VIDEO: Mossad Behind Sinai Mosque Terror Attack?

Was Mossad behind the Sinai mosque attack? And, was it a part of their strategy to help realize the ‘Greater Israel Plan’? While there is no conclusive evidence, there is certainly much of circumstantial.

VIDEO: EXPOSED – Lauren Southern Is (((Lauren Simonsen)))

Johnny Gat (link to his channel below) does an excellent job exposing Lauren Southern for the controlled opposition that she truly is! Spread this video far and wide, and post it everywhere!! Johnny Gat’s YouTube Channel:

VIDEO: What Is The “Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)”?

Their description to this video: “What happens to an aid organization when you’ve outgrown your original purpose? Well, that’s been the case for one notable Jewish organization, with a storied history assisting people ranging from Henry Kissinger to Mila Kunis.” …

VIDEO: Israel’s “Secret” Arab Ties

In a recent speech, Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed confidence about better relations with Arab states saying ties would continue to grow. The Israeli premier also admitted cooperation with some Arab countries was in general secret. This comes as reports emerge …


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