VIDEO: What is the Council of European Rabbis?

You can translate Pinchas Goldschmidt’s long-winded explanation of the CER by just saying this: “We are an Israeli lobby advocating for our interests over the European Goyim.”

Their mission (
“We believe in the eternal validity of the Divine Law as revealed in our sacred scriptures and as authentically interpreted in all ages by the Rabbis, acknowledging the authority of the Written and Oral Law of Judaism, and that Halacha forms the basis of Jewish life; That the restoration of the Jewish State in the Holy Land is a manifestation of Divine mercy towards the Jewish people and Israel’s well-being is coupled with its moral and religious strength; That the religious attachment is the sole enduring link between the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora and that Israel is destined to become the source of religious inspiration to the Jewish people and the world at large; That all relations and dealings between nations must be governed by ethical and religious principles, without which human happiness cannot be secured; That advances in science and technology may become a menace to mankind unless they are used with due regard for ethical and religious principles, in the dissemination of which, the Jewish people as the bearer of the message of the Prophets, have a special role to play. As spiritual leaders of our people, we call on the lay leaders of the European Jewish communities and communal organizations, to work together with us to challenge the growing secularization of our communities and the growing threat of anti-Semitism in many European cities, and to strengthen the rabbis of our communities for them to be able to serve their communities with excellence. We also solemnly call on every Jew to strive to conduct his or her life as a living expression of the Divine Will, by studying the holy words of our Torah, and by observing its laws, which have since time eternal been the sole guarantee of Jewish continuity, notably the Sabbath and Festivals, religious education and upbringing of the young. As the custodians and teachers of Jewish Law in Europe we maintain that marriage, divorce and conversions will only be recognized and are only valid in Jewish Law when they have been carried out in conformity with Halacha. In order to prevent irreparable personal tragedies and to preserve the unity of the Jewish people, we earnestly appeal to the Jewish public not to be parties to marriages, divorces or conversions which would be contrary to Jewish Law.”

INTERVIEW: Geert Wilders, Muslims, & Controlled Opposition

“We are a country based on Christianity and Judaism.”

-Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders has been in politics for over long 20 years, and he still hasn’t figured out the root of the problem? Well, let’s not over analyze things, shall we? This is the case because he is simply controlled opposition (and a Zionist to boot). Listen closely to this interview — he places all blame on Muslims without addressing the crux of the matter. In fact, he defends them! And, RT isn’t innocent in this game because they enable the lies Geert Wilders propagates.



BANNED ON YOUTUBE: Buzzfeed & Jews Mock Christmas

This video is banned from re-uploading on YouTube. While this is meant to come off as comedy, it simply doesn’t. Besides from the obvious here, take a moment and think if the situation was reversed. There would be cries of “Anti-Semitism” and “racism” everywhere! 

(((Jonah Peretti))), the founder and CEO of Buzzfeed, surely thinks it is fine to mock Christian goyim.
Please let their comment section know your disdain for this video:

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″]

VIDEO: Kurdistan & Christian Zionist Propaganda

So, the Kurds vote for independence, one must ask ‘what’s next?’ Well, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), a virulent Zionist media outlet, has a clear bias — that is promoting the affinity between Israelis and Kurds along with promoting their ‘strong relationship’ to their brainwashed (Scofield Bible induced) followers.


Christian Zionists

Jewish Media Company Puts Biblical Spin On News For Evangelical Christians

If this doesn’t make you sick to your stomach few things will. It is absolutely revolting to see how these useful idiots along with the brainwashing of the evil ones are helping the Satanic agenda push their twisted propaganda based on lies and deception. The Rabbi mentions the Bible and God. We would like to ask him, which Bible is that? The Talmud? That is NOT THE BIBLE. What god is he talking about? Because real Christians follow Gods Law, and not Lucifer like the Jews have been doing for centuries! Christian Zionists are absolute brainless useful idiots who have NO CLUE about the Bible or God for that matter. They are blasphemers who follow Satan and NOT Christ. Notice how the article mentions ‘interfaith dialogue’. Doesn’t that remind you of fake Pope Francis’ efforts to ‘unite all religions’? By mixing religion with the news Israel can get away with the ethnic cleansing of most non-Jews and have those left, become their servants. It is quite disgusting to see how the tribe organizes itself and how those who claim to follow Christ are doing NOTHING to fight these LIARS. 

