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VIDEO: Kremlin Mockingbird - Useful Idiots And Russia’s Lying Media

Brandon Martinez exposes the over the top lies and evil of the Communist propaganda machine. The Jewish Communists are doing what they have always done, LIE. The issue here is that people continue to believe those who are clearly distorting the truth for the purpose of furthering their agenda. The […]

VIDEO: The Young Pope

VIDEO: The Young Pope

On October 21st, 2016 a new television series called “The Young Pope” created by Paolo Sorrentino, will be airing on Sky Atlantic in Italy and Germany. On October 27th, 2016, in the UK and in February of 2017 on HBO in the United States and Canal+ in France. It is […]

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

After reading the following forty-five Communist goals, there is no doubt that they have all been fulfilled. The next step is provoking a world war to later bring about the New World Order. What is truly amazing is that people still don’t see how they are coming for humanity. “Communist Goals […]

VIDEO: The Most Important Story You Didn’t See This Week

Everything International Jewry has done to change the course of humanity has been ‘behind closed doors’ or during times when the world was ‘busy’ following other events. James Corbett has taken the time and effort to put this together and we thank him. He informs us that the yuan was […]

COMMENTARY: Israel’s International Conspiracy

The entire world is being manipulated by Jews and their Talmudic law. Their goal is world dominion. In 1950, Jewish banker James Paul Warburg said: “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent”. […]

VIDEO: Emergency! Opposition Media Shutting Down

This is an important video to watch regardless of what we think of Infowars. Censorship will get worse and we must stick together if we want to survive this war. Zionist Report is small, but we have already been censored for 24 hours twice. One of the main reasons why […]

VIDEO: How To Question Zionist Jewish Bankers

It is crystal clear that if the Federal Reserve was thoroughly audited, obliged to pay back all the money they stole, and later eliminated completely, the world would begin to function like it should. The United States and the entire world have been robbed. It all started with the Federal […]

DOCUMENTARY: People Who Control America?

This documentary will help you learn the reasons behind all wars. Who sunk ‘The Maine’ in 1898 and why? Why was the British ocean liner, Lusitania, torpedoed in 1915? Why did Pearl Harbor occur? And, why do we continue accepting lies after lies. Until humanity decides TO LEARN what the truth is behind […]

Israel Linked To Suspension Of Palestine Course At UC Berkeley

Jewish censorship of historical truth has been going on for centuries. It is about time people stand up to tyranny. In 1789, John Robison (French 33-degree Mason) warned all Masonic leaders in America, that the Illuminati had infiltrated their lodges. On July 19, 1789, David Papen, President of Harvard University, […]

COMMENTARY: Michael Flynn, Trump And Russia - What Is Really Going On?

We have been saying this for a while now and Brandon Martinez hits the nail on the head with this article. There is no doubt that there are synchronized efforts by both parties (Dems and Reps) to protect Zionists and continue putting the blame of Islam to be able to […]

PayPal Brushes-Off Request From Palestinian Tech Firms To Access The Platform

So who is the racist here? If this is not discrimination what is it? Jews do to others everything they accuse others of doing to them, their level of hypocrisy is truly amazing. This type of discrimination besides the daily killings of Palestinians is what Palestinians have to put up with […]

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - The Dancing Israelis

The lies of September 11th must be exposed, until then we will continue going from war to war until humanity is so weak financially, morally and spiritually that it will surrender to the New World Order, and from there is no turning back.

Syria’s War: Aid Agencies Suspend Cooperation With UN

This has a double reading, there are no ‘good guys’ in today’s world scene, we know what the UN represents, so there could be a bigger game in place here. Weaken Syria as much as possible, give Bashar al-Assad the chance to handsomely exile once negotiations about the destiny of […]

VIDEO: 9-11 Suspects - Philip Zelikow

The Jews were clearly behind 9-11 — and we have been fed all lies. It is truly revolting to see how these people have infiltrated like a bad virus the entire structure of the world. Until they are exposed and receive justice this will never end. We must stop giving […]

California Lawmakers Move to Ban Companies from Boycotting Israel

Israel is bleeding America dry — financially, spiritually, and morally. This is just another example on how the Israeli lobby owns American politicians. The good news is they wouldn’t go to such lengths if the BDS movement wasn’t having an effect — keep supporting BDS everyone! “California Lawmakers Move to […]

COMMENTARY: A Guide To Russian Propaganda: Whataboutism Non-Aligned Media

Do you see any similarities between what the Globalists in America are doing and Russia? YES, same animal with a different leash, they are all working together. It is called Communism and it has been ruling the world for decades. They already have people’s brain accustomed to ‘cultural marxism’ now […]

VIDEO: DHS/UN Announce They Are Openly Stealing The Election

We are not fans of Alex Jones, but this video needs to be watched, because what he is saying is true, we are already in the New World Order, so welcome to the new Soviet America. The DHS will take control of the US Election. If this doesn’t speak volumes […]

Israel Speeding Up Settlement Activities

This is a matter of time and soon, Palestine will be gone, out of the map, erased, there is no doubt about that. The world is not doing much to help them either so, here is the result. The problem is not only Palestine but the fact that there is NO […]