VIDEO: Canadian PM Trudeau – Passover Message

Oy Vey! We must say that out of all the shill Western politicians, our disgust runs deepest with Cultural Marxist Trudeau. How the Canadian people elected such despicable human being will forever remain a mystery to us.

VIDEO: New Holocaust Museum in Canada / Trudeau Shills to Israel Lobby

Indeed, Canada’s much-anticipated National Holocaust Monument is now open. This memorial in Ottawa serves as a reminder that the Israel lobby calls the shots in Canada. Polish-born architect, Daniel Libeskind, who also designed Berlin’s Jewish Museum, talks about the meaning …

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Shilling for International Jewry

We must say, Justin Trudeau is one of our most despised puppet political figureheads. This disgusting speech is from 2016. It is regarding the annual “March of the Living” program brings thousands of young people from around the world each year …

VIDEO: Justin Trudeau -“2016 Was a Bad Year for Globalisation”

The Zionist, Cultural Marxist, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, opines on globalization. He is out of touch with the populist reality, but that won’t stop NWO figureheads like him. They will continue to push their globalist agenda. Yes, it …


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