Christian Zionists
“Jewish media company puts biblical spin on news for evangelical Christians,” Source:

Naphtali “Tuly” Weisz was a newly ordained Modern Orthodox rabbi in Columbus, Ohio, when he began dialoguing with evangelical Christians. At first, they met at the local Jewish Community Center. Later, he invited them into his synagogue, Beth Jacob Congregation, where he had taken over the pulpit from his late, long-serving grandfather, Rabbi David Stavsky.

This interfaith dialogue was satisfying, but the Yeshiva University-educated Weisz did not at that point consider non-Jews central to his work.

Then came a life-changing phone call. It was from a Christian woman he had met for the first time the previous evening at his synagogue. She wanted to buy $50,000 worth of Israel Bonds.

Christian pilgrims at a Feast of Tabernacles event at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena. October 13, 2014. (Courtesy ICEJ)

The fundraising potential notwithstanding, Weisz suddenly realized the extent of the devotion and commitment to Israel of this woman and other Christian Zionists. The revelation led Weisz to reexamine his own religious Zionism and to embrace the participation of non-Jews in the process of building and sustaining the State of Israel. He decided to devote his career to communicating with Christian Zionists.

Like the Christians he was increasingly interacting with, Weisz saw the return of Jews to Israel as part of a redemptive process.

“The fulfillment of the messianic process is fundamentally tied to the Jewish return to the Land of Israel. When the State of Israel was re-established in 1948, and then with the miracles of the Six Day War, it became apparent that prophecy, as stated in the Torah, was being fulfilled,” he said.

“Today, when Nefesh B’Nefesh helps Jews come on Aliyah, that’s a part of prophecy — the ingathering of the exiles. When JNF [Jewish National Fund] plants millions of trees throughout Israel, that’s the flourishing of the land, as described throughout Tanach [the Hebrew Bible],” said Weisz.

A Christian Evangelical supporter waves her national flag during the annual parade in Jerusalem, marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, or the Feast of the Tabernacles, on September 24, 2013. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

In 2011, Weisz immigrated to Israel and started Israel365, a Jewish-owned and run “media company.” The company and its subsequent spin-offs target the 700 million-strong evangelical Christian worldwide community interested in connecting with the Holy Land from biblical and prophetic perspectives.

In addition to his immigration, “the work we do at Israel365, enabling non-Jews to support Israel financially, diplomatically and politically is also described as part of the redemptive process in Jewish tradition,” said Weisz.

In many ways we’re not all the different from established Christian media that connects faith with journalism

There are Israel-based Jewish media outlets aimed at religious Jews, and there are evangelical Christian news companies producing news out of Israel — but Weisz wanted to cross the ecumenical divide.

“In many ways we’re not all the different from established Christian media that connects faith with journalism, but what we are doing doesn’t exist within the Jewish media. The religious Jewish media is really just secular news geared toward a niche market. For instance, they may omit pictures of women, but the news itself is essentially no different from what you would read in the mainstream,” Weisz said.

“What we are doing is pioneering a new genre of biblical journalism. The Jewish perspective is very rich. We’ve been reading the Tanach [Hebrew Bible] since it was given, whereas Christians have been studying the Bible in translation with outside forces that have influenced their perspectives,” he said.

‘The most authentic perspective’

Donna Jollay, a Christian Zionist entrepreneur, partners with Weisz on an online Torah academy for non-Jews venture called Yeshiva for the Nations. She agreed that Weisz is doing something new and unique.

“I could read the Christian media, but what Tuly is providing is the most authentic perspective,” she said.

Donna Jollay (left) and Rabbi Tuly Weisz (center) present prize to attendee at Prophecy in the News Conference, Jerusalem, June 5, 2017. (Courtesy of Israel365)

Israel365 began in 2012 by connecting people to Israel through a daily newsletter and an online store. The Beit Shemesh-based company now has 15 employees and has spun off into a number of brands, including Breaking Israel News, a site that launched in 2014 with dispatches and opinion pieces written from a biblical perspective, and Israel Media Network, a digital marketing agency helping Israeli organizations to reach Christian audiences which launched in 2015. Israel365 also began publishing its own Bible in 2015 and has invested in Yeshiva for the Nations, the initiative co-founded by Weisz and Jollay.

For those interested in keeping up with what’s happening in the Holy Land, website Breaking Israel News publishes articles related to Jerusalem, the IDF, and US-Israel relations. It also has sections titled “Christian Zionism,” “Biblical News,” “Bible Prophecy,” and “End of Days.” The articles all cite biblical verses, and most frame current events — including increased Jewish-Israeli birthrates, Atlantic Ocean hurricanes, and Iranian and North Korean nuclear threats — in terms of prophetic fulfillment.

