VIDEO: ADL National Leadership Summit – 2018

Us Goyim could learn a lot from the ADL and other Israel lobbies. The key to their influence is their cohesiveness as a group. And, when one lobby fails to reach its particular goal(s), there are literally hundreds of others …

VIDEO: ADL Empowering Students to Address Anti-Semitism

This “Words to Action” program involves a lot of time and effort allowing them to defend themselves, but we have one simple message for the ADL: Did you ever bother to research WHY “Anti-Semitism” is happening in the first place? …

VIDEO: ADL “A Nation of Immigrants” – Community Seder

The ADL sponsors and encourages these events to maintain that their “victim status” is highlighted. And one can safely bet, these foolish Goyim in this video, don’t realize they are being used to advance the Tribe’s agenda.

VIDEO: ADL “Gamer” Propaganda

Let’s be clear, the ADL has no interest in real debate or facts. This is evident in this video — the Internet has allowed people to see through their lies and deception. Therefore, a strategy (a desperate one we might …


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