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INTERVIEW: 60 Minutes - George Soros

The main takeaway in this video is that George Soros is proud of his ‘religion’, which is nothing more than greed, power, and destruction. While you are listening to this psychopath you will have to put up with the interviewer when he refers to the eternal ‘Holohoax’ lie, that is the […]

Once Upon A Time, Presidents Resisted Communism

Thanks to Communist infiltration, America completely drifted towards atheism and has forgotten its basic values and what made it great. This is no longer America but the land of the Jews, who have no God and only care about the destruction of Christianity and what it stands for. This is a fact. […]

COMMENTARY: This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World

If this speech represents Steve Bannon’s level of knowledge, then we can expect a sewer rat to give a speech to the world and get away with it. This man doesn’t seem to know, or want to say the truth, that Talmudic followers have been, since the time of Christ, […]

Russian And Chinese World War Three Preparations

How can the United States keep ignoring the dangers of the Russia and China alliance? Are people that naive to actually believe that these countries are not set on furthering their totalitarian agendas? If you look at the EU we see how Communism has triumphed, revealing itself more and more […]

COMMENTARY: The False Dialectics Of Hero Seeking

People in general, are so politically immature that always look for a hero. There are no hero’s in politics and no one makes a move unless there is self-interest behind it. The United States and the Soviet Union, now Russia, have been working together since day one. The entire Bolshevik […]

COMMENTARY: New Interpol Head Is Chinese Former Deputy Head Of Paramilitary Police Force

Communist Chinese agent Meng Hongwei has been officially elected as the new leader of Interpol. In addition Kremlin’s Major General Alexander Prokopchuk, was selected as vice President. Meng served as “Vice Minister of Public Security” for Communist China. He has a history of total loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party […]

VIDEO: Ross Perot Was Right

What lobby was Ross Perot referring to? The Jewish Lobby? Yes, most probably, its the only lobby that has all the power in this country. Why does the Jewish Lobby want to destroy America? Ever thought about that? Maybe to impose their own ideology which is based on tyranny.  Open […]

Anti-Trump Protests Persist Across US

Here we have a great example of Cultural Marxism in action. All these ‘useful idiots’ are nothing but being used to destroy America. Internal divisions are crucial for the New Tyrannical Order. Divisions among American’s was one of Rothschild’s instructions to Jacob Schiff once he landed in New York City […]

COMMENTARY: Are There Limits To Trump’s Power?

The New “World” Times (NYT) seems to be unhappy with President-elect Trump. The question is, will this man be able to work independently? and if so, will he keep all the promises he made to the people? If he were to do that, then there are two possible outcomes here, a positive […]

UN “Human Rights” Council Now Officially Controlled by Dictators

While America has voted for freedom, the United Nations prepares for totalitarianism directed by a world government. Will America finally break free from the United Nations? Let’s push for this to happen or there will soon be no America.  “UN “Human Rights” Council Now Officially Controlled by Dictators,” Source: thenewamerican.com More […]

VIDEO: After The Election

Trump promises to do a lot of things but he is starting off on the wrong foot. Why is he surrounding himself with the same evil? We shall soon see if he will or not keep his promises.  :

VIDEO: Podesta, Comet Pizza, And Pedos

VIDEO: Podesta, Comet Pizza, And Pedos

This Satanic elite is so protected that unless we put most world leaders in jail it will not go away. These people must be indicted, and we must put all the pressure we can to make this happen. 

VIDEO: Only Love Can Defeat The New World Order

What James Corbett is saying here is very true. Evil is in human nature, that is why education and the implementation of moral values are so important. The tribe has made an effort to destroy all of that, and to replace it with ‘fake caring and fake love’. That is […]

COMMENTARY: Will Trump Follow Through On His Promises… Or Was It All Talk?

Trump won! The American people should thank God for this. Now we must make sure that Trump delivers. If he doesn’t clean up house immediately this victory will have meant nothing. Evil will fight back. We need to continue making noise and spreading the word to help get America back. […]

COMMENTARY: Chinese Steadily Buying U.S. Entertainment Businesses

Who said that American’s aren’t selling their souls to the devil? The worse part is that they are doing it thanks to their ignorance and passivity when it comes to standing up to what is right instead of tolerating everything and letting foreign interests brainwash and manipulate them like cattle.  “Chinese […]

COMMENTARY: Hillary Clinton Is Proof Satanism Is On The Rise

What this professor fails to say is that there is no doubt that Hillary is a Satanist. We have seen proof of her ties with the occult come out recently.  “Vanderbilt Professor: Hillary Clinton is Proof ‘Satanism Is on the Rise’,” Source: pjmedia.com FORT MILL, SC — Dr. Carol M. Swain, […]

VIDEO: Inside The Vulgar Jay Z, Beyonce, Hillary Rally

“We will take America without firing a shot … we will bury you! “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism  until they awaken one day to find that they have communism. “We do not […]

VIDEO: Haitian President Exposes The Clinton Foundation

The drug trade is key to understanding Clinton’s position with regards to Haiti. What this man is saying is another good example of how Jewish Communism works, they will go to any extent to get their way, which always includes bribes, extortion, and blackmail. Hillary is a good disciple of […]