Israel365 director of publishing Maayan Hoffman (courtesy)

The response from the Jewish community has been mixed — everything from skepticism, to bewilderment to support, said Weisz. He’s received support (and lack thereof) from Jews of all different backgrounds, from ultra-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, to secular.

“Those who have been more supportive are people who are more open-minded, not afraid of what Christianity represents, and are more in tune with the needs of the modern State of Israel,” said Weisz. “I’ve found that Jews in Israel have given more thought to Christian support to Israel than have Jews in America.”

As a religious Zionist, Weisz, 37, believes his job is to reach out to non-Jews and help them engage with their biblically prescribed role in the ingathering of the exiles and rebirth of Israel.

“I don’t believe these things will happen miraculously. It will require a lot of work and organization. There are many passages in the Tanach about the non-Jews recognizing the true role of the Jews,” Weisz told The Times of Israel.

There are many passages in the Tanach about the non-Jews recognizing the true role of the Jews

“Once I started to read the Tanach carefully, I learned how this is not inconsistent with the Jewish experience, with our mission to be a light unto the nations,” he said.

A vast, engaged audience

According to Israel365 director of publishing Maayan Hoffman, Breaking Israel News has 100,000 subscribers and the sixth largest amount of traffic for any English-language news website out of Israel.

“Our audience is vast and engaged. It’s not uncommon for one of our 1,000-word articles to generate 10,000 words of comments,” Hoffman said.

Evangelical Christians from around the world sing and recite prayers at the Jerusalem Chairman’s Conference at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, September 22, 2013. (Flash90)

Not everyone agrees that Breaking Israel News’s articles, with their biblical and prophecy angles, qualify as journalism.

“It’s not fact-based journalism. It is opinion and can be regarded only as that,” said University of Toronto professor journalism professor Jeffrey Dvorkin after looking at Breaking Israel News at The Times of Israel’s request.

The definition of ‘news’ is not what was taught in journalism school back in the day

“The definition of ‘news’ is not what was taught in journalism school back in the day. Everyone has an agenda today,” Weisz claimed.

He gave the example of the history of the Temple Mount, saying that some look at it from former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s ascent in 2000 sparking the Second Intifada. Others use 1967 or 1948 as starting points.

“Our perspective is 3,000 years back to King David, who inaugurated the Temple Mount. The Bible has relevance to today and tomorrow. Prophecy and the news is not an oxymoron,” Weisz said.

Crossing a fine line?

David Parsons, spokesman for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, participated in a Prophecy in the News Conference hosted by Israel365 in Jerusalem in June that attracted an array of Jewish and Christian right-wingers, messianists, and Third Temple advocates. Parsons warned against the sensationalism and speculation that he said gives prophetic and biblical news a bad reputation.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem spokesperson David Parsons (Courtesy ICEJ)

“It can be a game of guessing what’s next, and that’s where we try to be cautious,” Parsons said.

At the same time, Parsons agreed with Weisz that there is no need to apologize for putting trust in the Bible as the word of God, and in trying to use that as a way of understanding the news.

“This is nothing new. People have been doing this for centuries. The Templars were doing it, as were members of the Palestine Exploration Fund founded by Queen Victoria,” Parsons said.

Parsons thinks the mainstream media often mocks evangelicals and ends up missing “an incredible story in terms of the sweep of history by ignoring the prophetic aspect of the news.”

He lamented the fact that so much of the news out of Israel is strictly about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and praised Weisz and his team for “telling a story others aren’t.”

While Weisz may be telling a story, even he admits it isn’t the full story. He believes his responsibility is to report the good, but not necessarily the bad and the ugly.

“Prophecy in the news is about God controlling events. It gives many people a tremendous amount of hope and positivity,” Weisz said.

Accordingly, some of the biggest stories in the mainstream Israeli press are conspicuously absent from Breaking Israel News.

“We don’t report on negative news stories on Israel. For instance, we don’t cover Israeli politicians getting investigated or arrested for corruption,” Weisz said.

EXCLUSIVE: Ancient Temples of Maaloula Destroyed and Looted by ISIS are Being Restored In Syria


In the Syrian city of Maaloula (Ma’loula) The Christian Church began to commence services in the Christian monastery of St. Thecla.
The pilgrims from all around the world traveled to religious shrines before the war.





