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Making TV Great Again? Son-In-Law Looks to Launch Trump TV

“Kushner is said to have informally approached LionTree Advisors chief executive Aryeh Bourkoff about setting up the Trump TV network after the presidential election. Bourkoff is one of the media industry’s top dealmakers, and was said to have been approached within the last couple of months.”  If this Trump TV is indeed eventually launched, […]

VIDEO: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” - Hollywood Lies & Propaganda

This clip, from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” sums up everything that is detestable about Hollywood — the propaganda, brainwashing, flagrant lies of WW2, Cultural Marxism, etc. is almost too much to bear. One can be sure Larry David, and his ilk, just laugh at the goyim for being so stupid to […]

“So Lashy!” Meet James Charles, CoverGirl’s First Ever ‘CoverBoy’

Cultural Marxism is moving ahead at full-speed. This story is unprecedented as James Charles is the first male model to be a ‘CoverGirl.’  Katy Perry, the current face of CoverGirl, undoubtedly influenced by her Hollywood owners, has announced this propaganda via Instagram — brainwashing millions of teenagers in the process. […]

COMMENTARY: Putin’s Visit To Worship At The Wailing Wall

COMMENTARY: Putin’s Visit To Worship At The Wailing Wall

Putin visited the Wailing Wall accompanied by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. Rabbi Shalom Dovber Pinchas Lazar, better known as Berel Lazar, is an Orthodox, Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic rabbi and good friend of Putin. Putin said he went to the Wailing Wall to ‘pray for the Third Temple to be built […]

COMMENTARY: Why Russian Chief Rabbi Stands by Vladimir Putin

COMMENTARY: Why Russian Chief Rabbi Stands by Vladimir Putin

According to the Bible, the Messiah will be a political leader who belongs to a political movement. The fact that the source of this article is Jewish and leans much to the left speaks volumes. As you can see, Putin appears to have great affection for the tribe. Keep in mind that […]

VIDEO: Kremlin Mockingbird - Useful Idiots And Russia’s Lying Media

Brandon Martinez exposes the over the top lies and evil of the Communist propaganda machine. The Jewish Communists are doing what they have always done, LIE. The issue here is that people continue to believe those who are clearly distorting the truth for the purpose of furthering their agenda. The […]

Jewish Leaders React to Rodrigo Duterte Holocaust Remarks

“Hitler actually massacred six million Jews, as well as other minorities, during the Holocaust…” The BBC, in the article below, shamelessly goes to the propaganda narrative of ‘6 million’ even though this figure has been officially revised down by historians — several times within in the last decades. What is […]

The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media

Anyone who follows the media in Sweden can quickly realize there is an agenda being carried out en masse. This agenda, in short, is Cultural Marxism and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And, anyone who deviates from this ‘approved narrative’ is deemed a racist, slandered, and publically shamed. An important question to […]

COMMENTARY: Israel’s International Conspiracy

The entire world is being manipulated by Jews and their Talmudic law. Their goal is world dominion. In 1950, Jewish banker James Paul Warburg said: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. […]

Club of Rome’s New Book Reads Like An ‘Eco Manifesto’

The Club of Rome, a renowned neo-liberal think tank, is taking their propaganda now in the form of a book on the environment. The takeaway is this: “accept our NWO policies of depopulation and higher taxes or you will face certain environmental destruction.” “Club of Rome’s new book reads like an eco […]

VIDEO: Russian Director’s New Holocaust Film Lands Top Award At Venice Film Fest

Another day, another dollar that goes to the Holohoax industry. There is nothing better for Jews for than to perpetuate their lies, after all, that is what keeps them alive. The moment any light is shed on their fantastic stories they gather to make more ‘brainwashing movies’ or write more ‘brainwashing books’ […]

VIDEO: Alternative Right Media - EXPOSED

The ‘Alternative Right Media’ is controlled-opposition and funded by Zionist-Jewish groups. This short video illustrates this point with a few excerpts.

COMMENTARY: MUST READ! - The Economic Boycott Of 1933

This is an excellent article that exposes not only the real causes and Jewish provocation for a war with Germany, but also how Hitler actually favored Zionism, something that not too many Jews will ever admit. The sentiment towards Jews in Europe has never been good, their immorality, usury and […]

VIDEO: The Alex Jones Donald Trump Takeover

This video shows how evil mainstream media is, and how it is pushing to make the truth appear as lies, craziness and conspiracy theories when there are HISTORICAL facts to prove them wrong and also prove that they omit/distort information. Secondly, it shows how Donald Trump uses Jones because Infowars has an […]

VIDEO: “From The Olive Grove” - Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe, the only one that speaks out and does not hold anything back. Why can’t people see things how they are and defend their values and countries like that? We can ALL do something to change this. Let’s please assume our responsibility for humanity, like real human beings who […]

VIDEO: Trump Is Not Your Saviour And People Are Blind Or Don’t Want To See

VIDEO: Trump Is Not Your Saviour And People Are Blind Or Don’t Want To See

Watch both videos, they are truly REVOLTING. Either both are playing a sick game, or they are on the wrong side due to their unlimited ignorance. The world is doomed unless people open their eyes. Calling Israel a democracy is like calling Communism a democracy. As you can SEE there are […]

VIDEO: Hasbara & Israeli Cover-ups

Although this report is from 2010, it gives important insight on how the Hasbara functions in Israel. Nine activists are killed as a result of the Israeli attack on an aid flotilla heading to Gaza. Israel claims that the activists were armed. But, thousands of outraged demonstrators pour into the […]

Knesset Considers Bill to Require Zionism Course in Universities

Israeli government officals are concerned about growing Anti-Zionist sentiments in universities. So, what do they do? They plan on doubling-down on the brainwashing in higher education. “Knesset Considers Bill to Require Zionism Course in Universities,” Source: jewishpress.com The Knesset is reviewing a bill to require a university course that is hoped […]

INTERVIEW: George Galloway vs. Zionist Hasbara Trolls

Two great videos! Jews should be confronted like this, maybe the lies would stop! There is NO democracy in Israel, it is a big lie, and this is how they have gotten to where they are. Galloway forgets to mention the Talmud and the “Evil Genius” that comes from it.