VIDEO: Laura Loomer, Ashkenazi IQ, & “Such a Great Sleuth!”

Laura Loomer, a Zionist disinformation agent, works in tandem with other agents such as Alex Jones — all to confuse and mislead the Goyim. Alex Jones was so impressed with her ‘Ashkenazi IQ’, he offered this ‘sleuth’ a job:

VIDEO: Owen Shroyer Shilling for Israel

Infowars reporter, Owen Shroyer, gets asked by a man at a rally why Alex Jones and Infowars does not cover Israel, Jews, Zionism, International Banking, etc. — of course, Owen goes into full shill mode afterward.

VIDEO: Alex Jones – “It’s Like I’m a Jew In 1939 Germany!” – 10/2/2017

Alex Jones won’t waste an opportunity, to please his bosses with Nazi references almost daily, on Infowars. The lies of WW2 and Holocaust are essential for the Tribe to keep the Goyim controlled. And, this “whistleblower” Kevin Shipp? Shame on …


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