It was almost completely destroyed and looted by ISIS and Al-Nusra Front. When under pressure from the Syrian Arab army the Retreating Islamists took everything valuable from the temples, including ancient icons, historical manuscripts, icon lamps and altar-cross, church furnishings, tombstones and other valuable items.


The militants destroyed everything they could not hastily take along; some of the buildings were burned.






After the liberation under the support of the government of Syria the citizens of Maaloula started rebuilding churches, assembling church furnishings, religious books and other objects piece by piece. “The most difficult was restoring the cave of St. Thekla. It suffered greatly, as did the Church of St. Elias. The specialists faced the difficult task of preserving the historical artifacts. However, some of the architectural monuments had to be built anew, because they were lost,” engineer Elias Hilal told reporters.



Maaloula will be restored no matter what it takes


While in the city there is no influx of tourists and worshipers but locals are sure that people from all over the world, pilgrims, will be able to visit holy places again with the onset of peace and the creation of zones of de-escalation.


But the Christians try not only to rebuild Maaloula, they try to rebuild the relationship between them and the Muslims shattered by ISIS.
A Syrian priest reiterates the fact that Christians will strive to rebuild the trust that has been tainted by violence perpetrated by Islamic State. “We have to rebuild trust between Muslims and Christians even if it’s not easy,” said a Syrian priest Father Mtanios Haddad.
Expressing optimism for a return to his homeland, he said: “We’ll be back, yes. We will return to Iraq, to Mosul, to Syria, to Maalula, to Beirut and to every place we have lived. They are our homes and our lands. So, what are we going to leave them for? To whom? To what civilization? We must go back and rebuild trust between ourselves little by little. Even if it’s not easy.”
Father Haddad is a Syrian and represents the Greek-Catholic patriarch in Rome. According to him, presence of Christianity in the Middle East is not optional but a necessity. “I am convinced that coexistence will not end,” he said.
“It should not end, because if it does, there will be no Christian presence. Without this presence, a new Jihad war could begin between a Muslim East and a Christian West. This Christian presence is what ensures the victory of balance and coexistence,” he explained.





Ancient Maaloula before and after


Maaloula is ancient city where most of the inhabitants speak the language of Jesus Christ, the Semitic Aramaic. It is located in the Rif Dimashq Governorate in Syria, 56 km to the northeast of Damascus, and built into the rugged mountainside, at an altitude of more than 1500 m. It is known as one of three remaining villages where Western Aramaic is still spoken, the other two being the nearby villages Jubb’adin and Al-Sarkha (Bakhah).


There are two important monasteries in Ma’loula: the Eastern Catholic Mar Sarkis and Greek Orthodox St. Thecla.


St. Thecla’s monastery


The convent of St. Thecla holds the remains of Thecla, which the second-century Acts of Paul and Thecla accounts a noble virgin and pupil of St. Paul. According to later legend not in the Acts, Taqla was being pursued by soldiers of her father to capture her because of her Christian faith. She came upon a mountain, and after praying, the mountain split open and let her escape through. The town gets its name from this gap or entrance in the mountain. However, there are many variations to this story among the residents of Ma’loula.


Mar Sarkis
One of the oldest surviving monasteries in Syria. It was built on the site of a pagan temple, and has elements which go back to the fifth to sixth century Byzantine period. Mar Sarkis is the Assyrian name for Saint Sergius, a Roman soldier who was executed for his Christian beliefs. This monastery still maintains its solemn historical character.
Mar Sarkis has two of the oldest icons in the world, one depicting the Last Supper.


Other monasteries
There are also the remains of numerous monasteries, convents, churches, shrines and sanctuaries. There are some that lie in ruins, while others continue to stand, defying age. Many pilgrims come to Ma’loula, both Muslim and Christian, and they go there to gain blessings and make offerings.

EXCLUSIVE: Flagship Resort in Damascus Backs to Peaceful Life

According to the statements of local authorities, Zabadani resort town in Damascus province, which is located 25 kilometers from the Syrian capital, is now fully liberated after the fierce clashes between Syrian Army and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants (ex. Al-Nusra front). Residents who left the city more than five years ago began to return homes and manage their further life.
It is worth noting that prior to the outbreak of hostilities Zabadani regarded as one of the flagship resort in Syria. The town was popular due to its favorable location near the Barada River (not far from the Syrian-Lebanese border) and attracted tourists with its extraordinary mountain scenery and picturesque landscapes.

