Jacques Attali

INTERVIEW: “Every Country Should Think of Itself as a Hotel & its People as Hoteliers”

Jacques Attali is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser, senior civil servant, along with the personification of International Jewry. In this interview, with 24 Heures (a Swiss publication), his true Cultural Marxist colors show. What does he care after all? He will just pack and leave once France and Europe are destroyed by policies he advocates for.

Jacques Attali
International Jewry Personified: Jacques Attali

“Every country should think of itself as a hotel and its people as hoteliers,” Source: diversitymachtfrei.wordpress.com & 24heures.ch:

Below are some extracts from a Swiss newspaper interview with Jacques Attali, who was born to a Jewish family in Algiers but later migrated to France where he became a prominent political adviser and author.

Immigration has a tendency to divide Europe. Should Europe welcome migrants?

Unfortunately, all the countries are in agreement about containing immigration, and even reducing it. But let’s look at the numbers: we are 600 million inhabitants of Europe and we are talking about receiving 200,000 migrants per year. In three years, that would be 600,000, that is 1 for every 1000 people in Europe. Do you see? 1 in a thousand! It’s not enough. We are capable of welcoming many more. The Lebanon has to manage with 25% of Syrian migrants. Europe is also confronted with a demographic collapse. And welcoming refugees forms part of its values.

Isn’t there a gap between your hopes and the policies of European countries? And then Europe does it put itself in danger in wanting to contain immigration?

No, it protects itself. But too much, in my opinion. I know I am very isolated faced with this European consensus. But it’s shameful to not welcome all these worthy people, magnificent, often well educated, young, full of dynamism.

Every country should think of itself as a hotel and its inhabitants as hoteliers. Receive foreigners without end. Be welcoming. This is what makes Switzerland symbolically a maritime country.


Full Interview (translated with Google Translate) from www.24heures.ch:

Passing through Geneva, French writer and essayist Jacques Attali spoke Wednesday at Uni Dufour on artificial intelligence, on the occasion of the presentation of the Latsis University Awards, rewarding each year, in particular, researchers from UNIGE and EPFL. Interview

Can France reform itself?

France is changing at a crazy speed. And each of the 60 million French people evolves and changes every day. It is said that France is tense. But it is constantly reforming and changing constantly, in terms of manners, innovation, art, culture.

So, what is the reason for this widely shared feeling about the blockages in France?

What is true is that France modifies her laws very little. For a bad reason besides, because we have trouble to admit the homeopathic changes. And for another reason: the maritime nations value change, rural nations value permanence.

France, however, borders several seas. She could have been a maritime nation?

She tried to do it eight times, as I discuss in my last book. But France has chosen to be a rural nation because it has very rich land and agriculture.

Can the Macron government succeed in changing France?

When I am abroad, I never discuss French politics. What I can say is that France is not advancing by slow reforms, but by revolutions. Either bloody or more symbolic. Since 1945, we have had three revolutions: 1945, 1958, 1980. And the fourth is taking place right now. France accumulates for a long time the need for change, then it sets in motion. It takes time because we are a centralized nation. Our model is very integrative: everyone speaks the same language.

When did the current “revolution” begin?

It started three years ago, with an awareness. A maturation of the reforms then took place, continued by the last presidential election.

France will therefore keep a leading role in Europe?

I am convinced that France is the first European power already today and will be even more so tomorrow, because Germany is ill, demographically, technologically and financially. In twenty years, France will be by far the leading power in Europe. Economically, we are present in the best sectors: health, education, culture, insurance, start-ups. Not to mention two other areas, little used: the sea and the Francophonie.

Why through the Francophonie?

Today, 180 million people speak French. With the development of Africa, there will be 700 million. Africa has one billion inhabitants, and in thirty or forty years it will have two billion. This is the big question of the 21st century. For Europe, this population explosion can lead to a catastrophe, because hundreds of millions of Africans will settle here, or we help them develop well and the continent will be a great market. For Europe and for France thanks to this common language.

Immigration tends to divide Europe. Should Europe welcome migrants?

