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DOCUMENTARY: Putin’s Long Shadow

DOCUMENTARY: Putin’s Long Shadow

A MUST WATCH documentary exposing who is the law in Russia and who Putin really is. This documentary is perfect for those who have been brainwashed by communist propaganda by the east and west media, and believe that Putin is some sort of ‘world savior’. Please share this documentary with […]

VIDEO: Kremlin Mockingbird - Useful Idiots And Russia’s Lying Media

Brandon Martinez exposes the over the top lies and evil of the Communist propaganda machine. The Jewish Communists are doing what they have always done, LIE. The issue here is that people continue to believe those who are clearly distorting the truth for the purpose of furthering their agenda. The […]

VIDEO: Pentagon Paid For Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos

This raises the following question, why is this man who received money for doing this still alive? Maybe they wanted him to come out and say this and instructed the media to air it. Why would they do this? So Russia can have more ‘apparent reasons’ to go to war […]

COMMENTARY: Putin’s Puppet

Putin is an old fox and a communist, and Trump loves his ego boosted. This is an explosive combination. For the globalists and in particular for Putin, Trump will be much easier to manipulate, even though he appears solid, he changes his opinions very quickly, and Putin knows how to […]

COMMENTARY: Israel’s International Conspiracy

The entire world is being manipulated by Jews and their Talmudic law. Their goal is world dominion. In 1950, Jewish banker James Paul Warburg said: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. […]

COMMENTARY: The Legend of the Messiah’s Missing Shofar

The only Messiah the Talmud talks about is Satan. The Talmud is NOT the law of God but a sequence of books written by men. The Holy Bible tells us that the Messiah already came and will return at the end of times. Their “messiah” will sure come and the […]

VIDEO: Why The Hell Are We Still In Afganistan?

Why are the United States and NATO still in Afganistan? The answer is simple: Heroin. This is how the international economy is sustained, and all world leaders are benefiting from it. 

VIDEO: YouTube Heroes - Or Traitors?

One cannot understand the present if one doesn’t know the past. The Stasi (Ministry for State Security - East German Communist Government) kept files on millions of people and regularly used phone taps, bugging devices, and video cameras to spy on their fellow citizens and even on the Stasi itself. […]

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - The Dancing Israelis

The lies of September 11th must be exposed, until then we will continue going from war to war until humanity is so weak financially, morally and spiritually that it will surrender to the New World Order, and from there is no turning back.

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - Philip Zelikow

The Jews were clearly behind 9-11 — and we have been fed all lies. It is truly revolting to see how these people have infiltrated like a bad virus the entire structure of the world. Until they are exposed and receive justice this will never end. We must stop giving […]

COMMENTARY: A Guide To Russian Propaganda: Whataboutism Non-Aligned Media

Do you see any similarities between what the Globalists in America are doing and Russia? YES, same animal with a different leash, they are all working together. It is called Communism and it has been ruling the world for decades. They already have people’s brain accustomed to ‘cultural marxism’ now […]

VIDEO: DHS/UN Announce They Are Openly Stealing The Election

We are not fans of Alex Jones, but this video needs to be watched, because what he is saying is true, we are already in the New World Order, so welcome to the new Soviet America. The DHS will take control of the US Election. If this doesn’t speak volumes […]

Israel Speeding Up Settlement Activities

This is a matter of time and soon, Palestine will be gone, out of the map, erased, there is no doubt about that. The world is not doing much to help them either so, here is the result. The problem is not only Palestine but the fact that there is NO […]

COMMENTARY: Israel And Palestine - The Maps Tell The True Story

Those of us who have been doing research for so long, don’t believe the history we have been told. This article will give you some facts about Palestine that we are sure you never heard of. Please share it. If we don’t base our comments on real history than what […]

COMMENTARY: Dutch Official - ISIS Is A Zionist Plot To Demonize Islam

Whenever someone speaks the truth he or she is automatically called: Anti-Semite!!! When are people going to stop believing the eternal Jewish lie? There is overwhelming proof that ISIS is a creation of the same ones who created Communism, the same ones who got the world into WW1 and WW2 […]