Happy people on the streets of newly liberated Zabadani

In recent years the town was run by HTS militants, but after the defeat they were forced to retreat, leaving behind only ruins. Before the war, the population of the town was around 190,000 people. Currently this figure is only 80,000.
Unfortunately, most of the houses in the town are partly destroyed because of militant’s actions, and now they will have to be demolished to build new buildings.Rehabilitation works is not yet in full swing, but the Syrian engineers have already conducted mine- sweeping in the area. This fact allowed builders to prepare the central part of the town for large-scale reconstruction works.

Destroyed streets of Zabadani

The restoration of the railway station and railway communication with Damascus is also planned in nearest future (the rail road that connects the capitals of Syria and Lebanon goes through Zabadani).
Local residents reported to Inside Syria military correspondence, that the electricity and water supply have already been restored as well as an access to drinking water. At the same time, a number of grocery stores and pharmacies were reopened.
The majority of Zabadani population is orthodox Christians, so the local authorities decided to rebuild the main Orthodox Church, as it altar was partly destroyed as a result of a mortar attack. Despite the partial destruction of the Church, the priests are holding church services and parishioners bring saved icons.

Partly destroyed altar of Zabadani Church A Sunday Church service

Restoration of peace in Zabadani and in Damascus province as a whole has become possible due to cessation of hostilities and establishment of de-escalation zones. Via such initiatives by the Syrian government and the guarantor states of Syrian ceasefire (Iran, Russia and Turkey) more and more militants laying down weapons and joining nationwide reconciliation plan. For its part, civilians can safely return to their homes, knowing that they are no longer threatened.
Reports concerning the liberation of the new settlements have started to emerge more frequently. This brings hope that the entire country will be soon completely liberated from terrorist organizations and illegal armed groups.
Despite the war in Syria isn’t yet over, the de-escalation zones have actually accelerated post-war reconstruction process. The government forces and the nation demonstrated to the whole world an incredible willpower in fighting terrorism and the persistence of character in confronting all kinds of external threats.

VIDEO: Alex Jones – Ironic Nazi Propaganda

Listen closely, and you can really see how Alex Jones is a master propagandist mixing half-truths and lies.
And, and the icing on the cake is the “Nazi irony” he spews: “You first shut off somebody economically before you come after them completely.” Alex Jones, a supposed scholar of history, still hasn’t figured out why Germany was pushed into WW2. Perhaps his bosses won’t let him say this? Regardless, and it is almost without fail, that one can watch Infowars daily and always hear a “Nazi” reference of some sort — yet another question to ask yourself why.

This clip was from Infowars’s broadcast on 8/28/2017.


Sarah Silverman

COMMENTARY: Pornography As A Secret Weapon

The tribe continues to destroy Christianity and our moral values. Hollywood began by pushing for the ‘independence’ of women, today it is women who initiate sex and act like men. Brainwashing the masses has been easy, it has completely changed the masses perception of reality. The Devil’s rabbit hole is infinite and today he is in charge. Most seem to accept the Cultural Marxist poison being fed to them every day, and continue to follow like useful idiots the evil plan designed to get humanity to auto-destroy. We should hang these criminals and most of all, clean up the White House, all government institutions, and the Catholic Church which are all infested with disgusting members of this REPULSIVE evil tribe, that we hope burns in hell for ever. 

Sarah Silverman

“Pornography as a secret weapon,” Source: 

Pornography is deployed today as a psyop or mind weapon: to pacify, control, brutalize, and ultimately enslave the masses. 

“We corrupt in order to rule.”
— Italian Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini

How do you take a nation of free and independent citizens and turn them into slaves? How do you do this slowly and imperceptibly, without violence, and with the willing participation of the slaves-to-be?  

The answer is simple.

You corrupt them, undermine them, deprave them, demoralize them until they have acquired all the characteristics of slaves.

As the sorceress Circe, with a wave of her magic wand, turned the followers of Ulysses into grunting swine, you can wield your weapon of mass hypnosis, the media, over a nation and transform its citizens into willing slaves. You can learn to robotize man and turn him into a living machine. This is power. This is what it must feel like to be God — or the Devil.

Is there a secret weapon or “magic wand” for turning men into swine? Yes, there is. Sex is the secret weapon, the magic device, that turns men into swine.

1.  Jews use pornography “to destroy gentile morals”

Who are the richest and most successful entrepreneurs of the $100 billion year porn industry? [1] The peddlers of pornography belong to all races, but one race above all stands out as preeminent in this field.  Selling sex, like slave trafficking and moneylending, has always been a Jewish speciality.