Unfortunately, all European countries agree to contain immigration, and even reduce it. But let’s look at the numbers: we are 600 million people in Europe and we are talking about welcoming 200,000 migrants a year. In three years that would be 600,000, or 1 per thousand of the population of Europe. You realize? 1 for a thousand! It is not enough. We are able to welcome many more. Lebanon has to cope with 25% of Syrian migrants. Europe is also facing a demographic collapse. And welcoming refugees is part of its values.

Is not there a gap between your hopes and the policies of European countries? And then does Europe endanger itself by wanting to contain immigration?

No, she’s protecting herself. But too much, in my opinion. I know that I am very isolated in the face of this European consensus. But it’s shameful not to welcome all those dignified, beautiful, often well-trained, young, dynamic people.

Cross the Atlantic and turn to the United States. Is Donald Trump a dangerous man?

Yes. The United States is representative of a global trend that is growing, that of market dictatorships. Why? Because people need security but they also want to make money. This cocktail is dangerous. And the world is unstable, as in 1910. People lived very well then. They already had the radio, the car, the electricity. Democracy, globalization. And then terrorism – then called nihilism – the financial crisis and protectionism have globally precipitated the world in 75 years of barbarity, from 1914 to 1989. Today is the same: we know technological progress, tremendous growth potential, ways to make massive energy savings, increased life expectancy. We have everything to be happy.

But can everything switch?

The environmental issue is urgent. We must save the sea. We must also solve the problem of the unequal distribution of wealth and that of a global disorder due to the fact that the markets are more powerful than the States. The probability of a world war is considerable. It can be triggered by nothing, an incident between the Chinese and the Americans about North Korea, or between Poles and Russians about the Baltic countries …

And Donald Trump could be a trigger?

Yes, because it is unpredictable and erratic. We have escaped a major conflict since 1945 because all the nuclear powers were led by reasonable people. Today, at the head of the United States and North Korea, we are dealing with two unreasonable people, even if the President of the United States can not press the nuclear button alone. But he can almost do it alone.

Are the GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) not also a form of threat?

Those are the dictators of the market. They thrived in a free and perfect economy that resulted in the formation of cartels. GAFA is dangerous because they are in the process of mastering prediction instruments.

Should we break these cartels?

This will come as was the case with the former telecom giant ATT in the United States. But another cartel is even more dangerous: that of the agrochemical industry, which claims to patent life without any rights. GAFA takes ownership of our data, but groups selling seeds, in particular, take ownership of life. They are fewer and fewer, after the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina and Monsanto by Bayer. We must act before they reach too big a size.

How can we control these groups? It would take a world government?

Yes, there should be a world-wide rule of law. The only international institution is located in Geneva. It is the WTO (World Trade Organization), which relies on its dispute settlement system. At least one international institution of decartelization is needed, but the WTO has lost some of its power.

Who is the best equipped to master the challenges of digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence: Silicon Valley? France? Europe?

This is indeed a major issue. In this context, it is the property of the data, and what one makes of it, which will be determining. The analysis of consumer behavior will allow to deduce which goods or services can be sold. I wrote in 2006 that the insurance companies would be the best armed in this area, especially those that will be linked to the groups controlling the data. GAFAs are powerful when they are installed in large homogeneous markets where they can accumulate data and predictions. Today, two markets stand out: the United States and China. The Chinese market will catch up and will be even faster than the US market because it is, as I said, a market dictatorship.

And Switzerland? For several years now, the Davos Forum has ranked this country in terms of competitiveness. What is the Swiss miracle?

Switzerland, power of average size, is the absolute counter-example of the thesis of my book. I have only one explanation for this miracle: work. This country is also benefited by the fact of not having experienced war, by a very strong social consensus and by the use of situation rents which are disappearing. I am talking about the banking sector, whose services, moreover, do not need access to the sea. But finance has not respected the rules of the game. It never lasts very long. Switzerland is a country outside the game. In military terms as in banking terms.

Can an offside country be perennial?

No. Not in a sustainable way. So, a process of trivialization of Switzerland is under way. That said, Switzerland plays remarkably well its standardization, in the slowest possible way (smile) . Switzerland also has great capacity to welcome foreigners. The hospitality sector, in the broad sense, will be one of the main ones of the future. Not only on the hotel plan. The great job of tomorrow will be that of empathy.

The Swiss are empathic?

