VIDEO: Jews & Muslim Celebrate Iftar In NYC Synagogue

Refugees and migrants are always welcome for the “Chosen People”! After all, multi-culturalism is quite good for them (yes, they do admit this and openly advocate for it):

BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Buzzfeed & Jews Mock Christmas

This video is banned from re-uploading on YouTube. While this is meant to come off as comedy, it simply doesn’t. Besides from the obvious here, take a moment and think if the situation was reversed. There would be cries of …

VIDEO: Israel Lobby & The NYC ‘Campus Pitch’

The Israel Lobby in the United States doesn’t hide its intention to influence US Foreign Policy via Jewish university students. Ask yourself a simple question — what other country in the world does this so flagrantly?! The World Jewish Congress …

NYC Public Library - Drag Queen Reads to Children

VIDEO: NYC Public Library – Drag Queen Reads to Children

This is Cultural Marxism, directly targeted at children, in New York City public libraries. Would you want a drag queen reading to your children?   The president of the NYC Public Library system is (((Anthony Marx))) — that explains everything. 

VIDEO: 9/11 Suspects – Rudy Giuliani

Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9-11 crime scene. And, he is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers.  It is no …


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