watch this and share it. You will learn many events in history that have been hidden from us. We highly recommend you take the time […]

INTERVIEW: Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry

Promoting their Holocaust as a monopoly on suffering was used in part to hide greater Jewish war crimes. Massacres and genocides carried out by Jews (mostly against Christians) during the last century makes an extensive list. The one million+ Armenian Christian Genocide of 1916 was carried out by the Jewish […]

Terror Attack on UK is a Matter of Time: London Police Chief

Look out for the next false flag coming soon in the United Kingdom. This is pure disinformation being pumped out by London’s Metropolitan Police. A staged terror attack by ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) to blame on “terrorists in Syria” is only a matter of time. These reports are becoming […]

INTERVIEW: The Coming of Pax Judaica - Sheikh Imran Hosein Interviewed

A must watch Interview, along with commentary from darkmoon.me, with Sheikh Imran Hosein about how Israel is now becoming the center of world power. While the Sheikh makes many interesting and profound points, he is clearly blinded with his perspective on Russia. He looks to Russia and Putin as a […]

eBOOK: The Hidden Tyranny

“The Hidden Tyranny,” By Benjamin H. Freedman Benjamin H. Freedman ‘The Hidden Tyranny’ is a great exposé of how the Zionist branch of the new world order has manipulated America and its foreign policy for the past century. In its pages are revealed the manipulation of seven U.S. presidents involving […]

Israel’s Livni Summoned by London Police for ‘War Crimes’

Israel said it expected “different behavior” from a key ally, after opposition lawmaker Tzipi Livni was summoned for an interview with UK police. Livni was Israel’s foreign minister during a deadly conflict in Gaza. Indeed the Israeli lobby, in the UK, expected a different behavior and will get it in […]

Corbyn In Hot Water Over Israel ‘IS’ Comment

Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, added to the criticism of Corbyn saying, “I call on Jeremy Corbyn to resign immediately and make way for someone with the backbone to confront racism and anti-Semitism in our party and in the country.”  It is just another day on the job for the […]