Yes, in their own way. In a particular way: that’s what I call selflessness!

Is it empathy with oneself?

What’s happening at EPFL, for example, is pretty awesome. I envy EPFL. I regret that she is not French. EPFL is a kind of business hotel. Every country must think of itself as a hotel and its inhabitants as hoteliers. Constantly receive strangers. To be welcoming This is what makes Switzerland symbolically maritime.

And Geneva?

This is a special case, Geneva is both Swiss and French, Swiss and international. Geneva is a special paradise. I often said that if I had to go into exile, it would be in Montreal or Geneva. People from all kinds of cultures live there and cross each other.

Can Switzerland stay out of Europe?

If I had any advice to give to Switzerland, it is to enter the European Union while keeping its specificity.

Would the European Union allow it?

Everything is negotiated, everything is negotiated … In the long run, Switzerland will lose a lot by remaining outside the European Union, which is a great spur to carry out reforms. To stay outside is to condemn oneself to being encysted at the moment when one’s particularities are disappearing. To be out of play and trivialize is annoying.

VIDEO: Zionist Lobby Admits Mass Immigration Is a Priority

Have you ever wondered who has pushed and is consistently pushing for mass refugee migration in the United States? Well, it’s the Israel Lobby — after all, they admit it. Check this video out too — just some more evidence.



COMMENTARY: Empire Idiots

Useful idiots are everywhere! We live in a ‘globalized’ world, where information is completely uniform and the goyim are being brainwashed simultaneously by mainstream media. The worse part of it all is that people fail to see the pattern, and how every time there is a ‘terrorist’ attack, the exact same narrative is being fed to us over and over again. Why is it so hard for people to see that they are being brainwashed?

TarragonaTarragona, Spain, 2017

“Empire Idiots,” Source: unz.com

In Catalonia, there’s a summer drink that combines beer with lemon soda. In Barcelona, it’s called “clara.” Further South, it’s dubbed, most charmingly, a “champu,” as in Head and Shoulders. Champu is quite good at eliminating the dandruff inside your skull.

It is late summer, and I’m in Cambrils, drinking my second champu in Hawaii, a beach bar. The tables around me are mostly empty. I face the ocean. There are few bodies on the sand, and fewer in the water. It is peaceful here.

In 2001, Mohammed Atta and Ramzi bin al-Shibh, of 9/11 fame, were in Cambrils, however, and just 2 1/2 weeks ago, five Muslim “terrorists” were killed by police a few hundred feet from where I’m sitting.

It is said that at 1:15AM on August 18th, these Muslims drove their car through a police checkpoint outside the yacht club, then ran over six people, three of whom were cops. The three civilians were an old couple and the woman’s sister. The wife, 61-year-old Ana Maria Suarez, died.

Exiting their car with knives and an ax, four Muslims were killed immediately by police, while the fifth was gunned down 270 meters away, but not before he had stabbed a civilian and taunted the cops, it is claimed.

A cellphone video shows an unarmed Moussa Oukabir, 17-years-old, acting rather hysterical, but you would be too if you had just witnessed four of your friends murdered. Shooting him many times, a cop executed Moussa.

Interestingly, Moussa was located by a helicopter. El Pais, “El quinto terrorista ha sido abatido poco después cuando ha sido localizado desde un helicóptero por los policías.” It was already in the air, get it? It seems they had tracked these five Muslim youths to Cambrils and killed them. That evening, these kids were caught on a service station’s camera. Buying snacks and sodas, they appeared quite relaxed because they had no idea what awaited them.

After Trotsky’s skull was cracked by an ice pick, the 60-year-old still had enough sense to order his bodyguards to not silence his assassin, “No, he must not be killed. He must talk.” When it comes to Muslims these days, the running order seems to be, “Kill them all so they can’t talk and contradict our bullshit charges against them.”

How many Muslims are needed to drive one suicide car? Five, of course. What’s the best, most lethal vehicle for the purpose? The compact Audi A3, naturally. What’s the best time to stage such an attack? 1:15AM, grasshopper, when there are almost nobody on the Paseo Maritimo. Finally, what should you wear for such a momentous and self-defining occasion? Fake suicide vests, stupid, because they serve no purpose besides giving cops an excuse to perforate you immediately.

