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VIDEO: Get Off Your Knees America!!

Wouldn’t be great if America really stood up for its rights? Trump and Hillary are of the same father: THE LIAR.  How many people will have to be killed with your tax dollars? Time to use your heads America, and stop being a ‘useful idiot’ for your sake and for […]

VIDEO: Sam Harris EXPOSED Zionist Posting As Athiest

Using Palestinians and mainly children as human shields is, WITHOUT DOUBT, EVIL. The Satanic atrocities that Israel is carrying out in the Middle East cannot continue to be ignored by the masses, American politicians have sold themselves to the devil in exchange for money and power. According to the Talmud, ‘the […]

COMMENTARY: Missing From The Debate - U.S. Aid To Israel

Israel wants money to continue funding ISIS along with all their other dirty wars. They are ‘fighting’ to have absolute control of the Goyim. Both demagogue traitors Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are blindly backing these evil masters while they claim they will defend America against the ‘enemy’ against ‘terrorism’. […]

COMMENTARY: The Final Apostasy - The ‘Jewdification’ Of The See Of Peter

This was written in 2009, we wonder what Mr. Cortina thinks of Pope Francis who is much worse of a traitor to the Catholic Faith than Ratzinger ever was during his Papacy. Judaism infiltrated the Church through “The Jesuits”. After Vatican Council II, the Pope lost his authority over the […]

COMMENTARY: Turkey - PKK Is A Mossad Alliance

The so-called ‘War on Terror’, the recent Coup in Turkey (head of NATO) and ISIS are all part of a greater plan that Israel controls by using blackmailing and bribes so the international mafia elite can financially benefit while they take over the world.  Here is some information that might help […]

INTERVIEW: Our Country Is Run By Sicko Murderers

Wayne Madsen was interviewed by InfoWars on the scandals, murders, and thievery that the current US government is heading up. From Benghazi to Snowden and criminality in between. This is a great interview, but when you read Madsen’s articles he clearly exposes the truth calling the ENEMY by its first […]

COMMENTARY: US - Land Of False Prophets, Jew-Lovers, Christ Mockers, Liars And War Mongers

Good article exposing how Christian Zionist traitor puppets make real fortunes by brainwashing millions of Christians to fall in the Jewish Zionist trap and help Israel with its evil objective which is World Dominion.    “‘USA’ - land of False Prophets, Jew-lovers, Christ Mockers, Liars and War Mongers,” Source: mynameisjoecortina.wordpress.com I […]

COMMENTARY: Brennan’s Financial Ties To Rothschilds Exposed

Another traitor! Here is proof of John Owen Brennan’s ‘ties’ with Israel. It is pretty obvious by now that there are no real patriots leading America, just a bunch of liars, traitors and criminals.  “Brennan’s Financial Ties To Rothschilds Exposed,”  Source: newsfollowup.com Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan, whose […]

HISTORY: Zionist Jew Agenda - Benjamin H. Freedman

Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the most interesting people of the 20th Century. Born a Jew in 1890. In his adult life he became a very successful New York businessman, also acquiring principle ownership of the Woodbury Soap Company. After the Judeo-Communist victory of 1945, Benjamin Freedman decided to […]

INTERVIEW: Darkmoon Upon America

Very interesting interview. Lasha Darkmoon is right when she says that the jews took over America and transformed it into a colony. It is impossible to disagree with her, we all know that America is under total Jewish control and they are the ones who are indeed leading this country. […]

VIDEO: Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory

VIDEO: Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory

These videos are a must watch! Israel has no security threat and it is not a democracy. And, this is a FACT. The sooner people realize it the sooner the world will find peace. Mordechai Vanunu, Israeli former nuclear technician worked 10 years at Israel’s Dimona Nuclear facility. One day, […]

VIDEO: Documented Proof ISIS Is A Creation Of The United States

There is a mistake on the title of this video, very huge mistake, ISIS is NOT the creation of just the US, it is the creation of those who control the US with the help of their bribed puppets. The creators of ISIS are those who ‘hijacked’ America when Jacob Schiff […]

COMMENTARY: Israel’s Lobby Imposes Crippling Sanctions On America

Another proof of the power of AIPAC over the United States. Jews will not stop until Iran is bombed. Their hate for non-jews has no limits. Israel can boycott Iran for no real reason, but Palestine cannot boycott Israel when they have overwhelming proof of their crimes.   “Israel’s Lobby […]

NATO Chief Says Upping Cooperation With Israel ‘Essential’

How convenient is all of this! Turkey is “officially” warming-up to Israel. And, Israel clearly needs more military support. To fight ISIS or Russia? Not at all. The Greater Israel Plan is in the works. When the time comes to attack Iran; Israel wants NATO, behind them, to do the […]

COMMENTARY: Water Crisis Deepens In The Gaza Strip

There is no doubt that Israeli’s have outstanding loyalty to their “Holy Talmud.” Not even an animal is denied drinkable water. According to the “Holy Talmud” the Goyim are beasts, that are here to serve the Jews. We wonder if it were the other way around, how long would this […]

COMMENTARY: Orlando Shooting - Cui Bono, Mr. Trump?

Trump has been slowly unveiling who his masters really are, it is by now obvious who he is actually working for.   [Senior Editor’s note:  It was first pointed out by VT editor, Kevin Barrett, who got it right immediately. Yes, Trump is right also, this is Islamic radicalism and […]