VIDEO: Obama’s Hypocrisy – EXPOSED

Obama ‘famously’ sheds a tear over the death of children in Newtown, Connecticut. Yet, this hypocrisy is indeed shameless as Obama authorizes drone strikes, the sales of arms, etc. in Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. — much of it on the …

Russian-Israeli Mafia

BOMBSHELL: Classified Belgian Police Report On Nebula Receives Another Look

The only way to understanding today’s events is by twisting your brain and try to think like these evil psychopaths do. The world has been absolutely controlled for centuries and the ignorance of the masses with the help of controlled …

Libya Oil Field

MONEY: Libya Sues Goldman Sachs For Lost $1.2bn, Claims Hookers & Private Jets Used As Bribes

“… The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) says CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s team used ‘undue influence’, taking advantage of LIA’s financial naivety by first gaining its trust, and then encouraging it to participate in risky complex trades which the fund did not …


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