VIDEO: Larry David & “What Part of the Jewish Experience Is This?”

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., host of “Finding Your Roots” on PBS, asks Larry David perhaps a telling question at the end of this clip – “What part of the Jewish experience is this?”
Larry David seems to be in complete shock of what he learned of his family history — but, is he faking it? His transparent hyperbolic reaction, we believe, gives him away.
The Jewish involvement in the slave trade was massive, and usually, it is brushed over in mainstream media and books.

However, please reference this brief documentary, which will open your eyes, if you are unaware of it:

Secondly, Larry David personifies what is wrong with Hollywood in many ways. He has no regard for “the Goyim,” lies about history, and mocks them in his comedy (a couple examples):

VIDEO: Larry David on SNL | Weinstein, Holocaust, & Hitler


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