I go to the spot where Moussa Oukabir was murdered to find women pushing strollers and kids on bikes. Life is back to normal. Outside the yacht club, there’s a cop with a submachine gun, however, with two toddlers within four feet of him. Seeing the armed man, the girl points. They create a false problem, then bring the solution, which you welcome because you don’t realize that it will be used to solve you.

Astonishingly moronic, the five Muslims in Cambrils made all the worst choices possible, but the rest of their “terrorist cell” weren’t any smarter, it is said.

Eight hours earlier, a van had killed 14 people and injured 130+ more in Barcelona, and the purported driver of that van, 22-year-old Younes Aboyaaqoub, had rented the vehicle with his own credit card. Very stupid. He also left his IDs in a second van, meant as a getaway car.

From 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, Paris’ Bataclan Concert Hall, Berlin’s Christmas Market to Barcelona, etc., Muslim mass murderers seem expert at leaving behind their identity papers. Otherwise, the official narrative can’t be broadcast immediately. Wait a week or a month for a proper investigation, and the public won’t have any idea what you’re talking about, fixated as they are on a Kardashian pumped up buttocks or Messi goal.

In the Catalan incidents, a Muslim who was neither in Barcelona nor Cambrils still managed to leave his identity papers in an incriminating van, it is said. Driss Ukabir had the wits to turn himself in, however, before he was gunned down in the street. Similarly framed, could you be that decisive?

Roberto, a 42-year-old Cambrils resident, reflected, “People are saying how stupid these guys are because once you drive onto the Paseo Maritimo, you can’t get out! It’s also strange how all five of them were killed because Spanish cops aren’t like that. You almost never hear about a cop killing anyone here.”

He paused to sip from his glass of Rioja Reserva, pronounced it excellent, leaned back, “All along that street, people were kept inside restaurants and stores until five in the morning.”

“On Las Ramblas in Barcelona, people were kept inside until nearly midnight,” I added.

Jonathan Revusky, “That’s probably because they need all that time to clean up the moulage. Imagine someone tripping over some moulage kit, from the Acme Corporation. That would be some major fuckup, wouldn’t it?”

Trained as an engineer, Roberto has traveled to Iraq and Cuba on business, and now makes most of his money as a musician and singer of Bolero classics. “People talk of Europe being overrun by Muslims, but Europe has always been multicultural. Look at the Austro-Hungarian Empire and how many nationalities it had. What Merkel has done in Germany is incredible. She took in a million, a million and a half refugees, and there has been no major problem. It has been a great success, a miracle.”

Roberto’s father is Castillian and his mother, German, so he grew up speaking German also. His maternal grandfather, a Nazi, was killed during the last days of World War II.


On another night, I talked to Francisco, a 69-year-old retired professor of philosophy and English. The Padres resident said, “The new slogan is ‘no tengo miedo,’ but of course, I’m afraid, and many of ex-students are also afraid. When I was teaching, I could see the anger in my Arabic students’ eyes. Feeling socially excluded, of course, they’re angry. To tell you the truth, I don’t much like Arab culture, how they treat their women. There are too many psychopaths among them, but of course, there are Spanish psychopaths also.”

Francisco’s favorite country is the United States, “When I came to New York the first time, I was jumping up and down, out of joy! I went to Florida, California. I overstayed my visa, got a job everywhere I went. I was a waiter at a Jewish fraternity. I did drugs with them. It was the 60’s, man. We need another counterculture revolution! There is too much corruption these days. Your average Spanish politician makes 7,000 Euros a month. That should be the minimum income, for everybody!”

Every so often, Francisco would grab his right side, “Oh, it’s my liver,” or his left knee. Two chicas at the next table drew his too naked glances. The restaurant owners are a couple whose husband is Spanish, and the wife, Chinese. One of the waiters is from Venezuela.

Three days after the Cambrils incident, Jon and I drove to Ripoll, where most of the Catalan “terrorists” were from. At a checkpoint, we passed cops with submachine guns. The town of 11,000 was crawling with journalists, most of whom could not investigate anything simply because they had no Spanish, and no interpreters.

