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VIDEO: Kremlin Mockingbird - Useful Idiots And Russia’s Lying Media

Brandon Martinez exposes the over the top lies and evil of the Communist propaganda machine. The Jewish Communists are doing what they have always done, LIE. The issue here is that people continue to believe those who are clearly distorting the truth for the purpose of furthering their agenda. The […]

VIDEO: Hollywood And Incitement Of Islamophobia

VIDEO: Hollywood And Incitement Of Islamophobia

What else is new when it comes to Hollywood, besides the fact that it was created and continues to be run by Jews who’s objective is to brainwash and shape humanities perception of reality? Not much more other than all their Hollywood ideas come from their holy Talmud. Hollywood is […]

VIDEO: The Young Pope

VIDEO: The Young Pope

On October 21st, 2016 a new television series called “The Young Pope” created by Paolo Sorrentino, will be airing on Sky Atlantic in Italy and Germany. On October 27th, 2016, in the UK and in February of 2017 on HBO in the United States and Canal+ in France. It is […]

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

After reading the following forty-five Communist goals, there is no doubt that they have all been fulfilled. The next step is provoking a world war to later bring about the New World Order. What is truly amazing is that people still don’t see how they are coming for humanity. “Communist Goals […]

VIDEO: Pentagon Paid For Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

This raises the following question, why is this man who received money for doing this still alive? Maybe they wanted him to come out and say this and instructed the media to air it. Why would they do this? So Russia can have more ‘apparent reasons’ to go to war […]

VIDEO: The Frankfurt School Of Cultural Marxism

This evil ideology comes from the teachings of the Talmud, where the law of men is replaced by the Law of God. The devil wants souls and he is achieving his objective. When people erase God from their lives the doors of hell open wide.   

The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media

Anyone who follows the media in Sweden can quickly realize there is an agenda being carried out en masse. This agenda, in short, is Cultural Marxism and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And, anyone who deviates from this ‘approved narrative’ is deemed a racist, slandered, and publically shamed. An important question to […]

COMMENTARY: Israel’s International Conspiracy

The entire world is being manipulated by Jews and their Talmudic law. Their goal is world dominion. In 1950, Jewish banker James Paul Warburg said: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. […]

VIDEO: Ernst Zundel on Marxism Today In “Positions of Power”

Several decades ago, Ernst Zundel first made this statement on Marxism in “Positions of Power.” Today, his words hold even more truth. It is easy to see, look at how Cultural Marxism is influencing societies at an increased pace.  And, for example, look at the European Union — its structure […]

VIDEO: YouTube Heroes - Or Traitors?

One cannot understand the present if one doesn’t know the past. The Stasi (Ministry for State Security - East German Communist Government) kept files on millions of people and regularly used phone taps, bugging devices, and video cameras to spy on their fellow citizens and even on the Stasi itself. […]

VIDEO: This Should Be America’s Warning!

What else does America need to OPEN ITS EYES and do something before its too late? The agenda is horrifying and this man is right, they are already doing this in the United States and globally. America was the last place for many to flee to, but it is no […]

Student Denounces Communism After Years Of Singing Its Praises

Interesting to see how easy it is for Communism to infiltrate the ‘fragile minds’ of those who truly want to live among people who care about each other. Communism is a LIE and its propaganda, ends up enslaving their minds and filling them with hate and vengeance, disguised as the […]

VIDEO: The Holocaust Exposed

It is interesting how this ‘6 million figure’ came about well before WWII. And, despite this ‘6 million’ figure being officially lowered in respect to Holocaust deaths, it still remains the same in mainstream media, movies, and books. Why? These are the lies that have changed the world and brought […]

COMMENTARY: Facebook Removed 95% Of Terror Incitement Requested By Israel

Freedom of Speech leads to “terror incitement”???. The ONLY terrorists here are the Zionist Jews, but their ‘terror’ and ‘atrocities’ are ok because their Talmud says so. Here is more proof of the control that these so-called ‘humans’ have over the world. The way they twist words requires skills, it […]

VIDEO: Outrageous Hypocrisy

Ethnic cleansing is what Israel has been doing for decades now. The level of hypocrisy that this man has is indeed outrageous. Israel is cozying up with Russia when Putin, is supposed to be backing Iran. We wonder what the real game is here. Let’s take a look at some […]

COMMENTARY: We Know Who They Are

There is NO doubt that the Jew question is answered in the Bible and it represents the eternal fight between good and evil. Jewish teachings are indeed blasphemous. There is great truth in the fact that the enemy is right in front of us, people just have to recognize it.  […]

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - Philip Zelikow

The Jews were clearly behind 9-11 — and we have been fed all lies. It is truly revolting to see how these people have infiltrated like a bad virus the entire structure of the world. Until they are exposed and receive justice this will never end. We must stop giving […]

VIDEO: An Interview With MI5 Whistleblower David Shayler

Lies, usury, greed all of these things are what corrupted the world and continue to do so and we see the results of this evil today. Until men decide to follow God’s Law and not Talmudic or Men’s law, there is no way out of this. Men’s law must be eradicated […]

VIDEO: The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed!

The level of desire for control is unreal. All these Zionist Jewish demons have created and manipulate social media for the purpose of controlling the world. James Corbett is right when he says, we should not take what we have for granted because maybe tomorrow we will not have access to it. […]