Jewish academic Dr Nathan Abrams: “Though Jews make up only 2 percent of the American population, they dominate porn.”
Jewish academic Dr Nathan Abrams:
“Though Jews make up only 2 percent of the American population, they dominate porn.”








Jewish academic historian Dr Nathan Abrams (above), perhaps the world’s most renowned authority on the Jewish role in pornography, let the cat out of the bag a few years ago in his controversial essay, Triple-Exthnics. [2]

Published in the prestigious Jewish Quarterly in 2004, this essay spelled out in detail how the world’s multibillion-dollar porn industry was dominated by Jews.

Dr. Abrams not only admits that Jews are the world’s most successful pornographers, he celebrates the fact. Jews, he tells us, have a grudge against Christianity, an “atavistic hatred of Christian authority” rooted in centuries of humiliation, and pornography is one of the ways in which they get their revenge on their Christian persecutors — the hateful oppressors who expelled them from 109 countries since the year 250 AD, always without justification. [3]

So it’s now payback time.

Jewish involvement in pornography [Dr Abrams notes candidly] has a long history in the United States. Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography.

According to one anonymous industry insider quoted by E. Michael Jones in the magazine Culture Wars (May 2003), “the leading male performers through the 1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic day schools”.

The standard porn scenario became as a result a Jewish fantasy of schtupping the Catholic shiksa [non-Jewish female].

Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America.

Jewish involvement in porn, Dr Abrams believes, “is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.” [4]

“CHRIST SUCKS!” — Al Goldstein, Jewish pornographer
— Al Goldstein, Jewish pornographer

Al Goldstein (pictured), the publisher of Screw magazine, had once said — and Dr. Abrams is happy to quote him: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that CHRIST SUCKS.”

Dr. Abrams’ indulgent attitude to porn is a little surprising. Here is a man who actually believes that Jewish domination of the porn industry is a stunning achievement. Jews get gold stars for masturbation promotion.

ADL National Director, Abraham H. Foxman, agrees with the “liberal” idea that pornography is a good thing — if not for the countless victims of porn addiction, at least for Jews who grow rich on exploiting those addicts. “Those Jews who enter the pornography industry,” Foxman notes with approval, “have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream.” [5]

Dr. Abrams, the sober Jewish academic, now ups the ante by adding a sinister touch to the controversy. “Jews are the driving force behind the modern pornographic industry,” he tells us smugly, “and their motivation is, in part, to destroy gentile morals.” [6]

To destroy gentile morals.

Note that phrase well. It amounts to an open declaration of war. For why should Jews wish to “destroy gentile morals” unless they hated the gentiles — in this case, Christians —  and wanted to destroy our most cherished values?

Sarah SilvermanThere is no law to prevent this Jewish comedienne (pictured opposite) from uttering blasphemous obscenities against Jesus Christ and giving offense to 2.1 billion Christians by her infamous comment, “I hope the Jews did kill Christ! I’d fucking do it again — in a second!”

Just imagine an equally well-known Christian comedian coming out with a similar insult against the victims of the Holocaust: “I hope the Nazis DID kill 6 million Jews! I’d fucking do it again — in a second!” 

Such a grossly offensive comment would be unthinkable. The comic who made it would be ostracized at once and never allowed to work again in the entertainment business.

And yet the Jew today, in the person of Sarah Silverman, is perfectly free to spit in the Christian’s face and is even applauded for this hate speech.  The Christian can do nothing about it. He has become a slave in his own country — an object of ridicule and contempt.

2.  How Jews Dominate the American Porn Industry

It comes as no surprise to learn that Jews dominate the production and distribution of pornography. If you want to learn more about these luminaries of lust and see what they look like, here is an excellent starting point.

In a now defunct article entitled Jews in Porn, parts of which have been published on Henry Makow’s site,  Luke Ford notes:

Used to hatred from society, Jews will do its dirty work – such as money-lending in the Middle Ages or porn today – for the opportunity to make money.

Persecuted for millennia in the various societies they’ve lived in, many Jews developed an allegiance to their own survival as their highest value and care little about the survival of the persecuting society.

Even when Jews live in a society that welcomes them instead of harassing them, many Jews hate the majority culture.

Neither rooted in their own tradition or in that of the majority Christian tradition, they live in a community of rebels.

