VIDEO: Trump & Kissinger Meet – 10/10/2017

Kissinger advises Putin, Hillary, Trump, and countless other world leaders. Does anyone still really believe that Trump is the MAGA president of their dreams? Nope, he beholden to the International Clique — just like the rest.

BOMBSHELL: Zionist Report’s First Book – Challenge Your Knowledge

This is the first book we published. We strongly recommend you read it. You might think you know history, but this book will surprise you without a doubt. It will take you by the hand and clearly show you, true …

INTERVIEW: Henry Kissinger on Trump

Henry Kissinger says the public shouldn’t just write off Donald Trump, calling him the “most unique” presidential figure in his lifetime. He said, “one should not insist on nailing him into positions that he had taken in the campaign.” He …

Then-World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz speaking at an IMF meeting in 2007

Iraq War Architect Wolfowitz Putting His ‘Hopes’ in Clinton Presidency

Zionist Kissinger, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the war mongers and war criminals are putting their hopes on a Hillary Clinton Presidency, but hope had nothing to do with it. Wolf, and the rest of his war criminal associates, knew …


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