VIDEO: Obama’s Hypocrisy – EXPOSED

Obama ‘famously’ sheds a tear over the death of children in Newtown, Connecticut. Yet, this hypocrisy is indeed shameless as Obama authorizes drone strikes, the sales of arms, etc. in Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. — much of it on the …

Mel Gibson

“Jewish People Stole My Christ Movie” – Mel Gibson Reportedly Tells Glenn Beck

Recalling Gibson’s comments, Glenn Beck said: “And then some Jewish people—I guess some rabbis or something, I didn’t get into it—somebody stole a copy of the movie before it was shown to anybody… And then they did a deal in …

Judaism's Strange Gods

VIDEO: Judaism’s Strange Gods – Michael A. Hoffman

Michael Hoffman is a well-known revisionist, on this video he exposes the ‘so-called’ Judaism ‘religion’.  He explains how Judaism did not exist before Christ, what existed was the faith of the Israelites which decayed and corrupted by false teachings and …

Ponzi Scheme

COMMENTARY: The Jew Scam List

Our entire monetary system is based on a scam. If we applied the law, it would mean the end of the Federal Reserve Bank, the world central banks and all major banks and financial institutions, and the beginning of our freedom …

Andre Oboler

Australian Expert Leads Charge Online Against Anti-Zionism

This article is a clear example on how Zionist groups are attempting to curtail free speech on the Internet. Anything that goes against their approved narrative is deemed ‘hate speech.’ Groups like these pose a serious threat to websites like …

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton – EXPOSED

Zionist Hillary Clinton has been exposed lying to the FBI over the Benghazi affair. But, will she be prosecuted? Don’t count on it, as the Israeli lobby is protecting their #1 shill.

Syrian Humanitarian Aid

Syria’s War: Aid Agencies Suspend Cooperation With UN

This has a double reading, there are no ‘good guys’ in today’s world scene, we know what the UN represents, so there could be a bigger game in place here. Weaken Syria as much as possible, give Bashar al-Assad the …

Air Serbia

At the Serbian airport: ‘Flight to Palestine leaving from gate C3’

The land crew of Air Serbia did not make a mistake, this flight was indeed flying to Palestine.  “At the Serbian airport: ‘Flight to Palestine leaving from gate C3’,” Source: Land crew at Serbia’s Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade …


VIDEO: Dutch MP Snubs Netanyahu, Refuses to Shake Israeli PM’s Hand

You can be confident in making a bet that’s it’s the end of Tunahan Kuzu’s career. Or, perhaps, an ISIS attack in Holland next? The Dutch are well overdue for one anyway. Bibi, and the pro-Genocide Zionist machine, does not …


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