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DEBATE: “Greater Israel Plan” Called Out & Ignored

Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst, calls out the “Greater Israel Plan,” and is shamelessly ignored by all the guests on RT’s Cross Talk. In fact, they avoid it completely. The policy of the Kremlin is clear: don’t talk about this topic. Cross Talk, Published: 5 Oct., 2016. Summary of episode: […]

French Candidate Under Fire for Clinton ‘Zionist Lobby’ Comment

“The closeness of Clinton to the super-financiers of Wall Street and her submission to Zionist lobbies are very dangerous for Europe and for France.” — Jean-Frédéric Poisson, Christian Democrat “There is an epidemic of conspiracy theories in French political life today.” — Florian Philippot, Front National  This man speaks the truth […]

Austrian Politician - Merkel Is Europe’s “Most Dangerous Woman”

 “Uncontrolled influx of migrants alien to our culture who seep into our social welfare system … makes civil war in the medium-term not unlikely.” — FPO Chairman Heinz-Christian Strach Angela Merkel, arguably a Communist, and a Zionist Jew, knows full well what social engineering she is implementing. Cultural Marxism is ‘Communism […]

WIKILEAKS: Podesta E-mails Reveal Obama’s ‘Fued’ With Netanyahu

Obama, the angry puppet? From Wikileaks, the Podesta Emails reveal Obama developed a ‘feud’ with Netanyahu. However, with Hillary likely to win the US Presidental election, one can safely bet that Bibi’s ‘preferred candidate’ will do Israel’s bidding in the future.

Israeli Minister - “Next War With Gaza Will Be The Last”

“It will be their last confrontation because we will completely destroy them.” — Israeli Minister for Military Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman Is Mr. Lieberman threatening genocide or simply expelling millions of people out into the desert? Regardless of what it may be, a war in Gaza is on the horizon and […]

Private Property Confiscated In Italy To House Migrants

In Verona, Italy, the local government has simply confiscated a hotel, invoking an 1865 law that gives them the power to requisition private property in cases of “grave and urgent public necessity.” All of this sets a very dangerous precedence. Hundreds of migrants continue to turn up on Italian shores almost every […]

COMMENTARY: Is Theresa May Britain’s Most pro-Israel Prime Minister?

“Without its Jews; Britain would not be Britain” — Theresa May United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May, used her first day in office to eat an all Kosher dinner at the Chief Rabbi of Britain’s house — Ephraim Mirvis. In addition, she has a proven track record of turning MI6’s connection […]

WIKILEAKS: George Soros Mentioned Over 50 Times In Clinton Campaign E-mails

Keep in mind that this is only a portion of the Wikileaks e-mails dumped from John Podesta’s Gmail account. It is safe to assume that Podesta and other Clinton campaign staffers had many more communications with Soros than what has been revealed so far. It will be interesting and telling to see […]

COMMENTARY: FIFA Postpones Decision on Sanctioning Israeli Teams in the Occupied Territories

The oppression of Palestinian football by Israel is a hot-button issue for FIFA- which makes a profit from the matches and sponsorships of the IFA (Israel Football Association) teams. While Israeli teams flourish, Palestinian football is hardly thriving due to a lack of resources, crumbling infrastructure, and unjust mobility restrictions on teams which Mondoweiss has previously reported. Will FIFA […]

Soros Associate Runs Vote Count in Key Battleground States

Conflict of interests anyone? Well, we won’t be hearing any such talk from the mainstream media on this matter. Nothing to see here people — move along. “Soros Associate Runs Vote Count in Key Battleground States,” Source: freespeechtwentyfirstcentury.com George Soros sidekick Mark Malloch­‐Brown is the chairman of Smartmatic, an electronic voting machine conglomerate that provides technology and support […]

VIDEO: Idi Amin On Israeli Control of Uganda, America & The World

Idi Amin, in this video, talks about the influence of the Jewish lobby both from Israel and America, and how they went against him when he didn’t obey their demands. This is a perspective you rarely hear in the mainstream media — his side of the story to a massive […]

Making TV Great Again? Son-In-Law Looks to Launch Trump TV

“Kushner is said to have informally approached LionTree Advisors chief executive Aryeh Bourkoff about setting up the Trump TV network after the presidential election. Bourkoff is one of the media industry’s top dealmakers, and was said to have been approached within the last couple of months.”  If this Trump TV is indeed eventually launched, […]

“Jews Control Swedish Media,” MP Quits

“The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden.” To clarify, this Swedish MP didn’t resign on her […]

HISTORY: Who Financed Hitler? Demystification of the Birth and Funding of the NSDAP

Who financed Hitler? There is a tremendous amount of disinformation and false propaganda regarding this subject. Propagandists love to spread the myth that Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler,” however in the article, The Demystification of the birth and funding of the NSDAP, one learns that, “No Warburgs, No Rothschilds, and No […]

Jews Demand Suppression of Europe’s Patriotic Parties

“Every time Europeans try to organise politically to prevent their own destruction, the Jews mobilise against the parties they create.”  How true and evident this is in present-day Europe. Nationalism has been so watered down by ‘Cultural Marxism’ that the majority of Europeans don’t care or dare not say anything […]

Hillary Aide Talks About Animal Sacrifice To Demon Moloch In WikiLeaks Email

We know that these psychopaths get together every year during the summer at the Bohemian Grove where they do Satanic rituals for Moloch. The comment on the leaked email below might be a joke, but then again is it really?  “Hillary aide talks about animal sacrifice to demon Moloch in WikiLeaks […]

COMMENTARY: Jews And Bolshevism - Names And Lists

Many years have gone by since the Bolshevik Revolution. If humanity had known back then what was really happening, things would have been very different for all of us. That is why the Jews made sure to infiltrate all aspects of society from the beginning, to slowly ‘erase’ the truth […]

Head of UK Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Resigns

This is quite disturbing, for someone to resign without giving a reason, means that these people get to a point in their investigations that they cannot go any further. The justice system is totally corrupt. The British Monarchy, as well as top officials, are pedophiles and Satanists so how can justice […]