We found a Russian crew in front of the apartment building were the local imam had stayed. Abdelbaki es Satty is the mastermind behind the attacks, it is said, and he blew himself up while trying to make bombs. Speaking Russian, Revusky said to the reporter, “You must know this is a fairy tale, no?”

“No, no, no, it’s all true. It has all been confirmed by the police.”

Two blocks away, we ran into two Chinese journalists based in Brussels. With less Spanish than your Chihuahua, they just wanted some convincing backdrops to authenticate their regurgitation of the official story. Revusky chatted with them in Mandarin.

Soon after, we ran into three people whom Revusky greeted in Spanish. When one answered in French, Jon used that language to find out they’re from BFMTV, France’s most watched news channel. In town for two days, they had unearthed plenty, they claimed. We peruse their reports later to discover nothing new, however. Amplified and confirmed in hundreds of languages, it’s still the official fable.

Though so evil, the young Muslim “terrorists” of Ripoll seemed perfectly normal to their neighbors. One was quoted by El Espanol on August 18th, “Of course we knew who they were; in this town we knew everyone. They were always together and hung out each afternoon at the indoor soccer pitch. They did not wear long beards, dress oddly nor go often to the mosque. Nothing. They were all very young. A bunch of kids. We saw them together and thought they were just playing and talking about sports […]”

Eight percent of Ripoll are Muslims. We chanced upon a halal butcher shop on Barcelona Street to find its proprietor very weary, understandably. “I’m not Moroccan,” he joked without smiling. “I’m Senegalese.”

At the signless mosque, there’s a hastily written Catalan note taped to the door: “The attack at the rambla of Barcelona / The annour islamic community of ripoll expresses its strongest condemnation and rejection of the terrorist attack that occurred on thursday in barcelona, the catalan muslims express our condolence to the families of the victims, wish for the full recovery of the injured and convey our solidarity to the people of barcelona, catalan and spain. Before this criminal act, the annour islamic community of ripoll reiterates its committment in the fight against any sort of terrorism, and hopes that those responsible for these attacks will be brought to justice as soon as possible / annour islamic Community Of ripoll.”

On the poorer side of town, we spotted some old guys sitting outside the Jose Franquesa Vila bar, so we walked in to find a jovial drunk who laughed at everything we said, and a serious barista who complained of “ten to fifteen more Muslims who show up every day,” an impossible figure.

The next morning, we had coffee at Bar Alesia in the center of town. Opening Diari di Girona, we learnt that Younes Abouyaaqoub had just been killed by cops. The 22-year-old’s last words were, you guessed it, “Allahu Akbar!”

Though this Spanish and Catalan speaking young man had a good job, many Spanish friends and no previous run ins with the laws, he just had to kill a bunch of innocents and destroy his own life because, well, Muslims are like that, so goes the by now all-too-familiar narrative.

At a nearby table, a bald, bespectacled gent was bent over the news, so we asked what he thought of Abouyaaqoub’s death. Barely raising his head, he barked, “They should all be killed!”

A few days later, someone spray painted “Fora Islamo” on a Ripoll wall, “Out with Islam,” but then someone quickly appended “fobia,” so it became “Out with Islamophobia.”

In Tarragona, Jon’s home, a similar graffiti appeared near the train station, “STOP ISLAM. ARRIBA ESPANA [VIVA SPAIN].” Near his apartment, however, there’s a new sign in English strung from a balcony, “REFUGEES / MY EUROPE / IS YOUR HOME.” Above the message is an X over a barbwire.

On August 23rd, El Pais quoted a Ripoll resident, “They insulted me on the street yesterday. ‘Shitty Moor! We will kill you.’ I was with my three-year-old daughter.” She recognized her harassers, for they’re her neighbors.


A beautiful town at the foothill of the Pyrenees and near the French border, Ripoll attracts tourists and has long been comfortable with the foreign. Many locals speak French, on top of Catalan and Spanish. On the menu at La Taverneta, there’s a Vietnamese-inspired fried rice-vermicelli with shrimps, and as I tried to chew through my plate of horse meat, a local specialty, a Vietnamese pop song actually came on, right after Bob Marley. With the Catalan terror incidents, Ripoll has become known as a place that spawned a dozen cold-blooded killers, however. Poisoned and divided, it will never be the same.

