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COMMENTARY: Is Theresa May Britain’s Most pro-Israel Prime Minister?

“Without its Jews; Britain would not be Britain” — Theresa May United Kingdom Prime Minister, Theresa May, used her first day in office to eat an all Kosher dinner at the Chief Rabbi of Britain’s house — Ephraim Mirvis. In addition, she has a proven track record of turning MI6’s connection […]

COMMENTARY: FIFA Postpones Decision on Sanctioning Israeli Teams in the Occupied Territories

The oppression of Palestinian football by Israel is a hot-button issue for FIFA- which makes a profit from the matches and sponsorships of the IFA (Israel Football Association) teams. While Israeli teams flourish, Palestinian football is hardly thriving due to a lack of resources, crumbling infrastructure, and unjust mobility restrictions on teams which Mondoweiss has previously reported. Will FIFA […]

Mexican Jews Welcome Government Change of Heart Over UNESCO Resolution

Isaac Ajzen, director of the Jewish Mexican “Diario Judio” website, believes the Jewish community [of Mexico] played an important role in explaining to the government the importance of Jerusalem to Israel and to Jews around the world. “Mexico has a good relationship with Israel,” he noted. “The president [Enrique Peña Nieto] […]

VIDEO: Idi Amin On Israeli Control of Uganda, America & The World

Idi Amin, in this video, talks about the influence of the Jewish lobby both from Israel and America, and how they went against him when he didn’t obey their demands. This is a perspective you rarely hear in the mainstream media — his side of the story to a massive […]

COMMENTARY: Aleppo, Or Gaza What’s The Difference

COMMENTARY: Aleppo, Or Gaza What’s The Difference

There is no difference between Aleppo and Gaza when it comes to destroying the Middle East. Russia and Israel are after oil. The next country they will attack will be Iran. These traitors don’t want peace in the Middle East, if they did, these dirty wars would have never taken place.  […]

VIDEO: The Red Terror In Russia

The Red Terror was a campaign of mass killings and gruesome atrocities carried out by the Bolsheviks. No other people have been as persecuted as Talmudic Jews, because everywhere they go, they bring destruction with them. Jewish Author Maurice Samuels says on page 155 of his book ‘You Gentiles’, “We Jews, […]

Trump & Clinton Blast UNESCO Statement on Jerusalem

The Trump campaign said, “The United Nations’ attempt to disconnect the State of Israel from Jerusalem is a one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond to its capital city, and is further evidence of the enormous anti-Israel bias of the U.N.”  “It’s outrageous that UNESCO would deny the deep, historic […]

VIDEO: What Is Israeli Nationality?

Ronnie Barkan, from BDS, on Israeli Nationality. Regarding Israeli nationality, there is no such thing and for a good reason. Why? For the same reason that there’s no constitution in Israel nor any other mechanism to safeguard the rights of all its people. (eg. Those who are not among the […]

COMMENTARY: Israel Freezes Unesco Ties For ‘Denying Jewish Holy Sites’

Jews will not let anyone stop them when it comes to their desires, especially when it’s about the coming of their “Messiah” the Anti-Christ. The Third Temple will be built with or without UNESCO’s approval. When you read history there is nothing that has ever stopped Jews from doing what […]

INTERVIEW: RT Interview - David Duke & Thom Hartmann

In case anyone was still confused on where RT stands; you must watch this interview. Thom Hartmann, an extreme leftist & Jew, goes on the attack. Dr. Duke holds his ground despite the constant smear tactics by telling the simple facts — something Mr. Hartmann wasn’t interested at all in […]

MONEY: New Company Uses Capitalism to Bolster Zionism

“Homrun says the company aims to create $150-200 million a year for Israeli businesses in the next two-to-four years – a lofty goal, Gradus admits, but not impossible. “If we have 200 people playing ‘Jewish geography,’ I believe we can open every door in North America.” The good news, however, is […]

Israeli Settlement Activity Quadrupled Over Past Year

The plans to construct 2,168 new Zionist settler housing units have moved forward since September 2015, according to Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project. This week hard-line Israeli politician, Naftali Bennett, says Israelis must “give their lives” to ensure the annexation of the occupied West Bank. While the world bickers about Syria, […]

Cult of Israel

COMMENTARY: “Why I Left The Cult”

This article is an open letter to Israeli Jews — from whom many would call a ‘Self-Hating Jew’ in Israel. She does a courageous job at calling out Zionism for what it is — “settler-colonialism.” Although she ignores some things she shouldn’t (or is ignorant of about the Holocaust, etc.), […]

COMMENTARY: Putin’s Visit To Worship At The Wailing Wall

COMMENTARY: Putin’s Visit To Worship At The Wailing Wall

Putin visited the Wailing Wall accompanied by Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar. Rabbi Shalom Dovber Pinchas Lazar, better known as Berel Lazar, is an Orthodox, Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic rabbi and good friend of Putin. Putin said he went to the Wailing Wall to ‘pray for the Third Temple to be built […]

Hard-line Israeli politician Naftali Bennett

Israeli Minister Urges Israelis to ‘Give Their Lives’ for Annexation of West Bank

“We have to mark the dream, and the dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part [of Israel] …”  — Zionist Israeli Politician, Naftali Bennett While the world is fixated on Syria, the ‘Migrant Crisis,’ and US Presidential elections, Israel is moving full-speed ahead with settlements — with no intention […]

Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade

Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade

Hats off to these women who are defying the Zionist machine and its occupation of Palestine! While these events seemingly end in ‘failure’ they are a net positive as they bring awareness to the issue. “Israel Arrests Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 12 Others Seeking To Break Gaza Blockade,” Source: mintpressnews.com Israel’s navy […]

International Jew - Behind The Curtain

COMMENTARY: If It’s Not The Jews …

A very interesting summary of points regarding ‘International Jewry’ and society. Or, are they just ‘mere coincidences’?   “If It’s Not The Jews …,” Source: renegadetribune.com … then who are the instigators of this NWO? Could you please explain to us …. 1) Why JEWS make up two-tenths of one percent of […]

VIDEO: The Ones Who Truly Fight Zionism

VIDEO: The Ones Who Truly Fight Zionism

There are few people who stand up to the Zionist machine. It is mainly the oppressed Palestinians as they have no choice. This video highlights their ‘everyday’ struggle against the Occupation.

VIDEO: Israeli Settlements Explained

VIDEO: Israeli Settlements Explained

Israel has over 200 settlements. Does it have any intention of ever stopping or really slowing down? Don’t count on it. This is a very informative video on Israel’s settlements and the blatant disregard for international law and the people of Palestine.