Because of Judaism’s emphasis on education and verbal dexterity, Jews dominate academia, entertainment and media generally. Porn flows out of this culture over which Jews exert an influence disproportionate to their 2% proportion of the American population. [7]

Robert J. Stoller, M.D. in his 1991 book, Porn: Myths for the Twentieth Century, sought to understand the mentality of the people involved in the hard core pornography business. While interviewing some of the actors and actresses in California, he was told, “If you’re welcomed into the porn scene, it’s unbelievable. It’s an extended family…. So many Jewish people involved with it.” [8]

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY Known also as "POrn Valley", this Jewish bastion of sleaze is reported to produce 90 percent of America's smut.
Known also as “Porn Valley”, this bastion of Jewish sleaze is thought to produce 90 percent of America’s pornography.

Today, most porn movies and porn videos in America are produced by Jews in the San Fernando Valley (pictured) in Southern California. This is located just north of Los Angeles in a sprawl of seedy suburbs known to locals as “Porn Valley” or “the Other Hollywood”.

Here Jews are the kingpins of the sex industry and own every single major studio. Chief among these is Vivid Entertainment [9], reportedly the largest porn production company in the world.

This is owned by Jewish multi-billionaire Steven Hirsch, sometimes known as the “Porn King”. Vivid generates an estimated $100 million a year in revenue, cranking out 60 films per year and selling them in video stores, hotel rooms, on cable systems and on the Internet. [10]

“Sex is a powerful thing,”  Hirsch notes complacently. “This is the right time for us!” [11]

Another billionaire Jewish porn mogul, Paul Fishbein, founder of Adult Video News (AVN), is also headquartered in Porn Valley, California. Fishbein’s business associates, Irving Slifkin, Barry Rosenblatt, and Eli Cross are all fabulously rich Jews. [12]

So make no mistake: Porn Valley, California, is a Jewish enclave, as Jewish as Tel Aviv or Brooklyn.

JEWISH SUPREMO ABE FOXMAN: “Those Jews who enter the porn industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream.”
“Those Jews who enter the porn industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream.”

3.  The Jewish Role in Child Pornography

According to the British charity, National Children’s Homes, 55 percent of the world’s child porn in made in America. [13]

It would be astonishing to learn that Jews were not in the forefront of this sordid enterprise also, given that they dominate the porn industry as a whole. [14]

Pedophilia is a worldwide phenomenon, but it is an undeniable fact that a large number of Jews who practice it appear to do so with a certain impunity. Roman Polanski, after he had drugged and raped an unconscious nymphette, got off the hook lightly. All he had to do was buy a one-way ticket to Paris, France. Nothing was done to bring him to justice.

In July 2000, Brazilian police tried to arrest the Israeli vice-consul in Rio de Janeiro, Arie Scher. He was wanted on suspicion of running a child porn ring from the Israeli embassy. Vast quantities of pornographic material had been found on his computer. What happened to Scher? Nothing. Claiming diplomatic immunity, he hopped on a plane to Tel Aviv and that was the last that was heard of him. [15]

Another Jewish pedophile too important to receive serious punishment for his crimes was the son of the famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. Found in possession of the hugest cache of child pornography in California, a federal crime normally carrying a 20-year sentence, David Asimov was to receive a slap on the wrist: six months home detention.

How is it he got off so lightly? “A look at the players yields the answer,” a sensational news report reads. “Asimov’s child porn stash was so big that many child victims and perpetrators would have taken a fall had Asimov been zealously prosecuted at trial.” [16]

There is one law for the Jews, it seems, and another for us lesser mortals.


4.  Jewish Gang involved in Child Murder and Snuff Pornography

If 55 percent of the world’s child pornography is produced in the US — according to the British charity National Children’s Homes — 23 percent of the world’s child porn is produced in Russia. [17]

Whether or not Russian child porn is dominated by Russian Jews remains a nebulous issue. There is a high probability that it is, given that there is more than enough solid evidence of Russian Jewish involvement in sex trafficking, kidnapping, pedophilia, and even child murder in the production of snuff porn movies.

See endnote 17 for more on the subject of the Jewish role in the world child porn industry.

Here is a news report first published in October 2000. It will give the reader some idea of the depths of depravity to which some pornographers are willing to sink:


Rome, Italy — Italian and Russian police, working together, broke up a ring of Jewish gangsters who had been involved in the manufacture of child rape and snuff pornography.

Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years old from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film.

Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

Jewish officials in a major Italian news agency tried to cover the story up, but were circumvented by Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers. Jewish officials then fired the executives responsible, claiming they were spreading “blood libel.”