So it’s all going according to plans. The American Israel empire attacks one Muslim nation after another, causing millions of refugees to stream into Europe. Naturally, this causes social tensions which are further exacerbated by false flags and fake news, resulting in increasing acceptance of the police state, growing hatred of Muslims and exploding anger between the political left and right, with both always jerked around by the American Israel Empire. You’re being played, in short.

In Tarragona, Salou and other Catalan towns, blue concrete barriers have been placed on promenades to prevent cars from plowing into people and, more insidiously, to remind each person, daily, that he’s living in a constantly threatened and occupied land.

Wearing his stars-and-stripes T-shirt, your average Jose Pacquete de Seis will look suspiciously at his local kebab takeout, and not know that the Kosher Nostra has gotten him by the cojones.

In Ara, a Catalan daily, there’s this recent headline, “Els docents rebran formació per detectar alumnes radicalitzats” [“Teachers will receive training to detect radicalized students”]. Into this tranquil province, they spread fear, distrust, and lies.

Remember when you still believed in innocent until proven guilty, with each accused entitled to his day in court, and not shot on sight, with his purported crime broadcast immediately? Remember when you still had the faculty to detect an enormous, world-class mound of bullshit?

Swallowing nonsense nonstop, you become another empire idiot, for believing in cartoon narratives, you become a caricature yourself, with exaggerated, buffoonish emotions, unseemly in a civilized man, which you no longer are.

A moronic cartoon, you’re conned by empty sound bites from two-dimensional “leaders,” Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump. Betrayed every four years, you can’t wait for the next joke election.

How stupid must you be to not see that the American Israel Empire has rigged every aspect of your reality?

By now, only a cretin can fail to see that the American Israel Empire is working nonstop to deform the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and, frankly, the rest of the world. Until it implodes, we can neither see straight nor even be ourselves.

Finishing this article, I have only a few hours left in Europe. I’ve been here a month. While in Spain, I got news from Philly that a former bartender at the Friendly Lounge, my local haunt, had just overdosed on Fentanyl-laced heroin. Andrea was no older than 45. Another Friendly regular, 69-year-old Felix, got into an online political argument with someone half his age, then challenged this man to a playground fight. Drugged and inflamed define the America I’m returning to.


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VIDEO: Russian Airstrikes KILL Civilians And Not ISIS In Syria

Oh! But the brainwashed useful idiots continue to praise Putin, the savior of humanity!. Can’t they see that US, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Syria, etc. are all working together? The tribe already infiltrated it all and pulls the strings behind the scenes. ISIS is their creation and with it, they are destroying the Middle East and the world for that matter. Killing the Goyim, stealing their lands and natural resources, is the plan. 




COMMENTARY: Are America’s Wars Just And Moral?

What the author of this article fails to expose, as most do, is the fact that these wars are Israel’s wars. Jewish Communist Wars. Until those in the media start educating the people with the facts, these wars will continue, until America is completely drained and China takes over. We are seeing this happening right now. Why blame others when we all know who has absolute influence and control over The United States Government? If we do not expose this, no one else will. At least do it for those who do not have a voice! 

Israel Wars

Are America’s Wars Just and Moral?,” Source:original.antiwar.com

“One knowledgeable official estimates that the CIA-backed fighters may have killed or wounded 100,000 Syrian soldiers and their allies,” writes columnist David Ignatius.

Given that Syria’s prewar population was not 10 percent of ours, this is the equivalent of a million dead and wounded Americans. What justifies America’s participation in this slaughter?

Columnist Eric Margolis summarizes the successes of the six-year civil war to overthrow President Bashar Assad.

“The result of the western-engendered carnage in Syria was horrendous: at least 475,000 dead, 5 million Syrian refugees driven into exile in neighboring states (Turkey alone hosts three million), and another 6 million internally displaced. … 11 million Syrians … driven from their homes into wretched living conditions and near famine.

“Two of Syria’s greatest and oldest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, have been pounded into ruins. Jihadist massacres and Russian and American air strikes have ravaged once beautiful, relatively prosperous Syria. Its ancient Christian peoples are fleeing for their lives before US and Saudi takfiri religious fanatics.”

