Paris, France - Jews

COMMENTARY: “The Lobby-That-Doesn’t-Exist”: Politicians and Pundits on Jewish Influence in France

There are few things as difficult to talk about as Jewish elites and Jewish ethnocentrism (which, translated into left-wing parlance, could be termed “Jewish privilege” and “Jewish racism”). For the French case, Paul-Éric Blanrue (see my previous article on his …

Prophet Mohammed and Jews

COMMENTARY: The terrible truth about the origins of Islam – Were the first Muslims Jews?

I’ve written before about the obscure origins of Islam. Several authors have questioned the conventional account of Islam’s beginnings, suggesting that it is largely or wholly fictional, and was concocted long after the fact to disguise some unpleasant truth. Questions …

Zionist, Jeffery Herf

COMMENTARY: Nazis Viewed Zionism as Part of the Jewish World Conspiracy, Admits Zionist Jew

Zionist Jewish professor of Jewish lies (i.e. history) at the University of Maryland, Jeffrey Herf (pictured), admits in his pathetic excuse for a book, The Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda During World War II and the Holocaust, Harvard University Press, 2006, …


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