RT Holocaust Propaganda

VIDEO: Oy Vey! More RT Holocaust Propaganda!

This is yet another example of how RT promotes the Tribe’s narrative. Please do your part and wake-up your ‘Putin-worshipping’ friends and/or family — we all know a few. “In a week of international commemorations of the Holocaust, The Alex …

Jacques Attali

INTERVIEW: “Every Country Should Think of Itself as a Hotel & its People as Hoteliers”

Jacques Attali is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser, senior civil servant, along with the personification of International Jewry. In this interview, with 24 Heures (a Swiss publication), his true Cultural Marxist colors show. What does he care after all? He …

Emmanuel Macron

Macron Hopes to Put France in a ‘Permanent State of Emergency’

This seems to be Talmudic deception, and the plan all along as exemplified with Europe’s ‘Migrant Crisis’. Create the PROBLEM get the REACTION you want, and subsequently offer the SOLUTION you were planning all along. “Macron Hopes to Put France …

Macron & Jews

Jews Celebrate Macron’s Victory

World Jewish Congress President: On behalf of the World Jewish Congress, I congratulate Mr. Macron on his tremendous victory and know that he will work to support the State of Israel against its enemies in the international arena, in all …

Le Pen & Her Jewish Boyfriend

Le Pen Says She ‘Abhors’ Holocaust Deniers After Booting Party President Over Remarks

So, what exactly happened with Le Pen? She sure must be aware of the problem? We can understand taking a more politically correct stance to become elected, but having a Jewish boyfriend makes everything very questionable. The National Front, led …


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