Realizing the futility of U.S. policy, President Trump is cutting aid to the rebels. And the War Party is beside itself. Says The Wall Street Journal:

“The only way to reach an acceptable diplomatic solution is if Iran and Russia feel they are paying too high a price for their Syria sojourn. This means more support for Mr. Assad’s enemies, not cutting them off without notice. And it means building up a Middle East coalition willing to fight Islamic State and resist Iran. The U.S. should also consider enforcing ‘safe zones’ in Syria for anti-Assad forces.”

Yet, fighting ISIS and al-Qaida in Syria, while bleeding the Assad-Iran-Russia-Hezbollah victors, is a formula for endless war and unending terrors visited upon the Syrian people.

What injury did the Assad regime, in power for half a century and having never attacked us, inflict to justify what we have helped to do to that country?

Is this war moral by our own standards?

We overthrew Saddam Hussein in 2003 and Moammar Gadhafi in 2012. Yet, the fighting, killing and dying in both countries have not ceased. Estimates of the Iraq civilian and military dead run into the hundreds of thousands.

Still, the worst humanitarian disaster may be unfolding in Yemen.

After the Houthis overthrew the Saudi-backed regime and took over the country, the Saudis in 2015 persuaded the United States to support its air strikes, invasion and blockade.

By January 2016, the U.N. estimated a Yemeni civilian death toll of 10,000, with 40,000 wounded. However, the blockade of Yemen, which imports 90 percent of its food, has caused a crisis of malnutrition and impending famine that threatens millions of the poorest people in the Arab world with starvation.

No matter how objectionable we found these dictators, what vital interests of ours were so imperiled by the continued rule of Saddam, Assad, Gadhafi, and the Houthis that they would justify what we have done to the peoples of those countries?

“They make a desert and call it peace,” Calgacus said of the Romans he fought in the first century. Will that be our epitaph?

Among the principles for a just war, it must be waged as a last resort, to address a wrong suffered, and by a legitimate authority. Deaths of civilians are justified only if they are unavoidable victims of a deliberate attack on a military target.

The wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen were never authorized by Congress. The civilian dead, wounded and uprooted in Syria, and the malnourished millions in Yemen, represent a moral cost that seems far beyond any proportional moral gain from those conflicts.

In which of the countries we have attacked or invaded in this century — Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen — are the people better off than they were before we came?

And we wonder why they hate us.

“Those to whom evil is done/Do evil in return,” wrote W. H. Auden in “September 1, 1939.” As the peoples of Syria and the other broken and bleeding countries of the Middle East flee to Europe and America, will not some come with revenge on their minds and hatred in their hearts?

Meanwhile, as the Americans bomb across the Middle East, China rises. She began the century with a GDP smaller than Italy’s and now has an economy that rivals our own.

She has become the world’s first manufacturing power, laid claim to the islands of the East and South China seas, and told America to keep her warships out of the Taiwan Strait.

Xi Jinping has launched a “One Belt, One Road” policy to finance trade ports and depots alongside the military and naval bases being established in Central and South Asia.

Meanwhile, the Americans, $20 trillion in debt, running $800 billion trade deficits, unable to fix their health care system, reform their tax code or fund an infrastructure program, prepare to fight new Middle East war.

Whom the Gods would destroy…


VIDEO: The Putin Cult Is A Suicidal Cult

The Putin cult is the result of ignorance mixed with deep brainwashing. People refuse to reason because their perception of reality has already been changed by the evil communist propaganda machine. Those who spend quality time reading history and learning how the demonic ideology works are quicker at seeing through the lies.  Please share this video with as many people as you can. 



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VIDEO: “Far-Right” Millennials Crowdfunded Ship to ‘Defend Europe’ from Migrants

Bravo for Defend Europe instead of talking on social media, AND ACTING INSTEAD!!! This should be an example for everyone fighting this Zionist plot — The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.
And, why does Al-Jazeera call them “far-right,” exactly? These African migrants are mostly not real refugees, but in fact, economic migrants — the data speaks for itself. (((Mainstream media))) tells the masses the opposite however.
In addition, NGOs (led by Soros and even Israel) aid them and quite literally pick them up off the coast of Libya delivering them right to the Europe. Is this right? No, not at all. So, people who want to stop this madness of NGO’s smuggling are far-right?? 
And, the argument that Western countries invaded some African states centuries ago, and they are now obliged to destroy their civilization by bringing here the whole Africa and the Middle East is completely stupid. No European is responsible for something that was done from the colonial period.