Though AP and Reuters both ran stories on the episode, US media conglomerates refused to carry the story on television news, saying that it would prejudice Americans against Jews. [18]


According to the Talmud, 3-year-old girls like this are fair game for sex with adults (Sanhedrin 54b). Killing them is permissible too. “The best of the gentiles deserves to be killed,” the revered Rabbi ben Yohai states authoritatively in the Talmud. [19]

5.  Mass Enslavement through Sex

It is a tragedy that the Jews should have been allowed to deploy pornography to such good effect that they have succeeded in enslaving entire nations, as Circe with a touch of her magic wand enslaved the Greeks, turning men into swine: an apt metaphor for what lies ahead for the masses under their new masters.

“A really efficient totalitarian state,” Aldous Huxley once noted, “would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” [20]

Organized Jewry seems to have no moral scruples about profiting from the sale of pornography. They show no concern about the proven fact that highly addictive and dangerous erototoxins are released into the brain after contact with pornography and can cause progressive brain damage. [21]

Nor do these porno-centric Jews have any qualms of conscience in regard to the wholesale corruption of families, whether Jewish or non-Jewish or show the slightest concern about the tragic descent of children into the hell of compulsive masturbation and porn addiction — a subject I have covered in detail in a soon-to-be-published article.

These sex entrepreneurs, intent on easy profits, have eagerly sought to provide the masses with the cheapest and deadliest of tranquilizers: opportunities for endless orgasms, by way of a ceaseless flow of pornographic images in the mass media they control.

This is one way to achieve world domination without the need for revolutionary violence or military conquest: to take entire countries and turn them into giant masturbatoria.

The model citizens of the future will be happy masturbators. This enthralling activity will keep them occupied throughout the day. It will make them docile and complacent, sated and semi-somnolent, like drugged dung flies in a cesspool or swilling latrine. They will be too busy debauching themselves to mount revolutions or plan revenge attacks against the shadowy elite who have been the architects of their slavery.

These are not the world-changers and wizards of the future of whom Nietzsche said, “Behold, I show you the Superman!” Because of their degeneracies, their weaknesses, they are destined for the dustbin of history.

Men in strip clubMEN  IN  STRIP  CLUB

“Behold, I show you the Superman!”
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra


Here is what Brother Nathanael Kapner has to say on this subject. It is a neat summation. The fact that Kapner is Jewish makes his words even more compelling:

“The degradation of Western Christian social life did not merely happen, it was planned, deliberately fostered and spread, as outlined by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This systematic undermining of the culture of the West continues today.

The instruments of this assault on Christian culture and consciousness are the weapons of propaganda: the press, television, cinema, and education. The chief fount of the propaganda is the cinema.

From his capital in Hollywood, the Jew spews out an endless series of perverted films to debase and degenerate the youth of America and the Western world. Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, and the family becomes the battleground of individual strife. The Jew has attained his goal in destroying Western culture.” [22]

I am afraid I cannot agree with Kapner’s sweeping conclusion that the Jews are entirely to blame for the decline and fall of Western culture. If the West has gone to hell in a handbasket, the goyim are as much to blame. Their enthusiastic complicity with their own corrupters has been their undoing.

The society we get is the society we deserve.

6.  Conclusion

There is little doubt that the virulent sex epidemic we witness all around us is a deliberately planned sex psyop. This is what governments want.

The Puppet Masters who pull the hidden strings of our Western regimes, all masquerading as democracies, have managed to manufacture exactly what we see when we look around us: widespread neurosis, mass misery, the collapse of moral values, Christianity in ruins, and the coarse brutalization of the common man.

No need for gulags for those who consent to their own chains.


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Since  55 percent of the world’s child porn is produced in the US (see above), and since 90 percent of US porn is produced by Jews in the San Fernando Valley, California, it follows that Jews dominate the child porn industry in America.

In addition, if 23 percent of the world’s child porn is produced in Russia, it is more than likely that Russian Jews are behind this sleazy industry  in view of the well-known involvement of the Judeo-Russian mafia in sex trafficking, sex slavery, prostitution and pornography in general.

This would make the Jews the predominant purveyors of child pornography  in the world — a remarkable achievement for a race who make up no more than 0.2 percent of the world’s population.

[18]   “Jewish Gangsters Raped, Killed Children As Young As Two on Film.”

Note. The article quoted above has also been published on a reputable Canadian website, the Jewish Tribune, giving it an added authenticity. Scroll down to: “Jewish Gangsters Raped, Killed Children As Young As 2 On Film. JEWISH CHILD PORN / SNUFF FILM RING DISCOVERED.”

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