VIDEO: RT on US Media & “Judeo-Bolshevism” – 7/31/2017

RT is using the Alex Jones terminology “Technocrats” to describe powers that be in the US media — how fitting. But, to “balance it out,” of course, they include some Bolshevik/Nazi disinfo commentary from Brown University professor Vladimir Golstein. Feel free to send him fan Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones Disinfo – “Technocrats, The World’s Ruling Elite” & Muslim Migration

Yet another example of Alex Jones disinformation — mixing truth, with half-truths, and lies. In this video, Alex Jones claims he is “exposing” who is behind the migrant crisis, but he points you to the ever elusive “technocrats” and “globalists.” Infowars posted this video on 7/22/2017.

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “We Have to Come Together Against Globalism”

Alex Jones will forever have you chasing the “Globalists.” And, there literally isn’t a ‘transmission’ of Infowars without a mention of Hitler and/or Nazis — this is indeed a powerful example of the brainwashing that is employed. This clip is from 7/20/2017 on Infowars.

VIDEO: Alex Jones on a Hitler Mustache, Bolsheviks, & Globalists

The amount of disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda here reaches the extreme mind-boggling levels, along with being truly sickening. This clip is from a July 15th, 2017 episode of Infowars.

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “Infowars Is Not Financed by Jews! I’m Sick of It!”

Indeed, another pathetic attempt by Alex Jones to smear the real Truth Movement and those who can see beyond his NWO propaganda. It’s all about mixing truth with half-truths for Alex Jones at Infowars.

VIDEO: Alex Jones: “Muslims Run the Federal Reserve!!”

Alex Jones, the king of Zionist disinformation, knows who runs the Federal Reserve. And, it isn’t Janet Yellen or Stanley Fischer! Nope, it’s them Muslims!

VIDEO: Alex Jones & His “6 Million Viewers” Pushed By MSM

Has Alex Jones has been set up by the NWO/JWO in order to fail? And, why would they be pushing him to be a victim now? This video was put together by NoRace – subscribe to his channel below. Cerebral analysis that you may not Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones Nazi Hypocrisy Disinformation

There is not a day that goes by where Alex Jones DOES NOT bring up Nazis or Hitler — quite literally every day!! So, in this clip he says people do it too much — it is either he is completely brain-dead or thinks his Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “Most Palestinians Aren’t Palestinians,” & Disinformation on Muslims & WW2

This clip is from Infowars on 5/29/2017. Alex Jones claims to study topics all the time and that he has advanced geopolitical knowledge. If you watch his videos, there is not a day that goes by where he doesn’t vilify the Germans in WW2. Has Read More …

VIDEO: Infowars Shuts Down Anti-Zionist Caller

What more proof do you need that Infowars is a disinformation media outlet? The positive news, however, is people aren’t buying the lies of Infowars — just take a quick look at the comments on their YouTube channel, and you will see the goyim are Read More …

VIDEO: Stefan Molyneux – EXPOSED – Part 2

Strange, isn’t it? The same thing happened to Stefan Molyneux as with Alex Jones. Both started off to be real ‘truthers’, but now they have turned into disinformation agents. So, what exactly happened? Part 1:

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “I Support Israel…”

Alex Jones is showing his true colors more and more as time goes by, and become nothing less than a shameless propagandist – especially for someone who considers himself a “patriot.” This should be no surprise for anyone who has done some basic research on Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones Dances With Jews

God gave humans free will and Jones has willingly chosen the wrong path. On this video, we see how a human being can denigrate himself in order to please those who he believes will give him the ‘prestige’ and ‘authority’ he lacks and desires. Jones Read More …

COMMENTARY: Infowars – Anti-Semitic But Pro-Israel? Alex Jones Goes Zionist

This article by MintPress News gives some interesting analysis on Alex Jones and his ‘transformation.’ It is indeed true that Infowars’ tone on Israel has changed dramatically in recent months, coinciding with Jones’ support for Trump. But, he is still the king of disinformation in Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones Prays for Israel – 1/2/2017

On Monday, January 2, 2016, Infowars Alex Jones went on an absolutely hysterical disinformation rant having his audience chase the “globalists.” Weeping and praying for Netanyahu, saying that the “globalists” want to destroy Israel — which will launch Armageddon. He hoped that “all you who Read More …

VIDEO: Alex Jones — Controlled Opposition?

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition? Or, is he just ignorant? Much evidence, however, points to him being controlled opposition. This video is an exposé of supporting this statement.

VIDEO: Alex Jones False Flag Disinformation

This video highlights how Alex Jones keeps you chasing the “globalists” and “them,” while not exposing the real enemy. Look at the list he presents and, more importantly, what information he leaves out. The attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the First WTC Read More …

INTERVIEW: “What Are Globalists?”

Max Keiser interviews economist Dr. Michael Hudson. Max Keiser proceeds to ask what the term ‘globalism’ means to his guest. How appropriate that they leave out the elephant in the room, all propagandized by RT, which is communism by the back door.    

VIDEO: Election 2016 Crisis – The Mental Breakdown of America

Alex Jones talks about racism, usury, international banking, unfair trades, and mafia. He forgets that Jews created all of this — including the mafia! Everything he criticizes is the actual Jewish Talmudic teachings and its goals. Why doesn’t he ever come out and say it? Read More …