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VIDEO: Alex Jones Disinfo – “Technocrats, The World’s Ruling Elite” & Muslim Migration

Yet another example of Alex Jones disinformation — mixing truth, with half-truths, and lies.
In this video, Alex Jones claims he is “exposing” who is behind the migrant crisis, but he points you to the ever elusive “technocrats” and “globalists.” Infowars posted this video on 7/22/2017.


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VIDEO: Rioting Muslims Attack Christian Protestors In UK Screaming ‘Get Out Of Our Country’

This is the perfect example of brainwashing propaganda! What is happening in London and other cities is EXACTLY what the tribe wants happening. It is not Islam’s fault neither is it Christianity’s. The wars created by the communist Jews have obliged masses of refugees to flee their countries. Among those refugees, they have paid agents who are inciting others to riot. This is part of their agenda, to destroy Europe and the white race and create as much chaos and confusion as possible.

Videos like these reflect much truth about the current situation, but we MUST understand the purpose behind them. They DO NOT inform but make people end up hating Islam, and that is what they are looking for. They want us to riot and kill each other while governments push for more refugees and protect them infuriating local citizens. There is an agenda here, that is developing right in front of our eyes. They engineer the ‘problems’ and they bring the ‘solutions’.

If you stop to think for a minute, this would not be happening if the Jews had not brought America into their Middle East wars, just like they did with WWII. They planned 9-11 which has been a turning point, for the entire world.  



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Trump Admin Gives Millions To Soros-Linked Groups

This article is very important for people to read and take into account! Nothing has really changed for America and things will not get any better. Trump is helping further the tribe’s agenda behind closed doors.  It might look at times like he is helping the country, but the plan is not to save America but to integrate it with the rest. That means continuing with the plan to destroy our society like his predecessors did. 

“Trump Admin Gives Millions To Soros-Linked Groups,” Source: dailycaller.com

The Trump administration gave $6.3 million to a group linked to liberal mega-donor George Soros as part of an effort to develop “independent, professional media” in Moldova, The Daily Caller has learned.
The Agency for International Development (USAID) doles out millions of dollars to groups around the world, and frequently this money ends up in the hands of organizations supported by Soros. The Daily Caller has previously reported that USAID during the Obama administration gave at least $15.8 million in Macedonia to groups run by Soros and to organizations tied to his Open Society Foundations.
This led to inquiries from several Republican congressmen and senators. Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee urged President Trump at an April event to stop this practice of supporting “political activism that undermines legitimate governments and long-held cultural norms” with “leftist policies and leftist politicians.”
However, just weeks before Lee gave the speech, USAID gave Internews Moldova a grant for $6,349,728 over five years, a USAID spokeswoman told TheDC Thursday. This grant was given out as part of a funding opportunity announced in the later months of the Obama administration entitled: “Media Enabling Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova.”
This grant “aims to promote the development of an independent, professional media that gives citizens access to a variety of perspectives, and to create a media sector that is more resilient to political and financial pressures.”
This description of this funding opportunity is similar to the grants given by USAID in Macedonia. The report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in January about Russian election interference focused heavily on state-funded media, which is exactly what USAID is doing here.
The media group in particular that USAID is supporting in Moldova, Internews, lists Open Society Foundations as a donor, and is working in Moldova with the Independent Journalism Center, which includes the Soros Foundation-Moldova as a donor.
Internews was founded in 1985 in California. A 1995 Wired Magazine story said the group “funds for-profit TV enterprises half a world away, thanks to multimillion-dollar contracts from the Agency for International Development, effectively the US government’s foreign aid bank. Along with this generous funding comes grants from more than a dozen foundations, including one handsomely endowed by financier-philanthropist George Soros.”
President Trump’s nominee for administrator of USAID has yet to be confirmed by the Senate, and the president has not nominated individuals for several other key positions including assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia. This grant isn’t the only one in recent months that runs counter to the Trump agenda.
A grant announced by the U.S. embassy in Belgium on May 12 designated $200,000 for a group to promote positive narratives about refugees in Europe.