Zionism In Israeli Universities

Knesset Considers Bill to Require Zionism Course in Universities

Israeli government officals are concerned about growing Anti-Zionist sentiments in universities. So, what do they do? They plan on doubling-down on the brainwashing in higher education. “Knesset Considers Bill to Require Zionism Course in Universities,” Source: jewishpress.com The Knesset is reviewing …

The Eternal Jew

DOCUMENTARY: “The Eternal Jew”

This famous documentary highly criticized and called anti-Semite by “jews” and useful idiots exposes TANGIBLE TRUTHS about this tribe of gangsters. The movie was released in 1940 and shows who these people really are and not what they have ‘sold’ …

Clinton Running Mate & Virginia Senator Tim Kaine with former Israel president Shimon Peres.

Clinton Running Mate Tim Kaine Pushes for More Israeli Military Funding

$3,000,000,000 USD for Israel annually in foreign aid — according to offical figures. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, is pushing for another $320,000,000 for Israeli “missle defense” along with other US Congressmen. Rest assured if Hillary becomes president, Israel …

Texe Marrs
Pope Francis
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police

Terror Attack on UK is a Matter of Time: London Police Chief

Look out for the next false flag coming soon in the United Kingdom. This is pure disinformation being pumped out by London’s Metropolitan Police. A staged terror attack by ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) to blame on “terrorists in Syria” …

VIDEO: ‘America is Great Because America is Good’ – Deep Thoughts of Hillary Clinton

More likely than not, Zionist shill and rube, Hillary Clinton, is thinking “America is great because America is good for the Jews!” As the Jewish Zionist lobby destroys America from within; they will exploit the Goyim all the way down …

Jagger and Lowenstein
Meet Fethullah Gluen, Deep State Plotter

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